Best Table Tennis Serves Tutorial. (Pt 1: backspin, hook) — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

Best Table Tennis Serves Tutorial. (Pt 1: backspin, hook) — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

hello my name is shashwat r3er i live in mubai Now if you would pardon me I need to set the tone right for this video Because thie video is very important! Let me ask you a few questions Do you want to beat the person you’ve never beat before hello guys how are you

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  1. Hello. Sorry for the delay. It ended up being too long; so I had to separate into a few parts. Enjoy.
    If you have any questions/comments/I'm not being clear, hit me up!

  2. Thanks for this! ???

  3. Thanks for free and full tutorials man I got improved

  4. Wow amazing , don't forget to stop by my channel

  5. I did not understand the racket movement after the ball contact. But overall good video!

  6. Śmieciu głupi FRAJERZE śmierdzący

  7. hello shashwat from mumbai

  8. I really like your videos bro, but the way you toss the ball sometimes makes me cringe. (like there:
    Good videos overall though, keep it up 🙂

  9. By far the best tt tutorial on YT. Thanks man!


  11. 4:17 that's what she said

  12. Nice video..Where did you buy this T-shirt butterfly site does not have this

  13. So how do we read spins? Watch the bat or the ball?

  14. Is your blade a Viscaria FL? If it is then I have the same one! XD Great videos!

  15. very cool video, I like to get your thoughts on mine

  16. Who else is here because someone in the office plays better than you ? 😀

  17. How is the best srives in the world

  18. Where do you get the table tennis posters? I'm looking for some

  19. Respect bro a really sympatic and cool guy, maby i win someday against you haha love and peace from split croatia HAJDUK LIVES FOREVER

  20. When I tried your serve they really work

  21. لتززتتنمكمخمنغ

  22. They sound different though 🙂 The ones with more spin has lower pitch and quieter. So do you have to yell to mask the sound from impact now. LOL

  23. Wow ewsom Table tenis wooooooooooow its so ewsom Table tenis

  24. Why does the ball sound like its cracked?

  25. Well done, till now the best serve tutorial

  26. hey umm what set up for racket do you recommend for ameteur players?

  27. It took me like 6 seconds to realize that he's talking English

  28. Half of his serves are illegal because he’s tossing towards himself. Great ideas for recreational but no go in tournaments

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