(Unusually nice weather) (Hello again!) What are the girls up to? (Busy Rosé) Why is it so dark? (Open the curtains, let
the sun shine through!) Let’s clean!! You guys!! Let’s clean up!!!
(Long-legged Lisa) What are you doing?? Hahaha, so funny!! (Jisoo is already cleaning) (Cleaning the lint around me) I’m cold. I think I really have a cold. (Putting on some music) Cold, cold, cold! (Sick in bed?) (Labor songs on the playlist ^^) (Singing in chorus!) (Having more fun listening
to music rather than cleaning) I thought Chaeyoung was cleaning but she’s just getting
lint off her clothes. This is important! She kept moving around so… Our coats show
how clean our place is. That’s making dust. Turn it on. (So much dust!) (Dry air alert!) I think we have to turn on the humidifier. No, turn on the air purifier first. This is something from an old movie. (Elegantly dusting away…) You look fabulous! (Like a movie character) (Getting every nook and cranny) (Dusting off the camera) Oh! What was that? Hip up!! I feel like Cinderella!! (As a young girl, Cinderella…) (Worked hard while her stepsisters played) So, we’re the evil stepsisters? (Stepsisters 1 & 2) (Chaengderella) We’re going to a party so you can just talk to the mice. (I need to meet Prince Charming quick) Chaeyoung’s really busy cleaning. Should I join her? (Vacuuming in hair!) Hair!! (Jisoo’s putting things away) (But…where’s Jennie?) The girls won’t know what I’ve been preparing. (What did you prepare?) Let’s make pancakes! (PANCAKES!) It’s been a while since I’ve cooked! I know how to make macarons. (Macarons, kimchi fried rice…) (Another new menu by Jennie!) For all of you making pancakes at home… You need to spread butter over the pan (Put butter over a heated pan) Put a little bit…I’ve put in too much. Take some of it off! If there’s too much butter,
the pancake can burn. Put 1.5 spoons of batter
onto the mini pancake pan. Put it over heat! How do people film cooking
shows by themselves? Do you need to talk endlessly? Like… “Oh, you need to wait until the pan gets hot…” Let’s take a look. (It’s just batter…) It’s not cooked yet ^^;; Wait, wait! You need patience when you cook. Is it ready yet? Nope, not cooked at all yet. We’ll leave it to cook a while longer. What’s going on! (Wait a bit!) I have a feeling it’s done on one side! (Is it the perfect time to flip??) (Like you’ve lost all words…) (Your eyes are wandering…) (Pupils dilating…) (It’s pretty obvious ^^;;) (Soggy batter…) It’s okay!! It’s not too bad. I can just wipe away
the batter on the side. I can eat this one. This is the beginning!
(That one was practice!) Put the butter…oh it’s too hot. It’s hot in here!! I have to open this. It’s too hot! (COMMOTION!) I’m about to sweat! (Sweating) Not yet, not yet. (It’s not time yet!) I have to know just with the smell. I have to know it’s done. (A feeling of success?) Wow…so…will I be able to do this?? It’s pretty obvious…(again ^^;;) (We hear she was VERY patient) It burned you guys… I’ll eat this one, too. Oh well. Who will eat these! One’s burnt and one’s really ugly. (It’s okay. It was practice!) I won’t burn it this time! Please! Please! Please work this time! (With a big shout…) (FLIP!) It’s perfect! Did you see that? (Proof of success) I think it’s done. This one’s really good. (Pretty one) I’m a pro now. Oh! I smell something good! I smell something good!! (Hehe ^^) Something smells delicious! (The girls are drawn in by the smell) Oh! It’s so cute!! Isn’t it cute? It’s so cute!! Wait! I need to bring my camera! Lisa, this is yours. (Lisa’s excited ^^) (Delicious snacks ^^) (Please give us delicious snacks ^^) (Common behavior of a cold patient) (We’re not sure what they’re doing…^^;;) (Lisa has overcome her cold) (Power Lisa!) (Jisoo blast off!) You guys look happy. (Common behavior of a cold patient ver.2) (Looks delicious) It looks good enough! You can top it according to your taste. What is this? This is maple syrup. This is passion fruit & pineapple sauce. This is just passion fruit. Totally my style! You can pick and choose as you want. If you want pineapple,
you can put it on top. (These girls love this song) (There’s a lot to choose from, so dig in!) Who wants whipped cream? You’re like a bartender! (Pretending nothing happened ^^;) It was a preview! (Quickly stepping back ^^) It did that before… (Doesn’t skimp on the whipped cream) Smile~ Eyebrows! Shin Chan eyebrows! Shin Chan eyebrows! (As you wish~) (Satisfied ^^) Is this a strawberry? (With those words,
miss clumsy has arrived ^^;) You’re supposed to… Lisa!!!! Decorate your own plate!!! Look, look! (This is what I meant to do…) Sorry guys ^^;;; Put some of these here… Something’s weird. I think this plate is
trying to send me a message. (Fixing Lisa’s mistake… has turned the pancakes
into “Devil’s pancakes”) (Putting powder on the devil’s face) I need bananas! It’s really pretty. (Rosé has finished decorating) I need more!
-I’m done. Yay!!
-Finished! Thank you for the meal! It’s really delicious! (Guaranteed tasty!) It’s good!!
-Isn’t it?? This is totally my style! (Everything’s always Rosé’s style ^^) (Self passionfruit sauce refils) (Tastebuds are singing!) Where do you guys want to go after we eat? Hotspring! Hotspring!! I was just throwing ideas around! But you guys seem pretty enthusiastic! It was an extremely cold winter. I want to go to the hotspring! (A hot bath comes to mind when it’s cold) Aren’t jjimjilbang’s as nice
as hot springs these days? I’ve never been to jjimjilbang. What? I’ve only been when I was little. I used to go a lot. I’m curious. If you’ve never been, it will be awkward. You might be shocked. There’s a lot to eat there. Sikhye(sweet rice drink)!! I want some! Smoked eggs! Eggs, eggs!
-Oh, that sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try the sweet rice drink. Don’t they put it in a big water bottle? Yeah, those huge plastic bottles. Look at Chaeyoung clapping ^^ It ‘s like an awards ceremony.
-For a really good movie! (A round of applause for sweet rice drink!) They give you a lot of sikhye! I’m so moved!! That was a good meal. #betweenhot&cold #dangerousoutside #jjimjilbang_nightski

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