Best Free VSTs for Game Music & Sound Effects (2020)

If you like to make soundtracks or
sound effects for video games, or just love making music that
uses those kinds of sounds, then I’m sure you’ll love these
plugins I’m about to show you. After a bunch of research and experience, I’ve come up with the best free synths for film and game audio. [Best Free VSTs for Game Music & Sound Effects 2020] Hey everyone, Jake from Transverse Audio here. For each plugin, I’ll start by
showing you what the plugin is, I’ll demo some of the presets, and then you’ll get to hear a short pattern to
show you what each plugin can do on its own. The first one I want to talk about is one
of my favorites for game audio, even though I have synths that cost money. TyrellN6 by u-he is an absolute legend and I definitely think it’s something
you should at least try out if you want to get cool sounds to make some soundtracks with. Now, you may not know this
but there are SO MANY presets in this thing that you can access by pressing “presets”
above the two arrows in the preset window on the top of the plugin. And, I know what you’re thinking.
The download may look a bit sketchy at first but it is, in fact, directed
there by the official u-he site. And if you’re like me, you’ll just
need to translate the page. To download it, just scroll down to this section
and you’ll find one for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Let’s get to the demo of the plugin now. [example soundtrack made with Tyrell by u-he] [factory presets found in Tyrell N6] Eclipsis by VST Zone is probably the best
free synth for making ambiances, drones, or atmospheric sounds. Now, the original website isn’t up
anymore for some reason, so I’ve left a link in the description
for an alternative place to get it. Let’s hear some of those presets, cause they’re pretty cool. [examples of presets in Eclipsis by VST Zone] Yet another one by u-he called Podolski. This one is a close contender
to the first one I showed you but it does come with some additional features. For example, you get a fairly
sophisticated Arpeggio window, which isn’t an entirely new window, it just pushes some things over and
cuts out some others to make space for it. And, you also get a dedicated preset window so
you can easily see what you have to work with. Now, let’s hear how some of those sounds… [demo of music made with only Podolski by u-he] [synth presets that come with Podolski] Crystal by Green Oak is a semi… *me mocking my failed pronunciation* is a semi-modular synth
that is available as VST and AU. This plugin allows you to use both subtractive and frequency modulation (or FM) synthesis. There is also a really cool way to create patches by deriving features from two presets to create a new one, including mutation. Now let’s hear how it sounds. [Demo of Crystal semi-modular synth mutation ability] Zebralette is ANOTHER one by u-he.
Talk about a great company, eh? The thing with this plugin is that it not only brings sounds that can be used to compose music but also some insane sounds that can be used for creating sound effects or creature sounds. [create sound effect from a preset in Zebralette] I’ll show you some of the cool ones, then I’ll play a demo [examples of Zebralette by u-he] There you go. With those, I’m sure you’ll be
able to make something for a video game, especially if you’re just getting started. And if you are just getting started, I definitely think you should subscribe to my channel. Whaaat? You’ll learn a ton of stuff and find even more videos just like this. C’mon, you know ya wanna! 😀 As always, thanks for watching.

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