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  1. Great video ! I played br2 on my psp when I was little and loved it . I like br2 fighting mechanics the best. Nagi also sorta kinda looks like a ripoff of Kasumi frm doa. Also it’s amazing how you manage to make br2 look like more of a ps2 game than 1. All the graphics look stunning. Again great video ?!

  2. Im with you in this dude, Bloody Roar deserves to comeback

  3. Ok that's it…this is easily the most underrated 3D fighter

  4. I completely support the initiative. But how about making a new game with similar mechanics? I love the Bloody Roar series but I highly doubt it's coming back. The same way some people are making games like Rivals of Aether to make Smah Bros with their own ideas or Yooka-Laylee for the fans of Banjo-Kazooie. We could gather a group of devs or pitch one to an already existing indie developer. With everything you guys know about the series and know where it shines and where it fail, it could be a successful project.

  5. Urgh, two minutes and a half of intro … I appreciate the effort but cut to the chase, will ya ?

  6. I'm glad this video is getting the attention it deserves, it shows that a lot of work went into it. Also that ending gave me chills, almost like I was watching the end of an MCU movie.

  7. How about talk about character development? What original characters to stay and go and new characters to put in.

  8. This is definetly a series that needs to make a come back. Bloody Roar is my favorite fighting game. Fast paced af and extremely balanced, although there is definetly a skill gap.

  9. I'm from the Budokai community.
    You got my support, we know too well what you are going thru!

  10. i love this series. and i always imagined it as a good engine to make a Guyver fighting game from – or at least have Unit-3 as a guest character. Fighting Ex Layer, Samurai Showdown. Time is ripe for a classic comeback!

  11. 5:17 That PS1 CGI.



  14. If we can get a damn Samurai Showdown game in 2019…

  15. I love Bloody Roar! really an underestimated game!

  16. Please, I'd give all I have for another one. I've been just waiting for so very long and it's the only fighting game I have more than 3000 hours in. Please Sony, Konami, to whom it may concern, grant mine, and the entire BR communities wish

  17. I'm down for this I always saw bloody roar as a kid but never owned it. It looked like a great fighter.

  18. Wait bloody roar came out with a game last year ?? How did I not know this ? omg wut and for PS4?

  19. April fools, not gonna get me! Edit scrolls through comments no april fools ? wait what?

  20. I remember having Bloody Roar 2: The New Breed on the original playstation.. I used to know how to effectively play with all characters and even knew how to do the combos shown once you beat the entire game.. can’t even say who my favorite character was bc I kicked ass with everyone

  21. God bless you brother

  22. You think the series would benefit a full blown manga or anime? I think especially with today’s social conflicts, an anime would do great in today’s community

  23. Wow, man! Awesome video!
    Your passion for the franchise is what makes this video so great.
    I love the game too, and really hope to see it's coming back. It deserves it.

  24. BR would be king, I the life hours I burned, the good old days

  25. I miss this game, i hope this game come back with graphic and engine like tekken 7 + gore like mortal kombat 11.
    Sorry for my english

  26. Best fighting game ever made! Why konami doesn't want to reboot this amazing and extremely underrated franchise

  27. just downloaded Bloody Roar 1 and 2 from PSN. Such awsome game, i have also 2 games for PS2. hope they make a remake or a sequel.

  28. What are your thoughts about a CAC system for a Bloody Roar revamp?

  29. I really miss bloody roar, power stone, and rival schools.

  30. Do you guys organize offline tournaments at any events?

  31. Whoa, was not aware bloody roar still lives on with super fans. I remembered getting bloody roar 1 on the ps1-good old days, they don't make games like this anymore. 90s is the best time for gaming.

  32. Well I gotta say, I'm actually impressed with how much work went into this video to show Konami that you (and everyone who contributed to the video) really do want to see Bloody Roar return. I can't say I was a huge fan of the series. I didn't know of Bloody Roar's existence until about 2002 when I caught wind of Bloody Roar Primal Fury. Me and My Brother were hooked on the game for the longest time and then Bloody Roar 4 came out and while it was… Decent. It didn't give us the same enjoyment and excitement that Primal Fury did and after playing through BR4, we kinda fell out of the series. I eventually did go out and buy Bloody Roar 3 (and enjoyed it) as well as playing Bloody Roar 1 & 2 but then haven't touched a Bloody Roar game since.

    I will say that I definitely would play a new Bloody Roar game and I think it's just awful that the series has been dead for so long. I get that the game wasn't as technically advanced as something like Tekken or Soul Calibur as far as 3D fighters went but it was still good in it's own right. I still remember how excited my brother and I were when we thought that Bloody Roar 5 was gonna be a thing only to find that it was all a hoax LOL But the drive is still there. I'm not sure if Konami will care about this since they've been on a path of self-destruction not continuing any of their beloved franchises outside of Metal Gear and budget Yugioh games but maybe this video will show that there are still lots of Bloody Roar fans out there who would pay to see a new game and if they (Konami) just aren't up for continuing it, they can sell of the rights to a company who would love to try to bring the series back.

    All I can say is god speed and good work. 🙂

  33. Yes we want Bloody roar back

  34. I think Bloody Roar needs a reboot in the vain of what Mortal Kombat, reboot the story, have a movie style single player xith fights and events, don't forget the old school arcade mode, a well tightened player vs player mode, have most characters in, includin one offs like Fox, have just a few new, basic guys, dunno, an egyptian jackal that's easy to learn and play, a gecko man who'd good with grapple and boom, the game will already have a quit large roaster including a few clonessimilar characters.

    I also think the series should open up again, instead of being just on PlayStation, have it everywhere, XBox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

    For me, all characters that aren't similar to other characters should be playable from the get go, have a base skin with a few colors. Win arcade with a character once to get a new skin for him, have stages and new skins unlock with playing story, have the characters that are similar to others challenge you with play time so you unlock them but don't have their AI too hard to beat.

    PS: Could an indie dev buy the rights from Konami?

  35. Best shot at anyone remotely looking into this game as a possibility (if any) is PlayStation's Senior Director Gio Corsi over on twitter. Back when the PS4 was starting off he ran a hashtag in which people would @ him under a specific hashtag requesting different games they would like to see on the PlayStation. He's hella approachable so I say speak to him about it. Here's a link to his twitter.

  36. How can ANYONE dislike this video? I love this

  37. Pls i need this 🙁

  38. Good to see this series still has a passionate following. Given how the FGC space has been heating up in recent months, maybe Konami will want to test the waters with a port soon

  39. We have to get this rebooted!!!

  40. Command List…

  41. Only hopes for a new proper entry in the Bloody Roar franchise is if we're lucky enough and a publisher buys the rights from that company. As for a game I would want it in one of two ways either a Soul Calibur 6 style reboot that retells the events of Bloody Roar through Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, or a new game that to an extent retcons 4 out of the canon.

  42. One thing that just thought about after all these years of wanting another bloddy roar is that: This series could easily make a return in this day and age.

    It could be a cool 3D fighter in a age where 3D fighters and FG's in general are a lot more popular today.
    It has its own gimmick, , by which who doesn't like cool fighting animals?
    The last release was so long ago, no one would complain about a reboot, and they have past Bloody roar games and other fighting games to take inspiration from.

    As long as it has a good budget behind it and a good dev team, it couldn't lose.

  43. I'd love for this series, shadow man, and the legacy of kain series to make a worthy come back.

  44. My friend had one of these games on the PS1. I sucked at it, but it was cool. Why has this game not been brought to the PS3 or PS4?

  45. I want a new bloodie roar game in ps4..

  46. Bloody Roar is my favourite game!!!

  47. I need back bloody roar man

  48. Yes .. i agree bring back BLOODY ROAR ..

  49. Bro bloody roar 3 was my favorite game especially playing with my brothers it was fucking awesome especially kicking them out of the ring so fun loved this game

  50. Best fighting games ever made. Period

  51. i want this game to come back, i feel the community should take greater action to make the game come back.

  52. BR is gonna come back. Watch both of these.

    3. Join the Bloody Roar Discord:

  53. With today's visual graphic capabilities…. why has this not been remastered or brought back! Tired of MK games already. Tekken is great though


  55. Why does everyone shit on BR4 so much? Aside from how bad the voice overs were it felt fine to me

  56. Is this real !!!
    Am I dreaming ?

  57. Yo hearing SCXCR in this video blew my fucking mind. He's such a small youtuber but I've been searching him for 10+ years. It's so funny, I've been thinking about making Bloody Roar videos for a couple of years now and it seems that the series is really getting some heavily vocalized popularity this year. I'm excited for the future.

  58. Bloody Roar 2 was a game I grew up with. I would love for it to either be remastered or the series be rebooted. Such a good god damn fighting game

  59. How do I get my hands on a copy

  60. Bakuryu the mole is my boy! This series needs an urgent ps4 reboot!!! One of the most underrated fighters. With these ps1 remakes like Crash and Spyro trilogy, and now MediEvil on the horizon, BR2 should be next!

  61. man i have the full soundtrack on my ipod, such good music

  62. I played bloody roar as a kid and i freaking loved it. For years i've only remembered this game by heart and not by name, you cant beleive how happy i am to finally re-discover the name of this amazing game. Compared to how this game is to other fighting games today, bloody roar is hella fresh and would freaking love to play it again. I do hope bloody roar see's the light of day.

  63. Woolie and Maximilian need to get on the hype brigade for Bloody Roar.
    The franchise needs to be ripped from Konami's shambling corpse.

  64. Yes Yes Yes.

    Make this an action game

  65. Lol I check for a update on this title every 6 months

  66. Wow this looks worse than I remember on the pa2 lol

  67. I pray this comes true

  68. Had soo much potential to bad it was underrated at the time. The game itself brought me some good memories,but I'm still left wondering about the story

  69. How do u get this game on ps4

  70. don’t play with my heart man…. this is my childhood right here

  71. if we could just get rid of all the dumbass furries this game might not have such a negative vibe. Its an amazing series and has really great characters

  72. If not a Bloody Roar 5 then at least a reboot

  73. gotta recover my hope in the humanity if this game get a release again

  74. I just noticed on your project it seems like the series is not truly gone yet I've been wanting a new bloody Roar title for a long time now I haven't played it in years and I still know my favorite characters moveset still to this day I was 12 years old when I discovered it the second game was the first one I played then I got addicted to it and I started to play the others bloody Roar 4 was the last one I've played and it was the only fighting game that I was truly good at to the point where I could enter tournaments but of course YouTube and all that social media wasn't as big back then as it now I had to sub to you and I'll give you support making making this happen hopefully we will see a bloody war on the PS5 next year it supposedly when it's supposed to come out I don't know if it would still remain exclusive if they decide to revive the series again but I do I think it will be cool that everyone gets to experience this awesome fighting game was unique and different back then keep support in the franchisee you'll never know they might revive it later

  75. back than bloody roar is more popular in my country than any other ight game. love it

  76. Man, my brother and I put a too of time in Bloody Roar 2 on the PS2, then pass part 3 on the GameCube. I absolutely loved this game series, obviously. Been disappointed that nothing else really came from it. My main was the Mole. Keep up the good work!

  77. I want this game back I never got to play I wanted to

  78. Make a bloody roar game yourself

  79. I did not know there was a whole community out here ! I made an ig page dedicated to Bloody Roar (@scrollers_digest) we gotta bring this back! And get an animated series too!

  80. Soy el like #770 ; )

  81. Muy buena tu propuesta, desde hace mucho que este juego merece una quinta parte, o por lo menos un remake.

  82. Omg they need to bring this back

  83. if megaman 11 back…bloody roar too 😉

  84. I am a filipino i will try to stream br2 next week

  85. I was like, "Why tf did his voice change? " lmao

  86. My favorite fighting game

  87. Still BLOODY ROAR 2 was played by most gamers now.
    i am waiting for new version.

  88. Hopefully it will be good 🙂 Loved my Bloody roar

  89. Bring back the roar i own copys of bloody roar. Shinlong and shena was my two favorites

  90. Bloody roar….rented it from blockbuster back in the day and fell in love…I pray they remake this

  91. Bloody Roar has been my favorite if not; best fighting/button mashing game. I would love an epic reboot or a continued series.

    As a kid in 1997-1999 I knew nothing about bloody roar, I think I was 5 or about to turn 6 and all I remembered was a commercial of a guy just swapping random iconic video game heads and Alice Nanamora (last name Is had to get right was the one that caught my attention for some reason, why some might ask? Because when my dad first picked up the game, and never heard of it but thought why not, I remember him scrolling through the 8 fighters and I saw Alice. I played the game with my father as the months went by to find out bloody roar 2 came out, being played with by my father he called it Bloody Guts (lol love you father) my first time playing bloody roar 2 I had a big liking to Gado and still to this day, especially to his own theme song “While you still can” thank you Jun kajiwara San. The combat style was so awesome I could almost never put down the controller because I wanted to face people who have played this and hopefully be able to show what I got or learn some new tricks, like ShenLong’s red level 6 combo links finishing with down 3 times and circle. When bloody roar 3 came out I honestly didn’t even know it had came out, no commercials or PlayStation underground magazine covers came out for any ads on it or primal fury or bloody roar 4.

    I’m age 26 now going to be 27 and I now own the first 3 bloody roar games on there home consoles they still work, and I still have primal fury. Still no bloody roar 4. It’s not much of a story to tell but if anything I am a die hard fan to this franchise and I still believe in Bloody Roar. I’m grateful to share my experience with you owner of this channel

  92. So many games have been given a second chance after they have bombed hard, only to bomb as bad or worse than their predecessors. Here you have a genuinely solid game with great characters, good game-play and a strong and clearly devoted fan base. Yet this game has been shelved by companies since 2003 after br4 was released on ps2. With graphics now a days and more advanced gaming systems and some flushing out of some zoanthrope forms making them not so outlandish, this franchise could make a killer comeback.

  93. spread the word, go hard and aggressive on the spreading of the petition ,all of you guys sign it and share it with your friends and relatives who like the game , bringing this game back is a must at least a remastered piece for ps3 or ps4 , we will be able to play online , I didn't find anyone yet who can beat me not even compete with me , looking forward to find him soon 🙂

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