BEHIND THE LEGEND – Apex Legends Voice Actors Interview (All Apex Legends Voice Actors In Real Life)

BEHIND THE LEGEND – Apex Legends Voice Actors Interview (All Apex Legends Voice Actors In Real Life)

speeds let’s take one take one take one
mark more I win the more you don’t I’m having a lot of fun what does it feel
like to be a part of this massive insanely popular game it’s alright I
mean you know what I think anyone involved had any idea just how big this
thing would become I remember asking them hey you this is gonna be a big
rollout miss it no we’re just gonna sort of
launch it and they did and it just blew up you chose the wrong door to knock on
I remember wanting there to be mystery she’s a very matter-of-fact tough girl
who doesn’t want to show her emotion but in that there is mystery because every
now and then you hear like a little hint of it want to come out I remember the
initial direction was just pretty much like calm like player really calm really
never a moment of like panic and I would say that that is not me not my first
battle I’ve been to this rodeo before so this is how I speak normally and then I
am Linda you can call me bloodhound it’s like you know it’s sort of it’s it’s a
it’s a fun pitch drop for me the game offers a fresh hunt it was very
refreshing to have a character who’s the villain of the piece death is inevitable
but has this steel cool calm your gratitude is acknowledged do you want
they’re more exciting death next time when they pull that image up and I took
a look and I was like wow man that guy looks like a maniac and then when I got
in front of a microphone it was like let’s go
haha I have my private moments where I do my own Gibraltar Gibraltar says study
your homework don’t worry most people get killed by me try better
next time so seeing the fan response to something like this is when you know
they’ve struck gold I think it’s one sense that you can take a kerosene who
throw it out from the world and then there’s the opportunity for people to do
what they want with it there was one that sticks out to me
where she’s kind of like balled up with her knees to her chest and her head is
down like and wonder why that person through it and what they were thinking
and what they wanted to represent I actually have in my studio I have a
couple of pieces of fan art that I put up on the wall that people sent me that
I really appreciate it cuz it’s cool it’s the first time that I’ve had a
character that is so representational of my makeup as a person who has a
multicultural background it means a lot but I love how valuable she’s become on
every team the closest part of octane to me is definitely his humor he’s got some
good little jabs in reference to there being a little bit of me in Mirage I
would say quite possibly there’s self deprecation moments at the very end of
something where he thinks he’s being so witty and funny and then all of sudden
at the end he just kind of bails on it that definitely feels like me BAM there
goes a boozled or something like that I didn’t know jack well when I saw his
photo I want wait a minute here this look like my relatives I was honoured
I’m still honoured that there is a native person in these games and that
you guys said hey will you bring a little life to him of the culture that
you’re representing I said absolutely to have female representation that is
strong that isn’t overly sexualized and doesn’t have to just be like a boy but
she can be a woman tell death I said although just even psychologically how
important it is for people to see just positive representations of people they
might not otherwise know people who look like themselves or people that look like
people that they don’t necessarily know in their everyday the number of
non-binary and trans people who have reached out to me it’s been so wonderful
and so great to see them as excited as they are for actually having a character
who represents them I’m so grateful that we as a collective have done something
that has made them feel that they matter and they’re represented and they’re
being listened to in their valley we’ve had so much fun I’m most looking forward
to see what you guys have in store next I mean who knows it’s blown up so
quickly it’s it’s hard to see where it could stop and they have so much planned
I hope it lasts forever yeah I’ll say I hope apex lasts forever

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