Bodied – Official Trailer – Produced by Eminem.

Bodied – Official Trailer – Produced by Eminem.

Alright what’s up? This is the Killerfornia Battle League and I be’s your host Donnie Narco. AKA The Walking Drug Lab. AKA Mr. Splash put my drink on your bitch’s ass and won’t even tip the glass. You feel me? Battle rap is a street fight… you got someone right in your face trying to tear you apart. I don’t know if I should slap you like a bitch
or punch your face like a man. Cuz I keep switching from open palm to a fist… like a white boy… shaking your hand. Actual Gs, you ain’t kill none.
So shut the f*** up and chill son. Just cuz you look like Kim Jong-un… doesn’t mean your ill son. – You have some creative Asian jokes.
– Y-you think? At least you knew I was Korean. Far as I’m concerned, that’s culturally sensitive
by battle rap standards. Adam, you out there killin’ it huh? That audience reaction, it’s like… heroin. So… What do you do? I mean besides appropriate black culture for your livelihood. Oh. She bodied you- Not tonight Satan. Whenever I battle I’m gonna get the bitch bars
and you gonna get the Asian bars… cuz that’s what the audience wants to hear. Intolerance will not be tolerated! Delete your account. Ho ho ho what you gonna do? You ready for this? You’re crunchy granola… I can tell by your pungent aroma. We got bitches, blunts, pregnant prostitutes. This bitch got a wider gap than the income
between white and black. Are you trying to satirize? If I did then would you be… satisfied? Stop rhyming you little- When I’m done with this soft white rapper… he’ll be online after… typing… All lives matter. Haha! White people! That’s why I watch rap battles.
You bodied his entire family. Look: Front, back, front , salute. Got it? Got it. Aight, that was great.

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  1. A alguien más le suena a red Bull ?

  2. This movie disappointed me. Cuz it's about snowflakes.

  3. Nice video bro iam subscriber on your Channel please check and my Channel guys

  4. This is only half as good as 8 mile, they should’ve called it 4 mile

  5. Copied from Gullyboy???

  6. S T O P R H Y M I N G

    I died

  7. Wowowow eminemmnm ❤️❤️❤️❤️desde mexicoooo me muero si miras esto

  8. Don't watch this *rap. Don't poison your mind with this bs. There's nothing to learn except dumb arse "culture".

  9. I wanna watch this film

  10. Bodied, brought to you by Tumblr.

  11. Do you know who fuck am na na …. Nice track

  12. i don’t remember this episode of austin and ally

  13. Let Eminem kill mumble Rap. Because Rap started from poetry and without poetry it will only seats to be. You know what i mean. So in my eye i can recognize Eminem is doing nothing but saving the love of the art. We all still have in are heart……..POETRY and my words of what Eminem trying to tell you in the movie?

  14. Did they change the main kid? In this

  15. Aniston and ally dez

  16. DUMMY!! 주모!!

  17. My comment has nothing to do with this awesome Trailer but please make a track together with Germanys Rap Legend Kool Savas. This would be incredible and would push the whole rap community here…

    The track: Yin Yang Twins feat Kool Savas (rewind) shows his abnormal skills. 2 Legends on one track = godlike

  18. Another crap production trying to hook up kids into thinking anyone can make it big perusing rap, featuring a shit ton of cliches, political correctness and further promotion of an agenda.

  19. This is like 8 mile

  20. What is the meaning of bodied?

  21. Just if slavery never existed they wouldn’t hate him so much damn

  22. Hey so… um… this was produced by eminem but he isnt even in the movie???

  23. Чувствую что фильм будет ????

  24. Огонь,жду с нетерпением!!!

  25. True rap mummbel wrappers

  26. Stupid concept .who cares about rap battles in gritty places? Eminem’s age is showing. MGK still sucks tho

  27. Looks like a hipster wannabe hip hop movie…. but who knows i might be wrong, gon have to check it out

  28. Such a wonderful film ?

  29. Appropriate black culture…. ? oh dear…. and you're speaking English not african soooo…. cant we all just be human beings and just share our life values. You further that racial gap everytime you mention a difference between pigment in skin try not being hateful towards any race… racism works all ways.

  30. Что за трек со 2ой минуты?

  31. This looks sooo shit ???

  32. 8 mile 2 is looking good

  33. So when’s part two.

  34. This movie was fucking awesome. 9/10 becuase some parts were cringy and em didn't make a cameo.

  35. So…this movie basically sucked. I'm pretty sure that it's going to ruin KOTD and any legitimacy that they've built. They most likely paid Eminem some large $ to piggyback on his name. For some reason I can't see him getting behind this for any other reason but to keep a fan base in the industry. From a fan of KOTD, it was a shame to see this "representation" of battle rap.

  36. I have to see this!!!!!

  37. Wasn’t that guy in Z Nation?

  38. I didn't know Dez could be like this.

  39. 8 mile just a LIL worse

  40. All I Can Think Is That’s Dez From “Austin And Ally”

  41. Eminem, your such a fucking bitch!! Just give it up and retire your tired ass! Your a sell out, a poser, and a bitch, now go away!!

  42. So it's like ed Sheerans version of 8 mile

  43. Cringiest shit ever. Liberal bullshit is everywhere.

  44. This is wack!
    KOTD still king.
    Or FlipTop.

    Greets from the Philippines ??

  45. Looks like this was based off King of The Dot.


  47. Still not as legendary as 8 mile

  48. Watched bodied and this movie needs a sequal

  49. ❤❤….yeaaa itss fuckingg nice??

  50. 8 mile deep version

  51. M'y dream is 1k subsc Pleasssse help me

  52. Yooo the white dude look like thos one youtuber I forgot his name

  53. I’m A White 9 yr Old Boy

  54. Eminem: Hold my beer
    MGK:His beer is weird

  55. Marshal Bruce Mathers lll (Headlights) Kimberly Anne Scott Hailie Jade ('97 Bonnie and Clyde) Amanda Marie Scott,Whitney Scott(Mocking bird)Nathan Kane,Sarah,Michael Marshal Mathers Jr Todd Nelson Ronnie Polkingharn Betty Kresin Ice-T Reckless Proof (your never over)

  56. So where tf is the soundtrack ??

  57. directed and produced by MGK

  58. Неужели Эминем по русский понимает? Ведь описание полностью на русском ??

  59. This looks really good and hilarious!! ??

  60. Missing Eminem's appearance…

  61. Best part ???????1:38

  62. oh my god this is sooooo good

  63. The story is like familiar begins with the number eight.

  64. My nigga Toby Maguire on all bullshit ?

  65. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooóow???

  66. Eminem, I watched the movie your a dope artist and the GOAT of rap but this movies trash I can probably spit better bars than this cringe, unrealistic character who's called all the names that mean discrimination but dosent discriminate. In real life people can mess with peoples cultures, religions ect. They won't give a shit cause that's who they are. At the end of the movie we were left thinking what a twat about your character who I can't remember the name of how can he be a character when he has no character

  67. That's cool and all, but can we have a movie about a black rock/metal band making it in a predominantly white genre too? Just sayin, I'm tired of the great white hope Hip-hop stories ?

  68. When did Eminem become so…

  69. I watched it, 9/10 is what i rate it.

  70. اسم الفيلم ؟

  71. this will never be as good as 8mile was. and the battles wont ever come close to the final battle between b rabbit and papa doc.

  72. Is there a second season of “bodied” ?

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    I bet she be sore after yah
    But that's ok
    You on that wide load
    With a heavy flow afterwards
    Leave a bitch with a gap
    She can't close her legs
    Or sit for long hours
    Getting up and walking
    Seems like a problem
    Just incase her vagina
    Falls out of her
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  75. Tank top screaming lotto I don’t fit you

  76. Calum Worthy from the Hulu series 'The Act'. ?

  77. Fuckin waiting for your new songs man! Are you alive ? I really addicted to you Eminem ❤ .. so this gonna be as 8 mile ha! Break up the YouTube ?

  78. Omg I love this movie ?


  80. Charlemagne in this? Wasn't he shit talking on eminem bahahaha

  81. Aver si le ponen subtítulos al español para poder verla locos , chido su coto.

  82. This movie was actually dope…

  83. Dirt Nasty!!!!! How come Simon Rex ain’t in the credits???
    Come on slim!

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