Blark Plans the Ultimate Father-Son Bonding Day – Blark and Son

Blark Plans the Ultimate Father-Son Bonding Day – Blark and Son

(upbeat music) – Yes. I haven’t been
outside in three days and I am loving it. Hey red team, mind
if I join your party? I brought some chips,
some dip, and oh, look what the bad
boys slipped in here. A plasma grenade. (loud bang) – Son, I was thinking. How do you take our
already rock solid bond, and compress it further, into a father son
friendship diamond. – Oh, by putting
another lock on my door? – Close, by putting us in
the throes of mother nature, with a good old
fashioned camping trip. – Last time we went camping, you purposely left food
out, to attract bears. – How else am I going to
break in my bear saddle? Any who, if land
bears are an issue, why don’t we take this father
son adventure to the sea. Hunt ocean bears,
ha ha, AKA, whales. You can use the family harpoon, I’m going in organic. – Yeah let’s go hunt whales dad. They’re just giant
peaceful creatures, who have done nothing but be
majestic for millions of years. – Exactly! Their free
ride ends, tonight. – Dad, this game is live. Zeke and I have been
working our boys off to get to the final
round of this tournament, so I will grant you one
more thing to say to me before I go back to smashing
noobs into crapplesause. – Just one? Okay,
well let’s see here. (breaths in deeply) I love you. (door slams) (intro music) Oh groobins, come on Zeke,
let’s win this tourney. – [Zeke] Bro, I’m having so
much fun, bomb sounds in game, almost drown out real
bomb sounds in my village. Your new keyboard
is kicking ass. – Damn straight, who knew a
rat chewing through my old one would become such a good thing. Twerp’s still in
the walls though. – Son! – Not now dad, the stage
is set, the lights are hot, and this ballerina de le
meutre is about to do a little soft-shoe on the
bodies of my enemies. – I hate to interrupt you, while you’re clearly
typing a letter. But I was just barging
in to let you know that I created a
sensational new word. – [Zeke] Bro, if we
don’t win this round, it was all for nothing. Just like democratic
movement in my country. – Dad, listen to me carefully,
I don’t want to bait bears, I don’t want to kill whales,
and I sure as shingles don’t want to hear about
your made-up words. Get it through your thick skull. I don’t want to bond
with you, so get out. – Alright, well,
we’ll just so you know the word was bonner. Which I know sounds like
a cute Danish pastry, but it’s not. The definition of bonner
is, was, best son ever. (slams) – [Zeke] Bro, that burn like
government issue branding rod. – I know, just try
to stall the base. (upbeat music) – Dad? – No. – I ditched my tournament
so we can hang out now. – You don’t want to. – Well guess I’ll just
have to go hunt the rat that’s living in
my walls, alone. – Rat? Hunt? Guess? I’ll? Have to? Living? In my? Walls? Alone? – Dad, do you want
to hunt it or not? (laughs) – Meet me in the
kitchen, in three, two, one hour. (transition music) – Huh, a rat trap, that’s all? – Of course son,
we’re catching a rat. What did you expect? – Nothing I guess,
this is just simple. – I’m glad you think so, now
we just need to lure him out. – Isn’t that what
the cheese is for? – The cheese was
to lure you out. – What? – We need to
infiltrate from within. First you got to
smell like them. – Ah! Is that rat pee? – Look like them. – Ow! – And most importantly,
sound like them. (balloon squeaking) – We gotta work on your squeak. (high pitched groaning) – You buffoon. This is exactly why I want
nothing to do with you. You always do this, you
always come into my room, and you’re like son,
I’m a big dumb idiot, let me pour pee
all over your face. I’ve had it up to here with you. (screaming) (bangs and squeaks) – Son, come back,
you sound hilarious. Oh boy, I really Blark’d
that one up didn’t I? (soft music) – Son? – No. – I can’t believe this is the
fourth time I’m saying this, but I’m sorry for spraying
rat pee in your face. – Leave me alone. – Listen son, I know I
always barge in on you, its just well, a
couple years ago, when I barged in your face
used to light up, you know? I know I go overboard
trying to bond with you but, really it’s, it’s
because I miss you. – Dad, I’m like five feet
away from you at all times. – I know, it’s
just different now. – I know it may be
different, but just know, no matter what I. (crashing and yelling) Holy [bleep]! (screaming) – What were you, what
were you going to say son? – Whaythe hell is
that rat so big? – Okay, maybe I went
a little overboard buying a genetically
enhanced Burmese battle rat. I thought we could
bond over killing it, but that’s besides the point, tell me what you
were going to say. – Dad! – Son, tell me. – Okay, okay, I was
going to say that, even though things
are different now, I’ll always be your bonner. (grunts) (distressed squeak) – That’s so sweet of you son,
come give your papi a hug. – Did you just kill it? – Of course not, that
would be inhumane. I popped it’s madula oblongata,
paralyzing it for life. It can still breath
and feel rat sadness. – I do not see how
that’s any better. – Give your papi, a hug. – Okay. (suspenseful music) (rat squeaks) (screaming) (laughing) – [Blark] I love you, son! (upbeat music) (crunch) – [Man] Sweet. (ripping) (clap)

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  1. This is funny and wholesome

  2. Why does this feel like my family though?

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  9. B=Best
    Put it all together and it spells BONER.

    They literally made a boner joke that had nothing to do with boners

    Ben Bayouth is a comedic genius

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  17. How To Bond With Your Son:
    1: Buy a genetically engineered rat.
    2: Spray rat pee on your son.
    3: Put a rat hat on him.
    4: put helium in his mouth.
    5: Pop the rat’s medulla oblangda

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  23. It can still breath and feel rat sadness …..hahahahah

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    Your Papi
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  47. Lost my shit again at 5:08

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