Binocular Volleyball

(tense music) – Two thousand pushups. – [Girls] Let’s go. (laughing) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan, and today I’m going to be
playing binocular volleyball. We’re just gonna play regular volleyball with binoculars and a giant
beach ball as our volleyball. Let’s start. (tense music) (murmuring) – [Audrey And Jordan]
You guys will go down. (Audrey grunts) (strained groan) (screaming) – Where is it? Where?
– It’s going to the bushes. (tense music) (violin playing) – You wanna make a pass? – No. – Hey guys, hi five, hi five. (laughing) – [Older Boy] (frustrated shout) – Oomf! (intense violin music) – [Man] Here it comes, ready? – Here it comes the big ball. Big thunder ball.
– [Older Boy] Oof! – [Younger Boy] 6:32. – [The Girls] (screaming) (tense piano music) (screaming) (violins gaining intensity) (girls exclaiming) (tense drum music) (girls laughing)
– There you go boys. (crashing and exclaiming) – Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you give this video
a thumbs up and subscribe. As for now, I’m gonna go back to playing. See you all later, bye!
(laughs and shouts) (intense drumming and violin music)

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