Bond Arms Bullpup 9 at the AZ Game & Fish Outdoor Expo

[SFX] I’m back here at the Arizona Game and
Fish outdoor Expo at the bond arms booth with a new bullpup 9 this is actually
they brought it the bullpup design into a pistol we’re gonna go try it this is
nine-millimeter look at the size of this thing
double action only I’m going to show you here is clear you can see that hammer
going back and forth we’re gonna go ahead and shoot it at these targets here
steel targets and see how it shoots check it out oops I’m out one thing you
gotta check out check out the way this magazine is loaded this magazine
actually is you know you might think it is loaded incorrectly you’re
backwards but this is the way it loads let’s just some more let’s shoot it a
little more let’s shoot it a little more that’s it check it out guys
Bond arms bullpup nine great little pistol great great for EDC and throw in
your pocket this is great we’ll keep trying it thank you for
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appreciated and help us grow our selections and frequency of videos [music] you

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