Bee Movie Game Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay (Wii)

Bee Movie Game Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay (Wii)

hello I’m Jeanette Chung and welcome to
New Hyde tonight a new program that explores bees who aren’t satisfied with
their seemingly preordained lot in life and now struggle to change their
fortunes the reason this is a new program of course is because well no bee
has ever really done it before until now tonight
the bee who brought the insect and human worlds together he’s touched our hearts
and our venom bladders berry B Benson thanks for having me you know you’re
shorter in person than you look on TV I’m told the camera has five millimeters
where your face is everywhere t-shirts posters books your mug is on a mug for
bees sake there’s even a video game I hadn’t heard about the video game it’s
both challenging and entertaining so tell us where did your hero’s journey
begin well as you know Jeanette aside from having to break your way out of a
wax cocoon at Birth College is one of the most challenging times in a young
bees life yes I remember I went to bu oh yeah me too well well it really is the
only school over here anyway Jeanette it all started for me today after
graduation I was really trying to figure things out I see take us back berry to
that first day roll it out BYE MOM bye dad gotta go what no breakfast no thanks
I don’t want to be late I can’t believe this day has finally arrived
my boy is going to work at hunnits why don’t the girls at the nail place here
my berry graduated bu with straight B’s none of their sons graduated with
straight B’s now go down there son and show them you’re a Benson don’t do that
your father didn’t leave on good terms with a million times Janet I did not
steal those postings bye guys Oh Martin will you stop it what do I
need with boxes and boxes of States welcome to hon axe making honey the same
tried-and-true way our ancestors did for the last five million years
honey is brewed here 24/7 365 days a year
what about Big Jim every four years on February 29th all workers are treated to
a free spa day followed by a concert in the barn well no just kidding we make
honey that day too bound hello I’m here with very be Benson
you know that was amazing Jeanette it was really almost like being there well
we are broadcast in be HD it has twice the stripes of B TV Wow
twice the stripes now Barry just to give our viewers some background had you ever
been outside the hive before oh no so what happened what led you to that first
day outside well Jeanette there comes a time in
every bees life when he has to ask himself what he’s made of is there
something more so you had an itch well I’m not sure it was an itch exactly
there was definitely some tingling ordering on a Jones but a little short
of again a Jones a Jones led you to risk it all to fly with the pollen jocks
Jones yen because you know I’d heard this all started as a dare really a dare
hmm you know why don’t I tell your viewers a little bit about the outside
please tell us what you saw that first day it’s been said that just a mere
sight of the outside can drive up being mad oh that’s just an old wasps tail but
it is big and loud and well there is danger around every corner and don’t get
me started on the rain did you say rain pouring rain crazy rain and wild animals
and humongous cars and humans humans as far as the eye can see but other than
that well let me show you how can you roll that Thanks
you know I’m going with there really why it’s in my notes Oh listen up boys we got ourselves a doozy
of a mission and it needs to be completed ASAP oh I say recruiting
standards are getting more likes every day what’s your name bug juice berry
Pete Benson sir uh he’s with us loo we’ll keep an eye on him all right let’s
go over the basics one more time we got a rain advisory today no matter
what some of you hotshots might think bees cannot fly in the rain as always
remember dogs birds frogs hockey sticks tennis racquets prunes and roll up
magazines are not your friends oh and absolutely no talking to humans
make me proud boys Ono’s petunias you striped em suckers hollien growing those
flowers launch Thank You vase of ACTRA Oh watch out for the kites boys okay boys switch to the tilt x9 er
formation in your afterburners we’re going in we’re gonna take ourselves a
little shortcut through the pot watch out for frogs boys those tongues are a
first-class ticket to lunch middles Thursday we got us a jumper watch out
all accounted for glad we didn’t lose anyone back there no problem wow what a view huh thetic are you
kidding it’s so beautiful it’s like a movie it doesn’t look real I meant you
you want to be a pollen jock then where’s your parlament how are you gonna
collect the pollen she just stuff it in your pockets no sorry do you know where
you can then now you’re a real big Wow you know it’s heavier than it looks if
you do your job right it’s about to get a whole lot heavier great I’m splits and
I’ve been assigned to handle your basic pollen jock training let’s start by
focusing your attention on the icon floating above that flap
use the B button to lock onto the flowers the draw in the pollen use the a
button dum-dum-dum dum-dum-dum toggle to the
next flower by using the control stick see the glow coming out of this flower
this means it’s full of pollen and ready for harvesting the draw in the pollen
use the able watch this meter to see how much pollen you have if you can’t
extract any more pollen your tank is probably full bring this wilted flower
back to full health by spraying fresh pollen on its wither petal use your
ordination training alright that’s enough for one day your brain will
explode go pollinate some more rookie and watch out for those nasty
dragonflies you’re ready for your first mission go pollinate five wilted flowers
get to it sweet dum-dum-dum dum-dum-dum yes from the random dumb dumb dumb dumb lalala nice work kid now you he’s amazing dumb
dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb the pollinator can do more than just
gather and distribute pollen let’s take a look at its offensive capabilities remember you can shoot pollen at the
enemy from a distance but if you do that increases your chance of being spotted sweet the target point the Wii Remote at
the screen and blast the balloons with the sweet oh I just received a report that a pack
of dragonflies has been spotted spray and while you’re at it that’s one down good start out there two
down and one to go sweet sweet use your surroundings to get rid of your
assailants like any branches you see sticking out super now – through the web
go talk up number four Venus flytrap ahead swaye quick here’s a branch pull it back
and snap it back in his face no problem yeah he’s amazing that word I’m beat
already you ain’t seen nothing yet we got trouble attention to all jocks
dragonflies have entered the airspace come on follow me
it’s time for some action ok you’ve completed your training and it couldn’t
have come in a moment too soon take a look an entire swarm of
dragonflies is headed our way shut Jiang that’s fine you’re doing great but keep it up way to go sue Wow
you’re a natural follow me

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