Best racket handle ? Flared or Straight handle | Chinese table tennis

Best racket handle ? Flared or Straight handle | Chinese table tennis

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There are in general 4 types of handles: Flared, Straight, Anatomic and Conique. Chinese and asian players prefer Flared handle,
while European players like Straight handle. Some American players like Anatomic and Conique
handle (not very popular). Why ? Almost all chinese players play Flared handle
(Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Fan Zhendong). Some top Japanese players and European players
play Straight handle (jun mizutani and Timo Boll). Someone explains that: Flared handle is good
for Forehand dominant player, while Straight handle is good for BH-FH transition. It can be true, but it’s not a real reason
that Chinese players always play Flared handle (Zhang Jike is a backhand dominant player
and he plays flared handle). The true reason why Chinese players like Flared
handle is: – They are taught a good technique: how to
hold the racket and when to hit the ball – They are taught to hold the racket loosely
before and after the stroke. That’s why they play the Flared handle as
it’s the only handle with the bigger part at the end of handle (flare). So the blade won’t drop out when you hold
it loosely. – They are taught to hit the ball with “Explosiveness”:
Hit very fast at a very short time. So Flared handle is the only handle that when
you hit hard, the blade stays safely in your hand and you don’t need to hold it tight everytime. So what is “Explosiveness” in Chinese philosophy
about table tennis ? This girl hits the ball without explosiveness. She doesn’t know when to relax, and when to
hit the ball. So the chinese coach has asked her to relax,
and hold tight the ball only at the moment of striking. It’s very short moment, and it increases the
“explosiveness” of your stroke. And this is the only reason why “Flared handle”
is prefered by Chinese players. It feels safely when you loose the grip and
hold it again quickly as it has a flare. European and Western players are taught to
hold the racket in a wrong way. They hold the racket constantly, all the time. They hold the racket before and after the
stroke in the same way. That’s why Anatomic, Straight handle fit well
their grip as this handle fit exactly their palm. Flared handle is too small in their palm and
they “feel” that the flared handle is not comfortable. However, Western players don’t know to hit
with “Explosiveness” as shown in the video with the young girl. So if you want to hit the ball with “Explosiveness”,
choose Flared handle. You can easily switch from BH to FH as for
another types of handle. If you like “Straight handle”, you must hold
the racket constantly. As it is straight, if you hold the racket
loosely, relax, it can fly out with your stroke and it can be dangerous. The “explosiveness” needs 2 phases: relax
and explode. With the “straight handle”, you can not relax,
and can’t make a good explosiveness. If you like “Anatomic handle”, it fits well
in your palm. However, it will limit a little the freedom
of your wrist. Chinese player don’t like Anatomic handle
for this reason. I want to show you an example of “Straight
handle” player: Timo Boll or Jun Mitzutani. Their ball is spinny, their playing style
is very smooth. They attack with both FH and BH with high
spin ball. However, both Timo Boll and Jun Mitzutany
are “soft”, lack of “Explosiveness”. This is the same problem for many European
players. but each time Joo Se Hyuk attacks, the ball
is very fast. It has “Explosiveness”. That the difference between Asian and Western
table tennis. So if you want to dominate in table tennis,
learn to hit with “explosiveness”and then you will know which handle is best for you. 🙂 EmRatThich Gaming

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  1. "Western players dont know how to hit with "explosiveness"…are you kidding me? I am pretty sure timo boll would beat you 11:0 even if you put dynamite in your shoes. Just because there are a few chinese players who are on the top saying that a whole continent cant hit with explosiveness, generalize more.

  2. Some of these generalizations about Western players are just not true. I live in the second largest city in my state in the US (Columbus, GA). There is not a single table tennis club here. I literally have to drive 2 hours to Atlanta just to play in a club. There are at least 100x more competitive table tennis players in China than in the USA. This is a much bigger factor to Chinese success than these generalizations you are drawing. You're videos are good, and some usefulness can be gleaned from them; but a lot of it is just hooplah, and biased logic.

  3. I think some of you are missing the point. Has Waldner had a successful career with Straight Handle? Sure. Does Timo Boll have explosiveness even with Straight handle? Sure. Are there other westerners that use straight handles that can have explosiveness? Sure. But this only makes it harder. Imagine how much more successful Timo could be right now if he had learned with more of the Chinese principals. Waldner was good during his time, but that was before speed glues were banned and when they used the old balls. It’s not just about the handle either. You add together each difference, the handle, rubber, blade, approach to hitting the ball, etc etc etc, and then those small differences add up.

  4. Thanks for the video, Flared it is then!

  5. I love this youtube-channel so much. The way you can present reasons for why to hold the racket a certain way, when to hit the ball when countering, and so much more. I hope to see more quality content in the future. Keep doing great videos, please!

  6. Yes, westerners may be doing the wrong way but that is why they are on top 🙂

  7. If you are affrayed to drop your bad, just put tacky overgrip on it. No need to change de grip from ST to FL. Samsonov play with a little grip.

  8. it was very helpful thanks 😀

  9. I am pretty sure the europeans are hitting with the so called “explosiveness”. They just didnt call it that way, because thats not proper english ?. Besides the europeans are better than before in the world rankings these days. The chinese are lacking player to win world cups? I also disagree that you say the european style of table tennis is wrong. Different style doesnt mean that it is wrong. I learn the european style table tennis (even though im asian), and my coach also teach me this “explosiveness” technique. Even though he doesnt name it “explosiveness” but i am sure its the same. So i dont think any technique and any handle is wrong or worst.
    Please do not say it like the chinese are more supreme and the europeans are just bad

  10. thanks for teaching this. however, saying something like that about Timo Boll, you would upset many people. 😀

  11. This is the kind of talk that I would liked to have when I was starting Table Tennis

  12. I am a Indian player what I would buy fl or cl

  13. Great video, i enjoy it a Lot, thaks

  14. Very informative video. A cracking coach!

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