Behind The Voices – Celebrities Collection (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato,…)

Behind The Voices – Celebrities Collection (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato,…)

(gasp), Oh my goodness, Nemo, are you ok? What happened? -Not now Dory. Yes, great idea, you take me to find him Why didn’t I think of that? -do is give me the tag. What tag? (gasp) There’s a tag on my fin! -How– How could you forget you have a tag on your fin? You don’t remember what we were talking about? Mmm-mm You’re just like me! Then why are we going so slow? Nice shot! Lets go! We are certainly going to do some thinking about what we did -We’re Smurfs! We do the right thing. Wow wow wow! I am Smurf Willow, leader of the Smurfs This is called an introduction Girls, protection mode! That’s clear Not so fast, Papa thing Whatever you say, Papa thing Thank you, don’t be weird Just let’s do it. Knock, knock! The interrupting cow Mooo! (laughs) Mooo! -You did it again! Oh, that is the joke! Boat, a boat! The gods have given me a– (screams) Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea? I am Moana of- Hero of men It’s actually Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea hero of men I interrupted, from the top, hero of men, go I’ve never been better. This is so nice. Oh, I wish it could be like this all the time Oh, I wish it could be like this all the time Me too Well, but it can’t It can’t but it can’t Why not if they’re here, oh, are you sure cuz I don’t think I’m supposed to oh Okay Hi me? oh Thank you. I mean you look beautifuller, or more beautiful – What is that amazing smell? Is it? Chocolate! – What’s your deal anyway? Lost village? (laughs) You’re the ones who were lost, not us Don’t try any funny stuff, bug You’re coming with me – (laughs) Good move! Now do it again! I like the way you think! – I’m not gonna let you ruin our town! You think there’s nothing in the world you can’t own! – Some people don’t know anything about sports Ughh… lemme just try one more time Honestly, there’s a million reasons why you’re not attractive to me, but give me another (laughs) That was great – Just the sassiest I love you, dad, but we don’t even know if the kid’s gonna be a vampire I’d be thrilled if the baby’s human-y just like Johnny -Dennis said his first word! -Holy rabies, this looks like a blast! Hi guys. This is so exciting. Oh, look at all of this, so cool Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually here Johnny! Dennis is not a monster! You cant let him intimidate you. – This is it, it’s your game to win, it’s your table This is your time! Ace is just a big boy. Take him down! He’ll play! – What’s happening, here? You’re face-to-face with greatness and it’s strange I know it’s a lot, the hair, the bod When you’re staring at a demigod What can I say except your wel- – It’s not a lie. It’s called photosynthesis – That was great – Oh, I could kiss you right now! is to see a real, living tree Seriously, how cool is your grandma? – Great – Real trees, they produce oxygen, for free! – We’re from Barbados, we don’t have snow! Oh Tippy my beautiful girl Um, excuse me, what is that? Thank you – Got it Operation: just keep her distracted and happy, but not too happy. Capisce (kapeesh) Starts now, cool? Check it out! Oh, yeah! This is how I rolled every summer Woah, woah, woah, woah! Waaaah, ooh – Shorts weather where we’re going? Come on, everybody likes that song. Oh, hey, how ya doin’? So, selfie action? Fire, aaaah! – Wow, is this behavior getting you sick too? Listen. I’m not gonna send monsters back again. Just to make your grand kid like vampires. – We dont need to kill anymore. We have pop-tarts Growlll Yo. How hot is ma da- (scared laughing) I got this Frank, Wayne, Griffin, just try not to faint. Please don’t kill me We have a present and I hope it’s acceptable. Baby-proofing a guillotine, so you cut your finger off It’s part of the fun. My birthday cakes gonna have the coolest guy on it. I don’t know. I miss mommy and daddy Can we call him every night? Yeah? She’s invisible. That’s why you can’t see. Babe don’t cry. Hahaha, how cute I may have taken a wrong turn a few miles back. Do not get mad at me drac. Let’s see how should we classify this boom nailed it don’t be weird That is it!!! I’m punching us outta here!! Woah, It’s like a workout for my eyeballs. We’re gonna help you. We’re team Smurfs, and we’re in this together Why are my muscles so big? Darkness.. I don’t do well in the darkness I have enough trouble in the daylight Ahhh. I just ate all my ruchains I heard a dragonfly. I’m really freakin’ out you guyyyysss!!! Safety third Mm stylish and practical. Oh my geez-tipedes I’m Smurf blossom nice to meet you We do have Smurf pedals, Smurf Glover, Smurf meadow, Smurf Daisy Smurf Polly, Smurf Hazel No, everyone can just introduce themselves later so is your favo(u)rite song Hey, Hey, Hey Hey, hey, hey, Hey, Hey hey hey hey Cuz mine is (low voice) Look at me. I’m a boy Smurf (laugh). -I’m Smurf Lily. We have to take you to Smurf-y grove You

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  2. He sounds like pat from pat and Jen so I though he was voiced by him ?

  3. Omg I can't believe celebs are dubbing voices cartoon that's attractive and intresting

  4. Ariel winter I love her!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. In my opinion transylvania is the best???

  6. I love home and Rihanna

  7. OMG! Katy Perry had a amazing voice!??


  9. The part in frozen when it says fuller that's my gandmas last name

  10. 5:25 sounds like fix it Felix from rekt it Ralph

  11. OMG the rock is MAOWI

  12. The question is…

    Who’s Dracula??

  13. is it just me or does clumsy smurf sound like fix it felix

  14. Did anyone else have the sound cut out at 3:10 but then at some point turn back on

  15. Brooklyn 99 (however you spell it)

  16. i see riri i click it

  17. I did not think Ellen wouldWhat

  18. Wait is that Ellen from the Ellen show

  19. I love Selena Gomez #selenagomez

  20. Julia Roberts is my mom

  21. 5:30 kids hear clumsy smurf

    Men hear fix it felix

  22. Rihanna looks so cute voice overing Tip

  23. A lot of actors from Grown ups voiced in Hotel Transylvania

  24. I've never watched underdogs but after this I just might

  25. “We don’t don’t need to kill anymore..we have pop tarts”

  26. Omg Kevin James Paul blart

  27. Saw the dead don't die and my childhood is:☠️

  28. Taylor Swift is gay

  29. Did Jack Mc Brayer also play the voice actor for Felix fix it in Rec-It-Ralph???

  30. Julia Roberts is in

    Wonder and Mirror Mirror the Movies are great! And The Smurfs..

  31. I knew Ellen was dory she sound just like her

  32. I love Katy perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Zac efron and Taylor Swift are the only characters in the Lorax that don’t sing like wtf

  35. WHAT i didn´t know that ellen was dory omg

  36. katy perry if smerfette

  37. what i didn´t know that Rihanna was tip from home

  38. I already know that dwayne johnson was maui

  39. I knew that Kristen bell was Anna

  40. i also knew that INDINA MENZEL was ELSA

  41. I didn´t know that ariana grande was LAURA

  42. I knew that SELENA GOMEZ was MAVIS

  43. I didn´t know that Taylour swift was Audrey

  44. I didn´t know that Jennifer lopez was tips mom

  45. The girl that voiced Dory looks like that one girl from Transylvania 3

  46. Did anyone else have the glitch at 3:08 ??

  47. 3:14 the music cut because you would’ve gotten copyrighted ?

  48. wow I didn't realize some of those voices where famous

  49. I can’t hear because my little sister is screaming so loud

  50. Is it just me who didn’t know Ellen was the voice of Dory

  51. Its funny to see how much the voice actors resemble the characters they voice for

  52. 0:26 we love the smurfts?❤️

  53. 4:38 she is also in a show called the nanny if u didn’t know

  54. Quick question
    how did bella thoren got a part …..

  55. I didn’t even know half of these people played these parts

  56. Is it me or did the vid cut out when Maui was singing

  57. The smurfs movies are spelt Smurfts


  59. Rihanna is the second best singer for me fro me cardi b is first

  60. I didn’t now Ellen was in finding nemo

  61. 2:20 Ariana Grande ??

  62. we don’t need to kill anymore, we have pop tarts.

  63. i have underdogs maybe

  64. I should’ve guessed that dory was Ellen????????????????????????????

  65. “We don’t need to kill anymore, we have poptarts”


  67. Smurfette's faces change!

  68. Wasn’t Indiana Menzel a babysitter???

  69. I'm shocked that people didn't know Ellen played Dory's voice???

  70. All those smurf celebs tho


    I did not see that coming !_!

  72. I am DYING ??????✨ 4:25

  73. 4:24 we don’t need to kill anymore we have poptars raaraw

  74. Well this was not
    Funn I love horror movies better??!!!!

  75. Why the t on the smurfs?

  76. Omg. She’s frikin dory y didn’t I see it sooner

  77. But… i searched for pingu’s voice actor

  78. Brainy Smurf really sound like Huey from Ducktales

  79. A m i related to her?!

  80. I love Taylor swift.
    I love your channel.

  81. Such good videos ??????????

  82. o how I wish I could voice act..

  83. It's done well.

  84. 5:26: hes also the voice of fix it Felix

  85. I didn't even know ellen was dory (or dorey)

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