Best ps1 games | retro days games ( Sony PlayStation One )

Best ps1 games  |  retro days games ( Sony PlayStation One )

As most of you know , I love having game discussion
like best horrors games , games that I think it wont come back and games that broke controllers
in todays games to discuss Ill be discussing about my best ps1 games back in the old days Hey everyone its your boy blood wizard y,a
back with another video and in this video ill be sharing my best ps1 games back in the
old days SO lets jump right away to the list Parasite Eve 2
While Resident Evil and Silent Hill may have captured all of the mainstream attention in
the survival horror games, on the PS1 back in the day there was another series every
part of this game was good, if not according to its fans it wa amazing . This was known
as Parasite Eve, and it mixed Resident Evil-style survival horror with RPG elements to create
a very different experience. Parasite Eve II is the highlight, and the
star behind the return of FBI agent Aya. She’s once again investigating outbreaks of
creatures, in events set two years after the first game. Unlike the first title, PEII features a real-time
battle system, that is similar to Resident Evil, and this is tempered by the Parasite
Energy system that grants Aya special, magic-style abilities. Although it’s certainly a survival horror,
complete with puzzles and pre-rendered environments, there’s a larger focus on combat, and here
you also need to level Aya up, improving her abilities and customising her weapons. This is matters , as later enemies became
increasingly more and more deadly, and unprepared players can be destroyed if the are unprepared. well
The far deeper gameplay and great presentation makes Parasite Eve II the superior title to
Resident Evil, BUT THE SAD PART about this game it had poor sales Rampage
I bet when you saw rampage movie that features Dwayne Johnson you remembered this cool game
If you’re an old school gamer who was around in the 80s and 90s, you’ll no doubt remember
the classic arcade title, Rampage. The game Begins with three monsters – George
the gorilla, which was my favourite Lizzie the dinosaur and Ralph the huge werewolf,
the game simply has one goal for the players ,and that is destruction of various cities. Rampage on the PlayStation is a more up to
date then on the classic, with better visuals, new locations spread around the world, and
new power ups. The core gameplay, however, remains the same,
and allows players to smash buildings, eat civilians and mash enemy tanks. It’s simple, yes, but still as fun as it was
back in the old days Fighting Force
Fighting Force isa 3D scrolling game It features four different characters, which
has their own strengths and weaknesses, and alongside the usual melee combat, players
can utilise weapons, guns, and the environment, and different paths through the game which
can be chosen. The game arrived to fairly average reviews
on release, limiting its potential, and despite a sequel on the Dreamcast (which was fairly
poor), it quickly vanished. The original is still held in high regard
by fans, it’s one of the first 3D beat ’em ups of its type, which makes it well worth
the time playing it Die Hard
Spanning the first three Die Hard movies, Die Hard trilogoy features three different
games in one package, all of which are great. The first one was Die Hard which was a third-person
action-shooter, and then Die Hard 2:which was is a -Cop shooting gallery the best one
is Die Hard: With a Vengeance, which is a challenging, checkpoint-lead driving game. All three titles are full games in their own
right, and the mixture of styles make for a long-lasting challenge, and what a challenge
it is. The on-rails Die Hard 2 is enjoyable, but
both Die Hard1 and Die Hard: With A Vengeance are very tricky, with the being the hardest
of the three. This challenge is always on the right-side
of fair, though, and for its time, this was a very impressive compilation. And afterall it’s Die Hard, which just never
gets old Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Considered by many fans to be the best of a long running series, Legacy of Kain: Soul
Reaver is a Tomb Raider-inspired adventure in which you play as, an-ex vampire lord who
now stalks the world of souls looking for revenge against his former master,. Created by Crystal Dynamics, , the game takes
plenty of inspiration from lara Croft’s outings, including a heavy focus on block puzzles and
environmental navigation. Unlike Tomb Raider games of the period, however,
Soul Reaver features a large, open world with no loading times, a big feature at the time
of release. This world is split into various regions,
each ruled by a different vampire clan, the leader of which you have to locate and defeat
in order to acquire new can also switch from the living and dead ], and
this serves as a major puzzle and plot device. This all amounts to a brilliant mixture of
Tomb Raider and Metroid, with areas opening up once you acquires the powers needed to
access previously closed-off zones. Throw in some Zelda-style combat and all sorts
of supernatural abilities (which also make for some very impressive puzzles) and you
difenitly have a fantastic adventure. Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear was originally released as a 2D action game, built around the use of stealth
tactics to conquer buildings and achieve objectives. With the advanced hardware of the Playstation,. Playing the mysterious agent “Solid Snake”,
your mission was to investigate and ultimately destroy the weapon known as the Metal Gear. With constant communication with your base
to provide the backstory and ongoing mission briefings, Snake had to depend mainly on stealth
to progress past armies of guards without triggering to achieve his objectives. End of level bosses provided variety and challenge,
not to mention some level of amusement, with names such as Revolver and Pyscho making it
through the translation from the original Japanese. The Playstation 1 hardware enabled Konami
to create a classic game, that through the graphics and audio, supplemented by a great
story, helped generate a sense of emotional investment in the character of Snake, providing
a much deeper gameplay experience. The game went on to spawn a number of sequels
across various Sony consoles and handhelds, with over 30 Metal Gear games released at
the time of writing. Tekken 3
Previous hardware generations had their popular fighting games, such as the Street Fighter
series launched on the Genesis and Super Nintendo, but the Playstation enabled fighting games
to move into the 3D arena with Tekken. The original Tekken game was a revelation,
with multiple characters each with their own move sets and physics, all rendered in stunning
3D. Tekken 3 was the last game to be launched
on the Playstation 1, and an incremental improvement on the previous 2 games. The roster of characters was expanded to include
23 characters including 6 carried over from Tekken 2, some of which were unlockable. The graphics as well as the players unique
movement sets were improved, including the ability to dodge “into” the screen. As a fighting game ,
Although Tekken 3 was great as a single player game, it was better with 2 players, and it
was always the game I turn to when friends came over. Despite later versions on more recent consoles,
Tekken 3 remains my all time favourite fighting game and therefore the best on the Playstation
1 console. Resident Evil 2
All time my favorite The original Resident Evil game for the Playstation
1 introduced the concept of “survival horror” to a worldwide audience, with it’s story of
zombies on the rampage in the fictional Racoon City. The series depends on building tension during
gameplay by making the player characters vulnerable, with limited ammunition available as you creep
through corridors, and it always present fear of a surprise Zombie attack around every corner. The game used complex background graphics
that were pre-rendered, providing a level of detail that couldn’t be achieved in real
time, allowing the graphics engine to focus on the player and zombie characters. Your performance in the game was reflected
in your movement, with zombie damage resulting in a pronounced limp which slowed your progress
until you get medical treatment. In this installment, the Umbrella Corporation
which is behind the original Zombie armies have developed an even more extreme biological
weapon, and as a newcomers to the city which is almost totally infected, your mission is
simply to escape. With complex puzzles, and a switching system
that allowed you to play the game from the perspective of 2 different characters, the
game provided a great amount of variety and replay value. Resident Evil 2 was very popular on release,
selling almost 5 million copies, one of the highest selling releases on the platform,
and it was a must have game for any Playstation 1 owner. That time Still I have a lot of games like pepsi man,
wipeout xl and spyro which a remake soon to be relesad and also dino crysis Now why don’t you fire up your old Playstation,
or if you don’t have one, there are plenty of second-hand models still available to buy,
and for less than the price of a new PS games , you can secure a classic piece of video
gaming history. Don’t just sit back there tell me down down
below what was your favourite games of ps1 ,who knows we might be having the same taste
,thanks for watching thumbs up if you enjoyed and subscribe or more in the future until
then peace ….

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