Brawlhalla – Steven Universe Announce Trailer | PS4

Brawlhalla – Steven Universe Announce Trailer | PS4


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  1. Smash Bros has competition with these guess characters.

  2. This games been on my to play list for the longest time but just always had other games ahead of it but not anymore

  3. now imagine if they got in smash….

  4. The lack of Peridot, Lapis, and the Diamonds is expected yet still overwhelmingly disappointing. ??‍♂️?

  5. I wish lapis, peridot, and bismuth would be in it. Maybe as DLC?

  6. Super smash bros ultimate?

  7. Mordicai and Rigby for Brawlhalla

  8. This the show with the trans?

  9. Brawlhalla, doing the things smash can’t do

    I salute you

  10. So basically it’s just Steven universe costumes for already made characters

  11. This is what the fandom needed ?

  12. I wish Lapis was playable ?

  13. Cartoon network back at it again, it might succeed after all Steven universe is a hit show!

  14. 0:05 was that a motherfockin' ora ora ora ora referrnxe?

  15. more people should try this game without thinking it's smash because it really does not play like smas, fits prettty sungly into platform fighter,
    of course, maybe not play it now because steven universe and that show isn't really that great anymore, but i mean hey, shovel knight? rayman? wwe? something?

  16. Ew Steven Universe, here come the fat ugly lesbians….

  17. This might be the only reason i’ll try this game.

  18. Pearl: uses bow

    Opal: Am I a joke to you?

  19. Esteban con su camiseta negra y sale stevonnie con camiseta roja /:v

  20. They had to do mobile version

  21. I’ll get the game if there is a sonic crossover

  22. Finally we get to see the crystal gems fight more often!

  23. So cool to see Cartoon Network teaming up with Brawlhalla again. Now we can see an Adventure Time x Steven Universe crossover.

  24. Mordecai and Rigby next!!!

  25. Next is Mordacai and rigby

  26. My only question is why wasn't this a thing sooner.

  27. When you can't make the cut for smash bros

  28. Okay how about samurai jack, powderpuff girls, Ben 10, generator rex next?

  29. This game does not care who gets put in it.

  30. Speaking of which!

  31. This is really cute. I love Steven Universe but not really a fan of brawler like Smash Bros

  32. Never played this before. Might have to try it now

  33. go to celebs right now

  34. 0:01 I heard the beginning of the song and immediately thought opening 16

  35. Why does Amethyst have an axe? And the lazer light cannon???

  36. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Cartoon Network made a game like SSB but with CN characters .

  37. Looks cool and all but those are just skins, nothing is really new.

  38. Forgot this was a game.

  39. This show sucked lol

  40. This gives me a reason why not to download the game and play it


  42. please tell me that they are actual characters and not just skins?

  43. Why does Stevonnie have a red shirt?

  44. Never been so happy in my entire life.

    You see, I am actually someone that enjoys playing Brawlhall- Nah, I'm kidding. I play Rivals of Aether. You dropped the ball.

  45. I love Steven Universe but this is maybe a bit much

  46. Nice I like Steven Universe

  47. Ps5- look like vr or the 90s console.

  48. Show looks like it bashes you over the head with woke messages until you pass out

  49. steve fuses into a girl? what happened to my CHILDRENS shows

  50. Wow, this game is getting even worse.
    Just play smash bros

  51. Wow, I need to redownload Brawlhalla ????

  52. I’m downloading brawlhalla now

  53. So if smash is the biggest crossover in gaming history

    Can we expect brawlhalla yo be the biggest crossover in cartoon history?

  54. I personally don’t like the game, but I can respect this and like it a ton

  55. this makes so freaking happy:3

  56. Brawlhalla with jojo…

  57. this isbthe only reason I would come back to it

  58. This makes me want to play brawlhalla way more

  59. Nothing makes me want to play Super Smash Bros more than watching a Brawlhala ad.

  60. amatista es alta… es alta!

  61. ok, I am uninstalling Brawlhalla

  62. Wow, I wasn't expecting them to double down on the cartoon network dlc.


  64. Well…guess it's not shattering a gem

  65. Next: "Brawhalla X Sonic The Hedgehog"


  67. This game reminds me of a rip off in one fighting game but not sure

  68. Steven Universe is Art I am so excited the Crystal Gems are in Brawlhalla ?

  69. I cant find the new game mode

  70. Hey this is cool, who doesn't love Steve?

  71. They should just make another Cartoon Network punch time explosion 2 already


  73. Meanwhile alone in a garden. Someone's still waiting.

  74. Let’s hope their animation models stay consistent

  75. Yeah ok cool can we go for smash bros next

  76. Now you've got my attention

  77. Adventure time was here so really should've seen this one coming..

  78. Sonic for brawlhalla

  79. Toda la pelea que no viste en la serie

  80. Brawhalla is the only game that's keep multiplayer with friends live.

  81. You can make Jhon Cena, Steven Universe, Hellboy, Rayman and Shovel Knight smash themselves to death all in a Nintendo Switch.

  82. We live in a timeline where John Cena fought against Steven Universe and Rayman

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