BOX FORT CITY! 24 Hour Challenge Day 1 – Building Our Billionaire Houses

BOX FORT CITY! 24 Hour Challenge Day 1 – Building Our Billionaire Houses

check it out our Boxford house is
complete prescott makisi so gotta open it up security is one of my number-one
priorities and there we go welcome to the port Logan we have a world’s first
king box fort shower Jake and we are back wait wait I’m just I’m just kidding
it’s not my craft week anymore it’s a brand new week of brand new adventures
loading where are you going bro don’t know don’t do that that’s my guys we are
back with a a brand new weekend this week’s theme is going to be one that you
have been requesting for a very long time we are gonna be doing box fort City
that’s right we are gonna be converting this entire backyard into our very own
box for a city we’re gonna have our own houses a hospital a police station our K
in a grocery store everything that you have in the city you forgot our
restaurant and a movie they also have streetlights and roads and cars we’re
gonna have all of it but of course guys like any series on the channel if you
want us to continue if you want us to survive in a real life box for a city
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that little word we call school ok guys currently we have a little issue with
our last Minecraft for it it is completely destroyed you can kind
of go inside the front door hopefully there’s no raccoons in this ok so this
is kind of like a rundown house in the neighborhood I’m not sure exactly what
we’re gonna do with this place yet we’re thinking maybe we’ll make it the general
store or something of the sort the starting point of the city yeah exactly
it’s like the mayor’s house you know something like that something we build
up the way the box for city is gonna work not only are me and Logan gonna
have our own houses but we’re also gonna have to have our own jobs to get money
to buy things for our houses I’m gonna be a brick builder Logan’s gonna okay
don’t we want to add on to our houses you know by air-conditioning by a TV by
a gaming system these are all things that we’re gonna have to earn in box for
city by doing jobs so the more that we put into them the better we build them
and the more stuff we buy from the general store the more fun we’re gonna
have I mean Logan might for example forget to buy a bet and I buy a bed and
I have a place to sleep where he’s sleeping on the ground below you gotta
get off the unit poor max we got some building to do Brown we have a massive
shipment coming from Amazon with a ton of really cool stuff that we can add to
our fort as well as stuff that we can add to the general store it’s not here
yet but I thought in the meantime we could start by actually working on the
city I mean we need to make a road we need to make both me and Logan’s houses
to start and a general store to buy our stuff so we got a lot of work to do the
Sun is currently it’s up there I promise you it’s up there but it will be coming
down soon so we might have to make sure our houses are ready for tonight because
we’re sleeping here tonight guys I’ll let you sleep in the water and get
attacked by the raccoons well I got my nice mansion which I’m gonna be building
over here so I think it’s time to grab some cardboard grab some tape and start
building our very own box for city houses all right guys so for my house
I’m gonna be starting it a little bit small I’m gonna have a four by four with
my cardboard here as always if people want we can expand on the way that this
is gonna work is that cardboard and tape is completely free it’s the stuff that
we put in our houses that we’re gonna have to buy with money from our job one
thing I definitely I’m gonna want to add on when I can afford it is buying a car
and making a garage drive it around here you know maybe go over there to the
beach swim in the ocean and of course go over and visit Logan’s house it’s gonna
be better than your house Logan it’d be way better than your ass gonna see this is where I am going to set up my
home for the next week or however long we stay here I don’t know it’s up to you
guys we are definitely gonna stay tonight so I am going to build my
awesome home great over here you’ll come on this nice little welcome path where
my box for at home will be so let’s start building so we just got one of the
first shipments in it with a ton of the stuff that we’re gonna be using for box
for the city week and I’m not going to show up everything right now because
that would be like ridiculously hard well let’s just say we got everything
from door locks there are box ports over to robot
companions that we can buy for our house that will help us clean up so there’s a
lot of stuff in here you know most of which we’re gonna have to buy from the
general store but I’m really excited so I gotta get back outside and keep
building one of the things I know 100% that I’m gonna be making for this box
fort is a working shower actually body working pump that’s gonna pump the water
so one of these areas I’m gonna need to waterproof so that we can actually have
the water you know flow down and then out the shower as nice as this area is
all these rocks are really sharp and they’re coming through the cardboard
they wouldn’t make a very comfortable bad so in that case we are going to move
our box for it next to the general store Soquel my notes are looking pretty sweet
you have a nice view of the ocean and for right next to the general store so
if we need anything we just come out say hey what’s up and we grab whatever we
need okay guys so check this out we’ve got the main part of the port built as
you can see I’ve got my interior here with the four squares we got the wall
set up I’ve even got a little welcome mat down here for my front door all I
need to do now before I can actually start working on the interior is setting
up the roof but because this is box for a city you know I didn’t really want to
just do a normal flat roof I thought it’d be really cool to have a little bit
of curb appeal so I think what I’m gonna try and do is maybe do like a slanted
roof and then even if it rains the water should just kind of pour off the side so
I don’t feel worried about my house caving in during the night because if we
do stay here for a couple of days I definitely don’t want a caving in that’s
a big issue we add with our minecraft boards now let’s might ask to start working on
getting the general store up and running and as you guys can see this place is
completely destroyed I mean this is what happens when you leave a box board and a
few thunderstorms and in the Sun for like five or six days as of right now I
mean there’s a lot of room in here and a lot of gross cardboard so I think I need
to clear this out we can obviously expand the general store but I think for
now I’m gonna keep it fairly simple and small so we at least start getting our
first building items so check it out my fort is almost completely finished we’ve
got the exterior here looking real nice and awesome I wasn’t able to actually do
the roof part because it was a little bit too hard and would waste a lot of
cardboard but I think it came out looking really cool at the front here
we’ve got our front door which looks pretty sweet and we even have a little
welcome mat down here so when you walk in you can wipe your feet off so you
don’t track anything on inside now before this thing could be officially
completed we can start this challenge we did both get a starter pack full of
different things that you can equip our house but mostly all the cool items like
air conditioning stoves gaming consoles know all of that stuff and snacks we
have to buy with money that we earn in the box for the city but this is a
really good starter pack to get us started and I think I’m about time to
deck on my fork but before I do that whatever you guys inside and show you
what it looks like so right now it’s uh it’s a little small but you know there’s
always room for expansion this is the main area here so we’ve got like a
little table over there I think if I can afford it eventually I’d love to get
like a flat-screen TV here maybe set up a Nintendo switch or an Xbox so I can
play for tonight behind me I think is where I’m gonna put the kitchen right
now we’re probably just gonna have to live off of snacks but if I can
eventually get food I can actually cook it inside here in the kitchen over here
there’s this wall but actually if you grab here with a little handle is and
slide it to the side this is my bedroom so it’s a nice little compartment from a
bedroom put my mattress in here I’ve got a nice
window and when you’ve done you can slide it over here just like that this
is gonna be one of the coolest features unlike in our Minecraft series where we
didn’t have showers and we regalis wedding we have to survive out here for
many days this time I’m gonna have a shower so I’m actually gonna be using
one of the items in my starter kit to build myself a working shower and one of
the most usable showers we’ve ever had in a box for it so I’m really excited
about that we got LED panels that I guess we can
put on the wall there actually oh that’s so cool they’re like real light switches
it’s an LED strips so definitely good for lighting this is what I was talking
about this is gonna be my shower so now I read the instructions don’t really
know how to set this thing up but it will be a battery-powered shower that’ll
actually pump real water into my showers so pretty pumped about that brought door
lock with a key so we can lock our box fort at night very important so no
intruders blow or raccoons get in oh we got some snacks in here to start us off
you got moon cheese guys check it out our Boxford house is
complete and it is looking so awesome I love this door and I’m loving the look
of this mansion my home for the next however long before we got a job when we
make some money we do have a starter kit to deck out our fort it is looking
amazing but guys it is like a hundred degrees in there which is why it is so
key I built my house right outside of the pool so in times like these when
it’s super hot we can just go outside and jump in the pool bed all set up in
my bedroom completely air-filled got a beautiful view of the pool slash the
ocean and of course we can shut the door like this or a little bit of privacy and
then lie back down in my nice comfy bed it’s actually really good but uh outside
comes a nice little pillow don’t even think I’ll leave blankets because of how
hot it’s been lately but we can obviously always bring in blankets one
of the first things I definitely want to buy from the general store is an air
conditioner because it is boiling hot in here and I would love to get an air
conditioner to cool this place down by the look of a deal almost honest for it
and I’m nowhere near done my fourth and start decking it out so right now our
fort is completely bare there is pretty much nothing in here but we just start a
kit I’m sure there are a lot of items like I don’t know this is let’s see Oh was not expecting come here check it
out guys whoo so you know you can wake up in the morning check yourself out
make sure you’re looking fresh probably hang that somewhere on the wall and okay
guys check it out we have a ton of stuff we have a pillow we have a doorknob okay
so I guess I’ll put that on my door we have some lightbulbs a cooling towel I
guess when it gets really hot out nice Oh a solar shower okay tomorrow and we
got some LED lights to put around our fort coming together pretty nicely all
we need to get is a bed okay guys so check this out I’ve just done a ton of
work on the fort upgrading it with some of the items that we got in our starter
kit and I have to say this might be one of the craziest and best sports we’ve
ever built and I haven’t even expanded it yet I mean I haven’t bought anything
from the general store and it’s already looking amazing behind the scenes this
is actually where the shower is gonna go for the first time ever a working shower
with an actual working electric pump so the showerhead is up here it’s connected
all the way down here to this bucket of water which has been sitting out in the
Sun so it’s nice and warm because you know I like my showers warm at the end
of the night I mean just cause we’re in a box four dozen you have a nice warm
shower and then there’s an electric switch which I mounted on the inside of
the box for so you press this it activates the pump inside the water here
and then we’ve got a working shower now come to the front here because you’ll
notice I added our very first working box sport loft so this is actually
locked right now I can’t turn it in on the inside I’ll show you how it works so
you need to keep simply turn it to unlock now it actually turns and we can
open and the way it works on the back side here is when the door handles
locked this actually stays down so you can’t pull the door off now the four
it’s a little messy right now but I did install the lights here I haven’t put my
LED lights in yet but we got some lights here and another light over
here so still need to add the LEDs and I do know that they sell more lights of
the general store so I definitely want to grab some more lights but like I said
I think the first thing’s gonna be that air conditioner because it’s really hot
in here put me over here to the shower let’s slide this door back over and
release the shower door if you come in you can see the showerhead is up there
and I actually saw a little shower light here so let’s turn that on just by
pressing that there you go you got a nice little light in the shower lights
up the whole place now I don’t really feel like taking a shower right now so
I’m not actually gonna sit under it but to show you guys how it works so you
press this button and there we go we have a world’s first work the King Bob
Sport shower now I may be here so the water can’t get out of here and actually
installed a little drain here so can all just kind of fall out there but yeah
we’ve got a working shower in a box for it at the press of a button how sweet is
that and of course when we’re done don’t
forget to close the front door lock up so no one can get in the Sun is going
down and our fort is looking pretty awesome we have some lights up here we
have LED strips all around the side of fort and over here we have our
electronic charging station we have our toiletries so we have a mirror and a
face pot I still need to get my toothbrush and some other stuff and then
this side of the fort is pretty much storage probably gonna have an outdoor
shower and right here we have a tarp I think tomorrow I’m gonna make a nice
tarp shade area so I can cool off whenever it’s too hot and now it’s time
to plug in our power source we have power guys that is looking off we
officially have our lights on and we got these lights which are pretty sweet the
whole point of this week is to get a job make some money and buy stuff to expand
our for it’s also guys if you have any ideas for what we should build in our
box fort city let us know down below but so far I am really loving my fort just
check out my comfy pillow it’s time to set up our shower I think
just put it in the wine fill it up you have ourselves a shower okay it’s time
to hang it on a tree so we sit down our rock and we wake up with a nice morning
shower it’s time to go over and check out Logans fort and see what’s going on
oh it looks like he’s got his door handle on here I guess I’ll just okay looking pretty cool little smaller than
my fort but you know you ready much we have the essentials over here Jake we
have the phone charger okay that is comfortable and when I want to go to bed
Jake just gotta close the window like this and we have darkness I mean like I
said guys we didn’t get all of the cool stuff in our starter pack most of the
cool things we do need to buy so interested to see what Logan buys I do
like your light bulbs up here no this is a nice start I’m happy with the start of
my fort and as you guys know the point of this is to make it more and more
luxurious Jake what did you just do to my life buttons on the light oh that’s
cool that’s cool I like that that was like a fiery board I thought because
this is a little bit small why don’t come back to my fort check it out we can
have dinner in my fort before we go to bed tonight plus I want to show you
something cool stuff I have the la popa Jake mansion as I call it first got my
keys here so gotta open it up security is one of my number one priorities and
there we go welcome to the Fort Logan here we got
our LED lights or can be also got lights on the wall here sit behind if you want
to turn those off right in the middle because you know me I don’t like
raccoons or anything scary coming in the middle of the night so that’s why we got
the bright lights over here Logan is where I’ve got my sleeping quarters but
one of the coolest things is a special little board here Logan I haven’t told
you about this but if you go in here Logan something magical Atlas what are
these holes Jake don’t worry about those too now all you got to do Logan is press
that button on the wall there there’s some kind of pain oh it’s not a prank
Logan this seems like a very weird room you know it’s it’s perfectly normal room
just just press the button on the wall you’re gonna you’re gonna see no no have you got the drainage system
working oh gee that’s a shower cardboard in water is a it’s not a good idea which
is that’s why I got the drainage this way I have an outdoor shower Jake okay
all right well for dinner I thought we could because this is a house a
legitimate house I thought we would order ourselves some pizza just like you
would with a normal house and before the pizza gets here Logan I got to serve my
guests some look at some loom cheese I don’t think I really want this does not
look good okay I’m just trying to be nice to my guests here this is literally
from the moon I like that it’s like if you took cheese and made it crunchy we
got our very first meal inside our box fort City today you know I gotta say I
do like box fort city better than minecraft so far Jake this yeah all this
pizza beats minecraft food any day well we finished up our food we are
completely done our pizza it was it was actually really nice we had it delivered
to our house and didn’t have to eat Minecraft food tonight as you guys can
see the Sun has gone down it’s currently so I think for today we’re gonna
probably head to bed we got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow we have to visit
the general store we have to get our jobs we have to also upgrade the box for
its Cydia start adding on like I want to do roads and stuff so there’s a ton of
things to do so I think it’s time for me to open up my bedroom here and head on
in and get to bed and Logan I think it’s time for you to go back to your house
yeah Jake I’ll see you in the morning you lock my door so no raccoons get in
tonight have you got a little bed lilo check it out so I can have it really
bright or these are dimmable so I can dim it okay Jake I will see you in the
morning guys it’s head over to my fort and let’s
make the lights white all right there we go like Jake said we have a lot of stuff
to do tomorrow okay got my phone charged turn off the lights and I’ll see you
guys in the morning

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