Best Ping Pong Shots 2017

Best Ping Pong Shots 2017

Otto, can you pass me the ball? Thanks.

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  1. Hey guys, are there any Japanese viewers here who would want to help us translate some subtitles (from English to Japanese) in our other videos? Comment below if you could help us and we will get in touch with you, would be much appreciated!

  2. 영상 좋아요..추천^^

  3. Me: I know the meaning of life

    After video: ಠ_ಠ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. 日本のほうが大会の応援はすごいのね

  5. A's pm kun to something mUst in
    juju we cim fog dod5x ok
    kiosk we burn Gunn bye

  6. No se pasen de vrga, como que les falta ver noporn a esos puñetas

  7. hit spin shot in big table tennis

  8. ピンポンさんと試合して欲しい

  9. Sucribe Mine too please

  10. WTF They made it look so easy. I play ping pong, it is not that easy.

  11. I love table tennis ????

  12. U guys seriously deserve more subscribers

  13. Nice trick shots can't believe it

  14. Now imagine them playing wii sports…

  15. Its nice to know that finnish people are good at something

  16. I saw the 3rd clip 0n T.V

  17. that's what happens when you don't get laid

  18. 日本には卓球芸人ってやつがいてだな…


  20. Hey guys Im new Im Going to Upload Gaming Vids In a while But I need To get a thumbnail So im working On My channel Pls Subscribe

  21. C est trafice au quoi

  22. 在中國球員面前都是雕蟲小技

  23. Emil and mikka is best


  25. Does the thin guy with the blond hair ever play tournaments?

  26. How often do you loose

  27. Dude Perfect can't do all these

  28. 0:21 I remember seeing this footage in Discovery science

  29. 잘받습니다 지금 미국은 외세를 불려둘여 중공을 삼등분 계획을 세웠는데 삼등분 중 하나는 이스라엘 하나를 인정하고 또하나는 중국을 인정하며, 나머지는 한국 영토로 인정하도록 하는 가칭 트럼프 독트린이 진행되도록 진행되고 있습니다. 이러한 즉,2012년 10.17일 신한국 연방정부 수립을 하기 위하여 연방헌법과 만국화폐를 제조하였으며 사망자는 절반이 희생되므로 이에 곧 동북아시아 평화공존 협정조약 및 헌법개정에 위배되어 세계만방에 선포하였든 것입니다.신한국 연방정부 대통령 이 우성입니다 연방헌법과 만국화폐를 많이 구독해주시면 대단히 감사합니다.

  30. 5.6 Mio Views wow

  31. 日本に勝てる?

  32. Miika is the best player in pongfinity

  33. Dude Perfect got nothing on you

  34. Beat that Dude Perfect

  35. 테니스의왕자에서만 봣던 스네이크샷을 탁구에서 보다니…ㄷㄷ

  36. Jävligt coola grejer det mesta har ju gjorts av japanska youtubers iofs. Vore coolt om ni kom på lite egna tricks.
    Ni behöver inte repriser heller. Detta är youtube så vi kan spola tillbaka själva.

  37. なんでこの人毎回タイトル日本語なんだろ

  38. how many under the net through a cup shots can you do?

  39. Seis são monstris

  40. OMG IS THAT OTTO!! He is so changed!!!!!!

  41. 2.24 be aware of your egg too

  42. ピンポン芸人より上手い!?

  43. Please give me one racket

  44. Gym expectations

  45. You go in the ping pong player MA Long to do the effects or shots or any effect?
    I wish his best shots were
    Equal to yours

  46. You guys are amazing

  47. I don't understand one thing that you try to show in a video how cool you play and how come you are not in olympics.i know the answer because you are not good enough.

  48. I watch your videos everyday

  49. The skilled version of dude perfect…

  50. 横入れ得意なんで

  51. やってる技いつも同じなんだけど

  52. Play ping pong with a lighted candle

  53. You guys should play in UTT

  54. うわ〜と〜ってもかっこいいなぁ〜〜〜

  55. Play pen hold sitting down

  56. Better than dude perfect

  57. The dude perfect of ping pong

  58. 卓球あんまり知らない人からすると凄いけど卓球部とかは全然凄く感じれない

  59. 0:29 Mario theme without final note?

  60. Tình
    Tình huống nhạy cảm

  61. Please fire ping pong ball play

  62. 2:30 it shouldve been a tt bat and not frying fan

  63. Dude Perfect Playing PiNg Pong?

  64. フィンランドに行ったら勝てる気がしない

  65. Do you know takkyuu geinin?

  66. Plss can you give me a paddle??my paddle was brock and i don't have any money to buy a butterfly paddle plsss im begging you

  67. Fake!!! One shot? First shot? Noooooo

  68. Здесь есть Русские?

  69. 2:05 ここ好きなの人おったら

  70. How many bloopers?

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