Bless Unleashed – Become a Founder Now!

Bless Unleashed – Become a Founder Now!


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  1. Cough cough destiny 2 and that other game

  2. Anyone kind enough dm me please…

  3. Brilliant work! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  4. Goob job! 🙂 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  5. Good morning Xbox! 😊

  6. Another black desert but F2P?

  7. Il m'ecrit pas de serveur pour l'instant quand je rentre dans le jeu :3

  8. Hold me over until PSO2 NA I guess.

  9. i can't wait for halo infinte😭😭😭❤

  10. FORZA HORIZON 5 ???

  11. Prefiro Black Desert

  12. Same artstyle and gameplay of every other mmo out there. Litterally nothing different. How does anyone play this stuff still. Atleast change up the style, but nah. Might as well be black desert or Tera that I'm looking at

  13. Bless Unleashed – Get Scammed Now!

  14. 💚Xbox all the way!💚

  15. This just looks like BDO

  16. Hey we don't want this type of games

  17. Still waiting for PSO2.

  18. Ha wait till Godfall comes 🤣

  19. Llegue tarde xd comentario en spañol

  20. More beautiful than trailer of Godfall.

  21. At last my Berserker shall be set free

  22. Looks nice, I’ll check it out

  23. This game was boring and slow af why tf would they even release this game 😩

  24. Biggest Fan Boy Right Here! <—— @Xbox

  25. dont stop Xbox

  26. they scammed players from bless online to fund their development on this next scam

  27. Didn't this get shut down on pc?

  28. melhor que god of wat

  29. It’s looks totally epic and badass too, hope it will go on the game pass too. Fantastic Job Xbox

  30. Espectacular game.

  31. Add lKezzyh Xbox Live ♡

  32. cant wait to see this flop

  33. Oh so what we need another pay to win game

  34. Sadly I'm gonna have to pass this one up. Got my MMORPG fixed on XBox One already with The Elder Scrolls Online, Tera, Black Desert and POS2 Beta.

  35. Lineage 2 graphics 🧐

  36. Still waiting for the king. Final fantasy 14

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