Bravely Default 2 – Everything We Know! Timeline, Art Style, Graphics Breakdown + MORE!

Bravely Default 2 – Everything We Know! Timeline, Art Style, Graphics Breakdown + MORE!

What’s up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video and we’re gonna be talking about yes
bravely default to once again there’s been quite a bit of confusion over this
game especially with bravely second and layer the game that came out a number of
years ago hominin Tendo 3d s is bravely default to a direct sequel is that a
sequel to bravely second and layer does bravely second and layer get rekt cond
what’s going on here so I decided to go over the fact sheet again provided from
Square Enix and Nintendo in addition to adding in some extra information for you
guys as a big fan of the bravely default series I have played and B both games
with bravely default original and bravely default or Mike bravely second
and layers so let’s go ahead and get into the fact sheet again then we’ll
talk about the differences between bravely default versus bravely second
and layer versus bravely default to talk about the art style the gameplay and
kind of what you can expect from this one so let’s go ahead and get into the
fact sheets so this is provided directly from Square Enix and it’s going to
allude to some of the stuff that we’re going to talk about in the next moment
with bravely default versus the N layer or versus bravely second man versus
bravely default to so a new world a new story and all new heroes of light await
in an original RPG experience arriving on the Nintendo switch system in 2020
and what they said there was very important an original RPG experience
they’re not alluding to it being kind of connected to other things per se
directly they’re saying original RPG expands new world new story so they’re
already kind of setting you up to kind of tell you hey forget about what you
knew about bravely default when it comes to the other games this is its own thing
so let’s go and get into the rest of it here and it says this successor to the
original bravely default game comes from the team that brought you the bravely
series and octopod traveler and features music from Revo sound horizon /length
horizon acclaimed composer of the bravely default soundtrack brand new
entry in the square Enix is bravely series travel the world in search of the
four crystals with the latest incarnation of the brave band known as
the heroes of light they creation from Team Asano creators of
bravely series and octopod traveler new world filled with new characters but
with the atmosphere and excitement that bravely series is known for so all that
information was very very useful in to breaking down what this is so let’s talk
about that right new world news story so this is very similar to what you would
see probably in the Final Fantasy series which makes sense because Final Fantasy
Square Enix obviously bravely defaults Square Enix as well and basically what
they’re trying to say here is that bravely default and bravely second those
took place pretty much within the same world those were the same thing because
in bravely second and layer it is pretty much a direct kind of sequel to the
original because it takes place two and a half years after the events of bravely
default and Anya’s has been elected to the Pope of the crystal orthodoxy so it
is a pretty much direct follow-up you can see it as like a Final Fantasy 10 to
10 to or a I would say like Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7 right there taking
place in the same world you have the same characters and different events
that happened within that now I’m bravely default – is much like let’s say
Final Fantasy 8 right it doesn’t take place within the same kind of areas
Final Fantasy 7 it is something that’s different but it’s still known for that
gameplay all this different stuff that you know Final Fantasy 4 Final Fantasy 8
has that but it’s not connected in the same way that crisis core is connected
Final Fantasy 7 so kind of think of it like that it’s pretty much its own thing
but it is a follow-up so bravely default – you don’t necessarily have to play
bravely second and layer and bravely default the original in order to play
bravely default – just like you don’t have to play Final Fantasy 3 or 4 to
play 5 or 6 to play 7 very similar to this so I think it’s important for fans
out there because there’s a lot of people already saying things about
bravely default based on what they see and not necessarily knowing exactly what
happened with bravely default the original bravely second and layer so I
don’t just mention I come out and clarify that for you guys so let’s talk
little bit about the art style in the game because that’s also raised some
eyebrows and I’ve seen some weird comparisons from people that I
appreciate but I’ve seen some weird comparisons bravely default has a pop-up
book art style it’s very unique they kind of showed you a little bit of that
when the debut trailer was revealed the whole claymation type of thing and how
they showed off the towns in a very unique kind of hand-drawn art style
that’s what you can expect in this game it has a beautiful art style even I’m
gonna intend oh three tiers you go back and you boot up your 3ds you know or
your 2d s XL and play it on there it actually still looks good in terms of
the cities and towns now of course the character models it’s the three yes so
necessarily not the best but it fit the art style the kind of you know more I
would say like artistic with it I mean it’s hard to explain exactly how the art
style was in combination with the pop-up books up but it works so when people are
seeing the character models for bravely default to and saying oh I’m not so sure
about this it works for the art style it works for what they’re trying to do with
the art shop it’s actually really beautiful and one of the best things
about the bravely default series I absolutely love that about the game
outside of other stuff that we’re gonna talk about when it comes to gameplay so
the art style to me already from what I’ve seen because I’ve watched the
trailer so many times at this point and it’s going to be a huge step up from the
original bravely default and bravely second and layer it is gonna be a nice
step up a couple things that I’ve noticed in the debut trailer was the
water effects water was not done well I’m prayin default in bravely second it
just didn’t look that great but you can already tell that the water effects are
so much better also like the grass that you can see the mountain everything is
much better in this game which it should be obviously it’s going from the
Nintendo 3ds to the Nintendo switch and even if you look at the character models
much more detailed even though they don’t look as detailed from just looking
at it at first if you compare it to bravely default much more detailed on
the character models much more depth on the detail on the cloth and kind of what
they’re wearing and everything so I’m excited to see exactly how far they push
this with the art style what they’re doing
like the pop-up book stuff and just into the art stock for the characters so
overall I think it’s going to be really good you just kind of have to wait for a
little bit more and also one more thing to note guys is that it’s not final with
everything obviously they still have more time to
develop the game I know originally bravely default what we saw
at the very beginning wasn’t necessarily what we got at the end so there’s still
more time to develop the game and kind of flesh out things that was just the
first trailer there now let’s talk about the gameplay because bravely default is
known for its gameplay it’s absolutely amazing if you fight off the patch
traveler that is actually a light version of bravely default bravely
default gets way more in debt because bravely default you have multiple
classes per character and in baby default you can actually kind of put
yourself in the negative right you can be brave and you can kind of put
yourself in the negative to where you won’t be able to attack for other turns
or as an artifact traveler you can only put yourself in the positive then go
back to neutral or default or is in bravely default and you can kind of just
go all the way down you want to attack four times in a row without building up
those charges you can do that and that’s what makes the game bravely default you
know that’s how they kind of get it there so to me this is going to be
probably the same type of battle system but they’re going to really I would
probably say innovative even more because I think that they want to do a
whole new thing with the battles I think they’re gonna want to kind of take it
say what else can we do to manipulate it and make it even better than bravely
second and layer which for every second obviously there’s people that hate that
game for whatever reason but the gameplay in the game what they did with
it was actually really good they modified the combat styles and kind of
what you can do a bit more than bravely default so I think with this one they’re
gonna try to take it and kind of do a bit more with it now we’re gonna have to
wait and see what they do but how they’re gonna manipulate it is
definitely gonna be classes to write like because in the original game you
got a bunch of different classes that you can pick from which also makes them
more in depth and octa path travelers so I’m excited to see how many classes
there are gonna be in this game and what you can do within those classes because
that’s honestly one of the best things about bravely default is just how
anybody can be any class and take advantage of any of the skills and you
can estimize and mix-and-match in order to
build your favorite battle teams so I’m hoping that that really has some crazy
combinations and cool new classes now on my final thoughts when it comes to
bravely default – I think that 2020 perfect release for this game it’s been
a number of years since the original bravely default I think six years it’s
been a while I know 2020 I think it came out 2014 so yeah it’s that’s gonna be
six years since the original release it’s been a while since bravely second
and it’s just the time I’m so happy they were able to kind of get the original
back together the original producer you have the original music Revo which is
really good because you can even tell that is a mix or I would say I can remix
more like it of the original bravely default thing what we saw in the debut
trailers so they’re getting everybody back together to make this game and I
think that’s really going to kind of take away the fears that some people
might have from playing bravely second and layer when it comes to the change in
music and kind of some of the stuff they did with the story and all that this is
the original team bravely default octopack traveler notice how they did it
mention bravely second and later anywhere in that debut each other but
you saw bravery people you saw up to fight rather so I kind of just want to
let people know okay you know don’t worry about bravely second and layer
don’t worry about that this is its new thing that’s going to take the spirit of
the original so I’m excited to just play the game and it’s coming 2020 so what do
you guys think about this when it comes to bravely default to you guys excited
to play and you guys have any questions on the game I’d love to hear what you
guys have to say in the comments section below alright guys that wraps it up this
video here gonna cut the links in description below we got Facebook and
Twitter come on give us a like and upon our social media hit that like button if
you did like this video lets me know you guys want more Cod like this going for
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news thank you so much for watching and we’ll catch you guys for the next one

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