Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

Billionaire Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

All right. We’re going to
test your knowledge of some everyday items that
you get at the supermarket. When’s the last time that you
have been at a supermarket? A long time ago. OK. [LAUGHTER] All right. This will be interesting. All right. If you can guess
three out of the five products within $1 of
each one, the audience will get something, OK? [CHEERING] If you get all of them, we’ll
pay off your children’s student loans. [LAUGHTER] No danger there. No. [LAUGHTER] All right. TWitch is going to
be our prize model. And here we go. There is Rice-A-Roni
right there– [HARP MUSIC] –the San Francisco
treat, of course. How much do you think
Rice-A-Roni would be, within $1. Hm. $5. [LAUGHTER] OK. Let’s– The audience didn’t like that. [LAUGHTER] Let’s see. Ready? Oh, it’s $1. [BUZZER] Mm. What a bargain. I’ll take five. I know. [LAUGHTER] All right. Ooh. OK. Tide Pods. You’ve been hearing a
lot about those lately. What do you think? $4. [OOHING] Aw. No, no. They want me to go higher. Yeah. Let’s go with $10. $10. $10. All right. Ready? $19.97. [BUZZER] It’s expensive to do laundry. I’ll take a half. It’s very costly. OK. Now, very important– This is my best
chance with this one. Really? Yeah. Because you floss? Absolutely. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I floss as well. It’s very important to keep
your gums in good health. [HARP MUSIC] All right. That’s floss. [HARP MUSIC] [LAUGHTER] How much would you
say that floss is? I would say, $4. [GASPS] Look at you! $3.78! [DING] That’s one! [CHEERING] All right. All right. You need to get both
of these within $1 so that they get something. That’s going to be hard. If not, you got to
run to your car. [LAUGHTER] [CHUCKLES] Totino’s Pizza Rolls. [HARP MUSIC] One bag of Totino pizza rolls. [HARP MUSIC] Totino’s, have some tonight– [HARP MUSIC] [LAUGHTER] –hot from the oven. [HARP MUSIC] I’ll go with $22. [SHOUTING] No! No, no. $15. $15. No! $7. Lower, lower. $8. All right. Let’s try it. $8. $8.98! [DING] [CHEERING] Totino’s. That’s two in a row. Phew. All right. How do you feel about this? This is TGI Friday’s Frozen
Spinach & Artichoke Dip. [HARP MUSIC] It’s 8 ounces. [HARP MUSIC] 8 ounces. It’s branded. You know, you guys
think less than $10? Yes. [SHOUTING] Yes! Yes, we do. [LAUGHTER] Yes, we think it is less. Like, $7? Who said what? $5. He’s saying, $5. [SHOUTING] $6! Somebody’s– $5 or $6. $6. I would go with
maybe lower than $5. Wow. [LAUGHTER] OK, we’ll go with $4. Yeah, go with $4. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] [DING] [CHEERING] Thank you. Good job. Yeah. Thank you. All right. That was a big help. [DINGING] There we go. I want to thank Bill. I want to thank Bill. Thank you so much
for being here. It’s been a pleasure seeing you. And you probably want to
know what you won, right? [CHEERING] Well, you’re all
going to come back for one of my “12
Days of Giveaways.” [CHEERING] [MUSIC – “IT’S THE MOST
wonderful time of the year. Ding dong ding. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
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also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God [BLEEP]!

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  1. In Germany these things are way cheaper ?

  2. "Money Screams but Wealth Whispers"

  3. Who else was guessing the prices as it went on

  4. You know your rich when u don’t know how much your food cost??plus u haven’t been too a grocery story in a longgg time

  5. bill makes around $150 a second so he pretty much made around 100k in this vid

  6. Look at the audience giving him clues….LOL!!

  7. This game was rigged

  8. Gates Guesses Groceries

  9. Well it's a good thing BIll Gates isn't CEO of Walmart or we'd all be in big trouble

  10. Bill Gates: "I would buy your show. It would costs me $0.000000000000001"

  11. I need some groceries Bill.

  12. Am I the only one dreaming of success ???

  13. he own Microsoft

    He has a browser

    He is big brain time

  14. There is some guy here for the Kahuku corruption program. A Diblasio lookalike.

  15. Stuart N near San Jose

  16. 2:59 "You guys think less than $10?"

    That just killed me

  17. Tide is ripping off its customers

  18. Bogus skit. All these prices change depending on which store you go to. Some items can cost double or triple the price from one store to another. Compare Whole Foods in a rich neighborhood vs. Trader Joe's in an average neighborhood or Walmart/CostCo. Prices–VERY different.

    Also, these are mostly overpriced garbage. I shop at the cheapest stores and get generic/store brands or name brand items on sale (40% to 60% off) Rice A Roni was the only reasonable deal here–and still overpriced compared to "no name" bulk rice.

    BTW–Bill Gates is a famous cheapskate. He splits the check when he has dinner with Warren Buffett. He has been spotted in stores holding up the line fumbling with coupons after he became a billionaire. If he goes to a casino, he plays low limit poker ($2-$4 or $5-$10 fixed limit, so $10 is maximum per bet)

  19. Bill doesn't buy products, he buys the brands behind them

  20. 你有什么特长

  21. I was thinking about what would happen wether i meet this man and ask him if he could buy me a iPad and a iPhone , cause that 3000 are peanuts for him

  22. Kid u not if i seen him in the grocery store i wouldnt even know that was bill gates

  23. For a genius he dont have much sense when it comes to the cost of rice.

  24. Gates for president!!!

  25. Feels good to be a billionaire.

  26. Hello Bill, just in case you read this. I'd love to be your donation cause. An hour's wage of yours is enough to support me a lifetime. ?

  27. Who remembers the time when Ellen gave Bill Gates a 20,000$ check

  28. "if you get all of them and we will pay off your children's student loans"

  29. Both of Them are not human they live in a different world scary

  30. You guys think less than 10$ ??

  31. Bill gates: 13 billion dollars …7 billion people

    world problems solved: bill gates gives 2.50$ to save world hunger

  32. imagine being bill gate’s children…

  33. He and musk are by far the best billionaires

  34. Giving a million dollars to bill gates is like turning the AC On when your freezing

  35. I love Bill Gates, he’s just a slightly socially awkward dork

  36. The craziest thing to me is how humble he is ?

  37. Just love Ellen , Bill is just the most wonderful billionaire.

  38. Bill Gates is so nice and humble. He’s a very likable person.

  39. "But it's branded."'s a TGIF meal. Get a grip.

  40. Imagine they gave him a tv as a prize.

  41. Video length 4:20 . Nice.

  42. "Bill" Gates, it seems that his parents knew he would be a 'Bill'ionaire

  43. In the Bible it’s a sin to be this rich, I’m just thankful he uses his money wisely and uses it to help others!

  44. I never know what to expect from you on your show which makes what you do fresh, funny, and very creative.

  45. Pass to Bill Tap Loco Motion Icon

  46. Uyy merong tide hahaha

  47. The funny thing is, if you ask my hubby, he would have not know this either 😀

  48. I watched his documentary and boy do I feel broke…

  49. Who pays $4 for floss? Lol.

  50. i like the fact that he wears a plain sweater when he's rich enough to buy the louis vuitton company

  51. 31.627.620 Aufrufe   ohne datum hat er ein Microsoft Windows Phone dabei ?

  52. Even I didn’t know these prices and I ain’t got no Bill Gates money lol

  53. In my opinion he understood to guess the price of the company

  54. He got 1 right dum dum Allen.

  55. It's the price is right

  56. Money
    Bill gate : buying entire country hearing 8d audios

  57. The first one was kinda embarrassing; every former student should know what 250gramms of every average meal cost. NOT 5 Dollars.

  58. Rejoice, O young man, in your youth, and let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth. Walk in the ways of your heart and the sight of your eyes. But know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment.

    For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.

  59. I love Bill and Ellen!

  60. I love Bill Gates.

  61. i love how he wears a $15 hanes shirt

  62. That black man is really funny.

  63. I would like him if windows 10 didn't updated so much.

  64. The richest on the best track doesn"t seems to me the richest just his clothes doesn't seems so ….

  65. Bill Gates really good person…

  66. Surely he's not been that rich all his life, he's been to a supermarket before surely ?

  67. I'm guessing a maid does his shopping for him.

  68. I like Bill Gates. He is a very humble man. He never cared about money, he cared about the technology of the world, and still does. He spends his days now trying to improve the world by other means than computer software, really great guy.

  69. Ellen – how much is this delicious apple
    Bill- worthless
    Audience- ………

  70. Meanwhile am picking up loose change from the ground

  71. Man, bill sucks at guessing prices or the guy who does the grocery shopping for his house must have been ripping him off bigtime since 1985
    btw. ellen is bill's twin sister!

  72. He's bouta fire his personal shopper

  73. So how much Ellen makes?

  74. Microsoft Windows XP?

  75. 3:16 that girl is stunning

  76. LOL guess its harder than develop the software for him

  77. Bill gates said he take a half for tide pod cost. Soo expensive fr 20dollars.

  78. I love how Bill Gates stare at everyone like "I could buy every single person in this show"

  79. His is very simple ;cool

  80. Andrew yang please…

  81. I loath rich people, they are sociopaths with a smile. Gates makes as much money in 3 minutes as I make in a year. He's a sociopath becasue he thinks he's worth it, and hoards the money when millions starve. Ellen licks his boots.

  82. She should have asked Gates what his maids, cooks, gardeners, shoppers, butlers, assistants, dog walkers, etc… make.

  83. This is the only Ellen segment to genuinely anger me. It shows how disconnected and elitist the rich in this country are. Bill Gates is a great person, but making a joke out of how rich he is in comparison to the working class and Ellen is a multimillionaire pretending she is just like us.

  84. He is soo adorable when he’s clapping :’)

  85. Bill will always be a child in heart

  86. U gotta ask him the prices of like Island nations and space ships.

  87. Rich Shop owner: This is the world's finest and most expensive wine, it costs $25,000
    Bill: 0:58

  88. Well the food was a whole joke to them rich folks ??

  89. Bill looks like when the teatcher tells you to took your shirt in

  90. Bill gate is pride of the world.He is very humble,down to earth and most generous man.God bless him.

  91. Bill Gates: I won so as a celebration, everyone here can take home a Lamborghini.

  92. I love how confidently Bills said, without missing a beat "$5"

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