Bidding to game in bridge

Bidding to game in bridge

– Hi everyone. Low-level contracts in bridge
are called part scores, and a game is a contract
of 3NT, 4H, 4S, 5C, 5D, or higher,
and you get a big bonus for bidding and making a game, so if you think you
might be strong enough, it’s worth giving it a go. If you and your partner have 25 points between your two hands, then you’ll have a fair
chance of making a game. On this hand, North opened
the bidding showing 12 pts, South has 13, that’s 25, enough for game. 3NT will often
be your best contract, because you only need to win nine tricks. On this hand, 3NT
looks to be the top spot, so I’ll just go ahead here and bid. 3NT. Hearts and spades are
called the major suits. If your bidding tells you
that you and your partner have eight hearts or eight spades between your two hands,
along with your 25 points, then 4H or 4S is probably going to be the way to go. Now, you’ll need to win 10 tricks to make 4H or 4S, but the trump suit will often be worth an extra trick or two. In this hand, North has opened 1H, and sitting here, South,
we have 13 high-card points and four-card heart
support, so we can be sure that we’ve got a heart fit. That’s eight hearts between the two hands, so this time, I’m going to bid 4H. Clubs and diamonds are
called the minor suits. You’ll need to win 11 tricks
to make game in a minor. North has opened 1C on this hand, and South has 13 high-card points, pretty good club support, but nine tricks in 3NT
will probably be easier than 11 tricks in 5C, so I’m going to bid
3NT on this hand. Keep in mind that 25
points doesn’t guarantee you’ll make your game. Sometimes, the cards are
distributed in an unlikely way. Maybe you bid 3NT and find that 4H would’ve
been a better contract. Maybe it’s just one of
those hands that don’t make. Congratulate your opponents,
smile at your partner, and you move on to the next hand. And likewise, sometimes you’ll
make enough tricks for game, but you’ll stop bidding in a part score. That’s okay, you can’t bid them all. Keep bidding those 25-point games, make as many tricks as you
can, see you at the table.

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