Best Aradune Moments from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Developer Streams

Best Aradune Moments from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Developer Streams

The tragic passing of legendary MMO
creator Brad ‘Aradune’ McQuaid is still fresh in a lot of people’s minds. And
especially for those of us in the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen community,
since he was the game’s originator, I think we’ll be feeling the effects of
this loss for quite some time. But the developers are committed to keeping his
legacy alive through the game. So the show must go on, and I think one of the
ways that we can heal through this is to remember the good times. So let’s take a
quick look back at just a few of the best Aradune moments from the Pantheon
developer streams. This is BazgrimTV. Learn. Laugh. Level Up. This first clip comes from a stream with CohhCarnage where the
group is fighting in a region of Avendyr’s Pass called Hanggore. Now
watch closely as the North Tusk Seer gets mesmerised on the right edge of
your screen. But the mez is broken just a few seconds later and then it
immediately turns around and kills the enchanter that mezzed it. So basically it
was every enchanter’s worst nightmare. “Somebody broke the mez!” Well this actually kept happening
several more times throughout the stream, and if you haven’t already figured out
why, later in that stream, Joppa realized that it was because Aradune, who was
playing as a Ranger, was frequently using an ability called Glass Arrow. “That glass
arrow has an AE component…” “Whoops.” “Famous last words… ‘Whoops…'” “Whoops.” “I try to get at least one ‘whoops’ per stream.” “Yup, they’re different tiers.” And let’s roll right into his next ‘whoops’
moment by actually going all the way back to the first twitch stream the
Visionary Realms team ever did which was in March 2016 and in this clip, Aradune
was given the fairly simple task of just pulling an orc or two from another camp
in Avendyr’s Pass. Joppa: “You got two there on the right or we can hang to the left if you want. Probably hang to the left.” “Oh, whoa.” “Oh, no.” “Oh, gosh.” “Oh boy.” “I’m out.” Kilsin: “You’re on your own, man.” “Yeah, sorry Brad.” “I can’t get involved in that.” “Whoops.” Aradune: “That would be me being bad.” [laughter] “We got a little antsy there maybe.” Joppa: “We may wanna hang to the right!” Aradune: “Yeah that might not have been the right route.” And now that brings us to the best Aradune moment from all the
Pantheon developer streams, which comes from their stream with comic book
artists Jim Lee. And by the way, Jim Lee was a good friend and fan of Brad who
drew a lot of fan art, including this awesome sketch of Aradune. And in March
2018, he had a chance to join up with the Pantheon devs for an adventure in Halnir Cave. And when the group finally arrived at the lair of Gnashura, we were
gifted with not only the best Aradune moment, but one of the best moments in
all of the Pantheon dev streams so far. Jim: “Gnashura. Is it silent G?” What is it? Ganesh? Or Gnesh?” Joppa: “Gnashura.” Jim: “Gnashura, alright.” “This music’s creepy. Um…” [laughter] “GG Brad.” “See ya later dude.” “Do you guys hear him screaming on the other side? Oh! Ow!” Aradune: “I’m tanking the boss!” Jim: “Oh ya you are.” “Can you open this? No?” Aradune: “That was one step too far.” [laughter] And with that, I hope you enjoyed this look back
at just a few of the best moments from the one-and-only Aradune. He will always
be missed dearly and I don’t think any amount of tribute videos could ever
really do him justice. But like I said earlier, the best way to honor his legacy
is to finish what he started with Pantheon. The Visionary Realms team is
already moving forward with this, but of course there’s still a lot of work left
to be done. So if you want to help make Brad’s dream a reality sooner rather
than later, I’d encourage you to join me in supporting them in this journey,
whether that be making a pledge on their website, sending the developers an
encouraging message, or even just telling anyone you can about the game – it can all
make a difference. And speaking of which, I’ve got a lot more Pantheon videos on
the way so I’ll see you in the next one.

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  12. The mez breaking was the best, at least to an Enchanter like me. Some of the funniest moments in EQ were from that sort of thing. Even when it killed my chanter. Once I got good boggles it became the Cleric's problem, since the hate list on mez-ed / boggled mobs went : Me, not me, mez breaker, Cleric.

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