Best Fortnite TROLL Compilation! #2

Best Fortnite TROLL Compilation! #2

First victim Piper is back question mark question. This is do not Any fear here I’m gonna make that I’m gonna make this plain and simple, bro You give me that star back or I’m gonna beat you up at twitchcon. All right Oh How’s that ride brothers look got beat up down there in the ground over to the thirsty gonna be real sad He’s cool ghost a she’s on a TV show Do you agree on this on this on this? Yeah, yes Right there Yo, dude my controller just fucking died, dude Oh Yeah There’s two guys left, will you give me the ball You didn’t say please no toxic he didn’t say please Ninja Actually Goods up here. What one guy is Li’s I Think Nope I’m definitely dead mix Hey spaz jump a door RPG I mean, I mean, I have two launches already. Maybe one more launch. I have a green palm Okay Blades boys encourage you want to play a game? But it no, I don’t want to play a game buddy Okay, Touche Touche Touche well played House cute, oh my bed Okay, what do you talk about this Uh, what do you you see something that I don’t see do you not see this floating in the sky? No You don’t see this Well, I just pick accident now. It’s what the hell bro. What’s happening instead? The health is like rapidly going down that they are you telling me. No, I swear to God about trilogy Boo-ki stop don’t move my boss. Stop. What are you still hopeful? Stop? What? Why didn’t you actually just break my ball Vinny? Oh my god, they actually are I’m dead. I’m it’s not I am dead. I got killed by a teammate It’s dick not dick dick, it’s not it’s dead. It’s not eggs first. It’s dick. My first dude is not being It’s not just my first name is dick say that one more time talking See how we didn’t spawn while I said Tyler can you see you? Oh my god, dude, and so that one more time dick Good job getting me and dick up. It’s record

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  1. 7:29 Patrick star in a nutshell

  2. 0:26 I actually laughed from his Laugh

  3. 6:20he is arabic so good

  4. I see ur using one of Sinatro’s beats ?

  5. Have you guys noticed that this video is a copy of locandros video

  6. Best fucking troll video

  7. It’s even real told you guys people just try and hype other players up and steal money and try to make it big on YouTube and dosent even give back with good content or live streams people that do this is fake

  8. Happy wheels 88kgames is nice game I MEAN AWSOME GAME!!!!!!

  9. i feel sorry for timthetatman XD

  10. Suckkkkkkkkkkk ninja

  11. adnanaral youtube pls subricbe


  13. 6:30 damn must squeak aloy

  14. Mongral.and issa is the best

  15. 6:27 εισαι πολυ μαλακισμενο

  16. This is how much times we saw ninja

  17. 7:26
    Me at 3am:

  18. What is wrong with u ninja alalallala

  19. Who remembers the gold A-K

  20. Wer ist auch Deutsch

  21. Lol he said james Charles is under your bed

  22. This how good people are when they think they are a bot??????

  23. Not ninja yes thue

  24. new cheat on my channel <3

  25. Remember this good map before the update of season 11

  26. Can u pls shout me out i watch ur videos everyday

  27. Because i subbed and posted notofications

  28. I do mobile gameplay i am godly

  29. 1:38あははやべ

  30. 6:26 owns the biggest squeak 100%

  31. 7:31 what the hell was that voice tone

  32. Se vuoi fare 1vs1il mio id è Transformers_89

  33. Y’all subscribe to me

  34. Ahhahahahahahha 7:35

  35. 99k like 9,9k diss like

  36. 1:11 “ wait what, YOU FUCKEN BITCH!!!”

  37. How did yous get so good I wish I had one of yous on fortnite x

  38. My controller died ween I play on mouse TFUE nice joke

  39. Who is better tfue or ninja I think both :p

  40. The best always happens to tim

  41. 日本人いね〜

  42. I find it funny how ninja likes to troll his friends online but when they do it to him he gets all butthurt.

  43. Ok for real what tfue did was kinda extreme

  44. منو عربي ومسلم

  45. Tfue plays on pc wtf

  46. Dude high sky is so annoying

  47. Dellor says he never rages…
    Me?Yeah right

  48. 2:24



    7:01 lucky

    7:16 ?


    8:30 that camera tho

    9:11 crayator ?

  49. Mongraal is a dinasour

  50. 4:11 you are not using a controller

  51. Highsky es un cabro conchetumare sin vida

  52. Ninjas hair is red it used to be blue if you dance on him he will ban you

  53. 0:00 and 6:12 ? Ninja's laugh lol

  54. Roses are red ninja hair was blue if u kill him and dance he will ban you??

  55. 0:19 dr lupo should have gl the base

  56. 8:35 stretch resolution much

  57. Highsky got that 2 year old voice. He still does lol and he’s what 12?

  58. 6:29 – squeakasaurus rex has entered the chat

  59. Tbh highskys voice is cringe

  60. Ninja and that kid are gay

  61. Zi la țigări ăla să nu mai răda

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