BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT MANSION!!?? 24 Hour Challenge: Movie Theatre, Hot Tub, Gaming Room & More!

BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT MANSION!!?? 24 Hour Challenge: Movie Theatre, Hot Tub, Gaming Room & More!

the budget Billa come on it’s worth four
million dollars so slow in the room Azam bro Oh what if we did one last light
goal of a hundred and twenty thousand likes and if we get it we will turn this
into a box fort spaceship will use all of the wiring all the interior all the
electrical all the different rooms everything including the computers TV
screens in Tendo sewage and we will turn it in to the world’s biggest spatial hey we came I got a call Logan right now
Jake what’s going on I got here as fast as I could
Logan is here June and you’re probably all wondering what it is and guys we are
officially announcing these Papa Jake box for building kit that’s right today
we are launching it there will be a link in the description like the description
and you guys can now go and get your very own Papa Jake’s box for building in
guys this kit comes with absolutely everything you need to build your very
own box for at home it not only builds just a box board feet also a box for and
before we start today’s video we’re going to be using that in today’s box
for Bill I don’t want to do a little unboxing for you guys make sure you guys
what comes inside the kit this is the box we got built by Papa Jake on the
side view I love is look so sick let the box work
will be begin so once you get your kit it will be a little bit different guys
into this demo kit for us here we go so it opens up like this oh my god I get
that out so this is the official built by Papa Jake pamphlet I’m going to get
into this in a little bit because this is really cool let’s start off with the
most important things you need to build any box board this is something that me
and Logan use is every build and we go through so much of it so we hooked you
guys up with a massive roll of duct tape that’s detect ale is customized duct
tape to have a seal of – it was bolts inside of it so when you’re using this
in your box board it’s going to look like a legit building
extra strong – you know XO guys we got a water gun cuz if you’re having a box for
warm looks box for its worst enemy its water we got ourselves a Papa Jake
Brandon water gun oh my god oh let me see through a lot of 24-hour challenges
and whether or not you do the 24 hour challenge or just chillin it gets cooled
sometimes in a box for that’s what we got the Papa Jake blanket not only we’ve
got the property branding on it but it is so fluffy splink when we’re
making this guys I specifically said fluffy and comfy for nothing and so we
got the copious blanket for your box for bills we also got some double-sided tape
so you can attach stuff to the side of your box four walls two sets of box door
handles and next up one of the most important things you need in any box for
a high-powered flashlight so you guys voted for the army sticker pack so we
have everything to turn your box fort into a legitimate box for bunkers whoa
what’s that button it first but don’t don’t don’t press that bro first to the
launch button you can launch your rockets or anything from your box or
with this baby you got to make sure your box bunker is secure and we want to do
still windows posts on the side no one’s getting in and take the blanketing
enough your box hole comes with a camp fire say nice toasty warm yeah no one’s
going to find your box for check that out of you and last but not least guys
no box order is complete without a door and this is your solid metal box for
doors or you know get creative uses of the room use of the flooring whatever
you guys want your creativity is the only limit with this box for kids so
guys go grab your passport kit today links are in the description down below
and for today’s video there’s a billionaire box board we’re going to be
using all of this to create the most ultimate box for bills we have experts
alright guys so we’re back outside and here is our massive fallout shelter you
guys know that you probably see the last video and you guys absolutely destroyed
the like button so we saved the box for it and now we’re going to be using this
to build the billionaires box for it’s a house guys we already have a massive
houseful we’re going even bigger it’s so big but we’re going bigger guys
we got add a bathroom we got to add a movie theater and a hot tub onto all of
this guys because it’s truly going to be a billionaires box for not to mention we
got all the new awesome stuff from our kits to make this even cooler so the
first thing we’re going to do guys is make our hot tub entrance
we got to take off from house door oh dude I love that vault or we’re
definitely saving this guy’s maybe someday we’ll do a follow-up on a five
version of this you were going to actually have a tunnel coming all the
way out to the hot tub so you can easily get inside and out of the hot tub will
also probably install like a towel rack or something because we want to dry off
after a nice dip in the hot stuff first steps to making the hot tub room we need
a drying rack because we all know guys this cardboard gets wet that’s a very
bad thing so we’re going to use this drying board as something that we can
stand on dry off on with a towel and then enter the box for it but you check
that oh this is perfect you get on this dry off go back in the box for after
your night’s tape and ahh so now that that’s in place all we have to do start
building so let’s set the time lapse and get this hot so every bill I live right
now we have the living quarters we also have like the eating area slash chilling
area hot tub room is done now it’s time to make the movie theaters logic gaming
room this is going to be one of the funnest parts of the actual billionaires
box for it so we’re gonna start working on it here get it all ready and then
once we have all the exterior done that’s when we get to go inside start
sagging this baby out alright guys so the Sun is setting but
the movie theater is coming along great we have most of it ready all we have to
do now is put on the roof what’s the movie theatres done guys all I have to
work on is the bathroom and that’s it for scarier we’re going inside and check
it out this box floor and just in case you’ve never seen what the boss floor
looks like so far we did rip down a bunch of the stuff that we have in here
for the fallout shelter because it didn’t really make much sense but I’m
going to show you what it looks like now and you guys can see what we’re working
with so when your guys we have our living quarters this whole place is
decked out for sleeping we got our sleeping beds in here and we got some
beautiful lighting did we go through here we have a secondary hatch and
obviously we have a door here that we can close if we need to but if we go
down here into the main I guess common area this is really cool this is where
we can eat as well as just kind of chill we’ve got a first-aid kit on the wall we
have a fan venting in fresh air so we have a full ventilation system over
there we have a radio and then at the front here because we do have this kind
of walkway that you have to kind of walk up a little bit up here we have the
lookout and now we had this close for the follow video since this is be
billionaires box port we’re probably going to open this up so we can look out
and check out the nice waterfront oh and did I mention guys that
everything in here is all electrically wired to this main power modules here so
we can actually fully equip the entire box for it not only with a bunch of
light fan systems but also because this is the billionaires box work we’re going
to clip it with a TV gaming system and much more for the first thing we’re
going to be using from the Papa Jake box for a villain box is our door we’re
going to take our sticker I got our Papa Jake certified door handle so we can
easily get in and out of the box for dude that is looking so sick look at
that now we’re just going to cut out the door I said that first
check that out it’s a metal door it’s not done yet we still need to handle
when you do buy one of our box for kids make sure to tweet me pictures send it
to me on Instagram because we want to showcase some of your amazing bells of
this because honestly the amount of creativity you have with this is insane
but wait the doors not done let’s get the door handle on door handle is going
on thing on there like a charm dude check that out close it like this or
open it yo that’s so much easier bro don’t forget you get four of these in
your kit for the sake of this we’re going to have one on both sides so you
guys can get creative with them of course but let’s put the next one right
on the inside I just one of the hardest things when you build a box fort is
shutting the door from the inside so the last thing we have to do before you can
go inside is get the bathroom done this would be a billionaires box for without
a proper bathroom it’s gonna be a little bit weird but we’re going to go for the
outhouse method with this one I’ve already got the main placeholder here
well you get what that’s for I’m probably gonna put a policy between me
and Logan no one used it but for the sake of this video we’re still got to
build it so now all I have to do is make housing around it as well as a very
secure door all right here we go Logan’s got the fuck it just in case for proof
of concept it’s not the best it’s not the most beautiful but it works you can
actually go up in here it’s got a lot of room up in here there is no light and
you do have a space to sit not the most luxurious bathroom but hey the bathroom
in a box Ford and of course you can close the door oh I also forgot to
mention guys that our box port comes with a rain catcher this actually works
to catch rain you can put a cup in there and we have a funnel system you guys
would’ve seen that in our fallout box board but I thought I’d mentioned as
well yeah so now that we have everything pretty much ready inside the box where
I’m going to start making our additions now before bring the TV the Nintendo
switch I’m going to do all the electrical lighting inside the brand new
movie theater slash gaming room all the lighting is done and now
officially the entire box board is fully lit now it was time to start decking out
this box board with all of the awesome gear it comes inside the Papa Jake box
for building kids so we got a lot of fun stuff to put inside this box for
probably one of the scariest things surviving in this box board for 24 hours
our raccoons because we’re outside and outside there’s only a few things I can
hurt us I mean well there are coyotes but but mainly raccoons we got our water
gun and not only does this work to deteriorate boxes
it will also scare raccoon away our box board kit comes with its double-sided
tape so we can mount the water gun on the wall for easy access there we go
guys the water gun is mounted on the wall for easy access during the night
and the cool thing to guys is if you use a few of these you can even mount like a
nerf gun or really anything you want on the side of the wall it’s great too
because it’s so sticky you can actually pull it off and stick it back on a few
times before it loses thickness so these are our super big asset but when you’re
making box board Oh looks like someone’s off door oh look like Logan with the
food dude that’s awesome billionaire box for it has food
delivered all right guys and before we have dinner I am going to put up one
more thing from our kin we’re going to put the rest up after dinner but before
we get into that I did want to use the pamphlet not only as a pamphlet awesome
for given instructions and everything like that but it also doubles as an
asset to building a box for it you cannot hold it like this and bam you’ve
got a full cork board in your box you’ve got a bunch of helpful box building tips
different secrets from our box for building videos and just the general
information that you need to know when building a box board and you’ve also got
some extra room to make notes for yourself so I’m going to pin this up in
here so we have a little wall this is definitely something you have to include
in the home base of your box board for dinner I’m going to read one helpful tip
from the board listed here tip number seven always build your floor
first this is going to be the base of everything that holds the box together
make sure that you’re confident with the floor first before building the walls
and roof that is important guys I’m not going to go through all the tips but
there’s a lot of helpful stuff here that you need to know one building box fourth
before we continue building this box for it’s time for dinner
our dinner delivered to us because it is still the billionaires box first ensure
got the breakfast bagel for dinner bagel with some cheese as well some
turkey alright guys we just finished dinner we’re back into the movie theater
slash gaming room I’m going to start setting up the gaming setup now Logan is
currently editing tomorrow’s video we’re going to set this up I got my Nintendo
switch here I also got a flat screen TV and i rewired a bunch of power so I’m
going to work on that and then get this baby running it’s official check this
out we got the Nintendo switch attached to the flat-screen TV even Logan has a
power outlet over there so you can work on yesterday’s video which is awesome
look at it says we got Mario Kart we got one two three switch we got bells on my
crap and because we’re only in my backyard we even have Wi-Fi which is
sick this is by far my favorite room in the fort so I think we’re going to go
play a little bit of Mario Kart and then dude are you dying to go in the hot tub
I mean we have a billionaire box for doom we got a hot tub you want to go in
after thirty twelve thirty but yeah all right what else do we get in here all right guys we just finished gaming we
had a bunch of fun playing Mario Kart in here Logan for editing so I think it’s
time to both take a break and we’re going to go enjoy the hot tub sleeping
quarters look good but we definitely need to get this set up before bed
all right here you guys Oh hot dog on bro oh it looks nice dude let’s get in
here towels are here drying station is on point straight from the box forth
into the hot tub billionaire box or it done right go from the box where to this our gas from finished up in the hot tub
now it’s time to get back in the box for dry off change and get ready prevent the
tricky thing is we have to dry out inside the drying chamber because if we
step on the box with wet bathing suits will completely destroy the box this
heating lamp is absolutely amazing I’ve changed a gun my freshly shirt on I’m
feeling good I’m ready for bed but guys while we’re in the hot tub mean-looking
we’re talking we need a crazy idea obviously we’ve been having these
massive like goals to keep this box for build and to keep adding on to it but
this thing will have to come down but we thought what if we do one last light
goal what if we did one last light goal of a hundred and twenty thousand likes
and if we get it we will turn this into a box fort spaceship will use all of the
wiring all the interior all the electrical all the different rooms all
the different doors says everything including the computers TV screens in
tendo switch and we will turn it in to the world’s biggest spaceship so put a
hashtag save the box and smack that like button let’s go for 120,000 legs alright
guys we’re having the bed I almost forgot top of Jake box port builder kit
comes with some other accessories that we’ll need but comfy is blanket in the
world oh oh yeah this to be my blanket for the night so let’s bring that in
here and just to be on the safe side let’s bring the Papa Jake flashlight
before we go to bed we still have a bunch of other stickers we’re still
going to do some interior design some more with the other stickers we have
making it cold at night so having time to put the fire know that is toasty man
already I can feel the flames bro Kass stickers fire room literally the
stickers fire guys get the comfy blanket up oh dude
but I didn’t realize this it comes with extra writing space all right here yo
guys comfy blanket in the world since Jake’s already ready for bed I’m going
to turn off all the lights my number two I in the last light this
is a pretty sweet day but I think we’ll see you guys tomorrow night guys be in
the morning so what’s up so you’re the room Azam bro it was
really eating my food you must blanket well that’s what we wake up what is
going on guys it’s nothing we just woke up rumbas on in billionaire box floral
oh my god it was a good night it wasn’t bad at all this thing is so big and with
the fans and ventilation systems there was no issue at all Logan’s in the
kitchen he’s going to be working on a circuit breaker turning back on all the
light I thought I’d use our flashlights and really quickly checking inside the
gaming room and make sure no raccoons came in here last night take a look
around the corner so everything’s fine TV is still here and there we go the
lights are back on in this box for guys now we’re swinging for a breakfast and
in the meantime I thought we’d do some more decorations and put this here over
the door just in case you don’t know who built the box for it and we still got
some awesome stickers to check out so it’s find a place to put these so I
think we’re going to put the camo over Logan’s bed now normally could use this
on the outside of your box for it like a military box but in this case we’re
going to kind of use those like wall art like I said guys it’s whatever you want dude that is looking awesome looking
great man this is some sick walleye I mean yeah we could use this on the
outside but because this isn’t a military box fort it’s a billionaires
box fort we’re going to pretend that this is a billionaire painting it is
called the bush did lick em off it’s worth four million dollars just thing
it’s old steel and we still up some handles left from the box for building
kit so we’re going to put handles on it so we can open up the window and close
it one really awesome tip that we found out is if you are sticking a door or a
window put the sticker on first and then cut it it’s a lot easier if you are
using a box cutter make sure you have an adult help you out because they could be
very dangerous that is no awesome man
and look it’s so secure dude a solid metal you turn an old door into a new
door and it works amazingly awesome I think that for breakfast you might be
wondering Pappa Jake why don’t you use it this is a demo kit for us and because
of that it’s just it’s just like journey for show it’ll be exactly this size it
looks exactly like this but it’ll actually be stronger than the duct tape
that we normally use in our videos here you go Jake thank you buddy
inside the nice gaming room chill it out relaxing this was like living in a house
for 24 hours we got a gaming set up yeah we got air
conditioning what more can you ask for literally and Wi-Fi don’t forget to
smack that like button we got 120,000 likes real keep this
build for one final build with this box board before we tear it down and we will
make a massive spaceship if you guys thought the Papa Jake box fort it was
lit with I know you guys all did go check it out get yours today link it in
the description down below and guys be sure to send me pictures if you get it
send me pictures of the kids so many pictures of the builds you make will be
posted on Instagram following you guys on Twitter and showcasing them here on
the channel so if you guys want to get in one of Papa jeeps videos you need to
go grab that kit and start building an epic box for it

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