Best New Cars for 2020 — Top-Rated Cars, SUVs, Trucks and Sports Cars

Best New Cars for 2020 — Top-Rated Cars, SUVs, Trucks and Sports Cars

here at the famous Petersen Museum in the heart of LA to
show the Edmund’s Top Rated Awards for 2020. Over the next two nights,
that’s 24 nocturnal hours, we’ll be documenting
the best cars of 2020. Everything from trucks
to SUVs to sports cars. Let’s get cracking. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Edmund’s Top
Rated Awards are based on what we believe
is the most rigorous and authoritative
testing process in the automotive world. Every year, we evaluate
more than 300 vehicles– on the road and on our
private test track. JONATHAN ELFALAN: We
rate everything according to eight key criteria. DAN EDMUNDS: Driving,
comfort, interior– CARLOS LAGO: Tech, utility,
and, of course, value. MARK TAKAHASHI: Unlike other
awards that honor vehicles that just happened to be
introduced that year– ELANA SCHERR: Edmunds crowns
the best cars in a segment, whether they launch
that year or not. MARK TAKAHASHI: Simply put– CARLOS LAGO: These
are the best– JONATHAN ELFALAN: New vehicles– ELANA SCHERR: On
Home to billions of dollars worth of cars
and bikes, the Petersen is the perfect location
for an Edmunds award shoot. It’s dreamy stuff. [MUSIC PLAYING] So this is our set for
the next couple of nights, and what an epic location it is. If you look around
as these are the cars from the collection
of Bruce Meyer, who owns a fair chunk of
property in Beverly Hills and is a man of exquisite taste. Massive car enthusiast, and you
can see that as we look around. That over there is the
first ever Shelby Cobra. That is the first ever
Chevrolet Corvette to go to Le Mans in
1960, where it won. A Ferrari 250 short-wheelbase. That’s worth $30,
$40 million dollars. And then at the back there
is a Ferrari Testarossa. I don’t mean the kind
of 80s poster boy. This is the original Testarossa
from 1957, which, they say, is the winningest Ferrari ever. I’m like a little
kid in a sweet shop. It’s wonderful. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mazda’s Miata won our
sports car award last year, but in 2019, it faced
some tough competition with the arrival of
a new Porsche 911, the much anticipated Toyota
Supra, and a bold newcomer from Detroit. [MUSIC PLAYING] By changing the formula of
America’s most iconic sports car, Chevy took a
big risk but one that we think will
pay huge dividends. In moving the engine from under
the hood to behind the cockpit, the Corvette gained the kind
of poise, agility, and balance you’d expect for an
exotic super car. CARLOS LAGO: The Corvette
nails the performance figures and the driving
experience, but it does so with a base price
that’s just $60,000. It’s delivered a thrilling
driving experience with super car presence
at a real world price. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s a good time to be a sports
car enthusiast right now. Everybody expected that the C8
would be a great handling car. The real story was the price. ALISTAIR WEAVER: Yeah. I think when we
heard that it was going to go mid-engine the
feeling was, is the price going to jump $20,
$30,000 You get away from this being the kind of
almost accessible super car. But actually, you
probably want to pay $70, $75 for the
performance packs and things like that to get the one
that the driver wants. But that’s still
amazing value when you think what it’s up against. CARLOS LAGO: I think
what we have is we have varying degrees
of good to great. And with this, I can just
go feature by feature and just think, OK, not only is
this a mid-engine sports car, it’s the only
mid-engine sports car you can buy with a
naturally aspirated V8. And it also has a
really nicely controlled electronic differential
and an amazing tool clutch transmission. And then all the tech
stuff underneath that. All this stuff tied
together– something you can’t reproduce anywhere else. And the fact that it’s
also good the drive is just really, really cool. ALISTAIR WEAVER:
But there is one car that you driven that I
haven’t yet, which is also the same money, is the GT 500. CARLOS LAGO: GT 500. ALISTAIR WEAVER: You came away
with a big grin on your face. CARLOS LAGO: The car
is amazing, and we should say it’s not really
up for consideration here because it hasn’t gone
through our full rating review and testing process. So next year–
you know, it’ll be interesting to see
how that pairs up. ALISTAIR WEAVER: Yeah, yeah. CARLOS LAGO: But yes, that
car is really, really good. ALISTAIR WEAVER:
It’s the same money. CARLOS LAGO: It’s
the same money. [MUSIC PLAYING] DAN EDMUNDS: Everyone assumes
that I own the company, but I don’t. The Edmunds I’m related
to is Don Edmunds. That’s my father. And he was the 1957 Rookie of
the Year at the Indianapolis 500. But at one point, he got
into building race cars. And his company, Don Edmunds
Auto Research, built this car– the Tamale wagon– and several hundred like it. This is a sprint car. It’s got a V8 engine in it. I might have even made
some of the parts. It’s right about
the time where I was starting to work at
the shop at the weekends and after school. This car has a really
special place in my heart. It’s just incredible. [MUSIC PLAYING] ALISTAIR WEAVER: Last
year, our SUV award went to the Honda CRV. But in such a competitive
class, time quickly moves on. Honda’s new Passport
really impressed us with this space and quality. But this year’s winner
Midsize, three row SUV has to do
everything– provide enough room for the family,
enough storage for their stuff, enough engine to
carry everybody, and enough value to
make it affordable. The Kia Telluride
does all of this– and with style. MARK TAKAHASHI: A smooth
V6 and all-wheel drive ensure the Telluride is
capable and sure-footed. Sure, other SUVs may
excel in other areas, but none are as comprehensively
accomplished as a Telluride. [MUSIC PLAYING] The Telluride– it kind
of just blew us away. It almost caught us off
guard by how good it is. JONATHAN ELFALAN: We’re
talking standard V6, 8-speed transmission,
really smart packaging– you can actually fit
adults in the third row– and a great value. MARK TAKAHASHI: And look at it! It’s gorgeous. JONATHAN ELFALAN: It looks
great, it’s priced right. So it’s kind of easy to see why
we pick this over the others. Mentioning some of the other
highly anticipated SUVs that we thought were
going to do well. MARK TAKAHASHI: Blazer. JONATHAN ELFALAN:
Blazer and Explorer. MARK TAKAHASHI: Yeah. JONATHAN ELFALAN: But the
Blazer just turned out to be big on design, but
not quite as functional as all the other ones. And the Explorer– MARK TAKAHASHI: Right, it had
that rear-wheel drive platform that kind of got us
a little excited. But when we got in it– man. The materials, everything
that surrounds you, just keep it as being a real
big disappointment when you compare it against a Telluride. JONATHAN ELFALAN:
Especially in price. I just didn’t feel
like it delivered that same premium feel. [MUSIC PLAYING] ELANA SCHERR: This is a Top
Fuel front-engine dragster. But this is cool even
for a Top Fuel dragster because it’s very rare car. This is the 1967
Shelby Super Snake, raced by Don “The
Snake” Prudhomme, and sponsored by Shelby. Yeah, Carroll Shelby. You know, Cobras and Le
Mans and all of that. He also did some drag racing. I actually have a personal
connection to this car. It was restored about five or
six years ago, pretty close to my house. And so I would stop by and visit
while they were working on it. It was painted by a guy named
Bill Carter, who was actually the guy who painted
it originally. And he let me help a little bit. So I pulled off one of the
little masking tape pieces when they were putting
the stripes on. You know what, I’m just
going to go right ahead and say I built this car. ALISTAIR WEAVER: We’re still big
fans of last year’s top luxury SUV, the Lincoln Navigator. But it’s no longer
our top choice. For 2020, it’s been beaten by
a brand that, for now at least, could do little wrong. ELANA SCHERR: The
Mercedes-Benz GLE has long been a favorite of ours. Its 2020 redesign
makes it even better– offering more features, a
classy interface, and increased utility. MARK TAKAHASHI: With a
generous cargo capacity and a maximum total
rating of 7,700 pounds, the Mercedes-Benz GLE is
a capable family hauler. The GLE is a luxury SUV
with a price to match. Especially when you
start adding in options. But the best rarely come cheap. If you can afford it,
you won’t regret it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Electric vehicles
are all the rage now, but the concept of
electric cars has existed since the late 1800s. DAN EDMUNDS: Late 1800s. This thing is 1915. This Detroit Electric
Model 61 Brougham. Just imagine where we’d
be if electric cars didn’t get beat out by gasoline
cars and development continued in parallel
through all those years. CARLOS LAGO: Well, let’s
stop talking about the past because you got to go
talk about the present. DAN EDMUNDS: Absolutely. See you later. CARLOS LAGO: This is the
Edmunds top rated EV for 2020. ALISTAIR WEAVER: Last year’s
winner, the Hyundai Kona Electric, was challenged by
the arrival of the Kia Niro EV. While in the luxury
class, we were impressed with the Audi E-Tron
and the awesome, new Porsche Taycan Turbo. But in the end, none of these
could out point a pesky startup from California. [MUSIC PLAYING] No other car company gets
more attention than Tesla– for good and bad. At Edmunds, we’ve
owned three of them, and it’s always an adventure. Initially, our 2017 Model
3 was so beset by problems that it was tough to recommend. The latest cars are
much better made. DAN EDMUNDS: You can spend
big bucks on dual-motor, all-wheel drive versions, but
our favorite is the standard range plus– available for just
over $40,000, all in. ALISTAIR WEAVER: For
$40,000, no other EV comes close to matching the all
round appeal of the Tesla Model 3. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ve been critical on
the Model 3 in the past, mainly because the
build quality issues. DAN EDMUNDS: Well, we
got a really early car. Our 2017 car– we got
it as soon as we could. And so, yeah. We were going to
experience more of that. But since then, they’ve
made a lot of improvements, and the newer cars are
coming out a lot nicer. And they’ve come
out with a $40,000 version that’s a lot more
affordable than the one we got. ALISTAIR WEAVER: And
also, the lease rates are now pretty
competitive, as well. Under $500 a month gets
you a pretty nice Model 3. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, leasing
wasn’t an option when the Model 3 came out, but it is now. ALISTAIR WEAVER:
But, the elephant that’s not in the
room, Porsche Taycan. You drove it first in Europe. DAN EDMUNDS: Yes. It’s amazing. I really enjoyed the
drive in that car. Very impressive. I can’t wait to see a
more affordable version here in the United States. ALISTAIR WEAVER: [INAUDIBLE],,
we thought about giving it this award, but the
model that’s available right now starts at $150,000. So it’s not exactly
accessible, shall we say. But we’ve recently driven
the 4S, here in LA. That arrives middle of
next year for $100,000. Still a load of
money, but, who knows. Maybe we’ll put it up
for the gong next year. DAN EDMUNDS: It’s going
to be a load of car, so I think it’s going
to be a contender. [MUSIC PLAYING] MARK TAKAHASHI: I
love movie cars! [MUSIC PLAYING] JONATHAN ELFALAN: If I could
pick anything, I pick this. It’s a 2089 Weyland
RT01 Transport. You might have seen it
from the movie, Prometheus. It’s big. It’s badass. Kind of like our
truck of the year. ALISTAIR WEAVER: We love
our trucks at Edmunds. And this year, we
celebrated the introduction of the Jeep Gladiator and some
impressive new, heavy-duty alternatives. But, good though they
are, they couldn’t steal the Edmunds
top rated truck award from last year’s winner. DAN EDMUNDS: The Ram
1500 is our top rated truck for the second year. Last year, we praised its
tech, interior build quality, ride comfort, and capability. And this year, it’s
only gotten better. ELANA SCHERR: You
can fit more in a Ram than you can in
most departments. There is a place
for everything– from the dual glove box to
the hidden under floor bins. DAN EDMUNDS: For our
team, it’s become the default for everything
from family vacations to home improvement. Our experience has
only confirmed our view that this is the best
pickup truck on the market. [MUSIC PLAYING] ELANA SCHERR: Dan? Didn’t the Ram win last year? DAN EDMUNDS: Yes, it did. ELANA SCHERR: Why
did it win again? DAN EDMUNDS: Well, the
other guys didn’t actually come out with anything that was
better than they had last year, but Ram made this truck better. They brought back the
3 liter ecodiesel V6. ELANA SCHERR: If you love
Dan, get him an ecodiesel. DAN EDMUNDS: It makes
a lot more torque, it delivers much better fuel
economy than it did before, and it can tow a couple
thousand pounds more. I mean, this one can tow
about as much as a hemi V8. And that’s a big improvement
from where it was before. ELANA SCHERR: Dan, there was
one other truck this year that I really loved. Can you guess what it is? DAN EDMUNDS: Gladiator. ELANA SCHERR: I
liked it so much. It was so fun. DAN EDMUNDS: I love
that truck, too. ELANA SCHERR: I guess
it doesn’t quite do with the Ram can
do for as many people. DAN EDMUNDS: It’s a
Jeep pickup truck, and as much as I
love the Gladiator, it’s a little bit
of a niche vehicle. This truck, the Ram 1500, is
something you can use day in and day out. ELANA SCHERR: Oh, man. Yeah, you could live in it. [MUSIC PLAYING] MARK TAKAHASHI: The
Petersen Automotive Museum is one of my favorite
places on the Earth, but if I were to pick something
from the collection tonight, it’d be the lead sleds. I love lead sleds. They’re sleek, they’re
stretched, they’re sexy. If this ’46 Merc was tuxedo
black with all that chrome, it’d be mine. ALISTAIR WEAVER: Hyundai’s
new Sonata impressed us in the sedan class this year. But it wasn’t quite good
enough to claim top spot. The Edmunds top rated sedan
for 2020 is a repeat winner. [MUSIC PLAYING] CARLOS LAGO: When
it comes to sedans, it’s hard to do better
than the Honda Accord. You have a range
of engine options to choose from that includes
a high MPG hybrid, as well as a turbo 2 liter
that really scoots. DAN EDMUNDS: Standard
safety equipment includes adaptive cruise
control, lane keeping assist, and traffic sign recognition. SUVs may dominate
the marketplace, but the all around
excellence of the Accord proves that the sedan can still
be a great choice for families. [MUSIC PLAYING] CARLOS LAGO: The
Accord is taking “best sedan” for the
second year in a row, and that’s a pretty
important thing to call out is we will have repeat
winners year-over-year when we feel it’s important. DAN EDMUNDS: Right,
Edmunds Top Rated isn’t about the best car
that came out this year. It’s the best car you
can buy this year. And that could be a car that
was redesigned a couple of years ago. CARLOS LAGO: Absolutely. It’s still based on the
quality of that vehicle within the segment,
and in this case, the Accord still tops out,
even with some new entrants this year. DAN EDMUNDS: SUVs are kind
of becoming the default, but don’t forget
about the sedan. CARLOS LAGO: Yeah, and
from our experience of owning one of these cars–
owning an Accord for a year is a long-term– it only
reaffirmed our opinion because we put a lot
of miles on that thing and enjoyed every
second behind the wheel. This thing has an aura of
refinement and niceness that is just hard to put your
finger on, but you sense it. DAN EDMUNDS: Yeah, you
get a lot for your money. It’s really, really
an outstanding car. [MUSIC PLAYING] [? CARLOS LAGO: ?]
Things are transpiring. [MUSIC PLAYING] ALISTAIR WEAVER:
Just in case you’re wondering why we don’t
look tired on film. But take a look around you. This is the design center
here at the Petersen. It’s probably the coolest
hair and makeup room ever. [MUSIC PLAYING] The arrival of a
new BMW 3 Series threatened to shake up the
luxury sedan class this year. But in the end, it disappointed. We like the Genesis G70
and a host of new Audis– the A6, A7, and A8– but in the final
analysis, we couldn’t look past last year’s winner. JONATHAN ELFALAN:
After we awarded the A-class “best
luxury sedan” last year, we went out and bought one. For 2020, it’s again our
pick for “best luxury sedan.” CARLOS LAGO: The A-class’s
real advantage rests in its interior. It’s gorgeous, richly detailed,
and beautifully put together. Overall, with the
A-class, Mercedes has delivered a true
luxury car experience wrapped in an
affordable package, ensuring you get the best
return on your dollar. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s 3:46 in the morning. Let’s talk about your cars. JONATHAN ELFALAN: Yeah. CARLOS LAGO: Yeah, it’s
either late or early. I don’t know what. JONATHAN ELFALAN:
I think it’s both. CARLOS LAGO: But
aside from all that, Mercedes-Benz A-class is a
repeat luxury car winner. JONATHAN ELFALAN:
It feels like more than what you get for, in
a sense, for the price. With the A-class, you feel
like you’re not really compromising on anything. It still feels like a
genuine Mercedes-Benz. Maybe just a little smaller. I think if I’m looking
to buy a luxury car, looking to recommend a luxury
car, that thing is top of mind. CARLOS LAGO: Absolutely. [MUSIC PLAYING] ALISTAIR WEAVER: So that’s it
for the Edmunds Top Rated 2020. We’ve had an epic
couple of nights, and we finished in
the nick of time. So, tell us what you
think of our picks. You normally do. And be sure to
head to for the in-depth reviews
and to find out how much you should pay for your next car. Right. I’m off to bed. Good morning. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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