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  1. ? Drop a like if you want another football video TOMORROW! ?
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    Whos better at football, me or w2s? (Wroetoshaw)

  2. love the sonic music at around four minutes

  3. im a sick baller ill help u out (and in return u shout me out)

  4. Ive hit the crossbar 5 times in a row and im only 9

  5. Although I'm young I'm going to be doing free styling so just let me know if you want

  6. hi my channels called G and M my profile picture is just blank and I'm sick at football I play for a club and I have subscribed

  7. I'm mad at hitting crossbar


  9. Can someone plz subscribe because without subscribers I can't start my YouTube channel can you plz leave a sub and stay active plz

  10. Can someone plz subscribe because without subscribers I can't start my YouTube channel can you plz leave a sub and stay active plz


  12. Is it me or does sv2 look like umtiti

  13. I just can't believe your outside.

  14. The last one hit the post not bar so I doesn't count anyways


  16. What you have friends

  17. i could beat chrismd record watch me

  18. I am good at football

  19. at the start did anybody see that guy dieing at the start?

  20. Harry will never be beaten at crossbar challenge

  21. not doing it fast anofe

  22. May I ask how many hours you spent editing this video

  23. Hey can we have real football?

  24. is the guy in the barca jersey a youtuber

  25. Is it just me or does SV2 look like Umtiti in that Barcelona kit?

  26. 1:10 in the background WTF IS THAT GUY DOING ??????

  27. Subscribe to CJ Orbit and I will sub to you. Tell me that you subbed by commenting

  28. You need to stop recording you have no subs

  29. Xduttinnho you said u had no freinds

  30. He says he has no friends

  31. i posses the ability

  32. We don't take skimmers

  33. I thought harry and chris were in it

  34. if xduttinho pins this comment it means that he loves his fans

  35. I'm a good player


  37. Thought Umtiti was better than that?

  38. u didn't even come close

  39. Your videos are epic

  40. I hit thecrossbar all the times                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     in games

  41. 7:45 you had more chance of getting a girl then that ball hitting the other ball

  42. 8:40 omg it skimmed it! hits the post

  43. Harry is good at footbal

  44. I am a YouTuber and I'm gd at football

  45. This was recorded at my school kingsmead

  46. I hit 4 out of 5 befor

  47. I am good at football

  48. Guess what 20 balls. 6 Crossbar hits

  49. I have hit it 6times in a row and I'm ten

  50. get more YouTube

  51. can I have a like for no reason

  52. I LOVE your Chanel

  53. dfq,why is there Durex condom ad,or just Duttinho likes sex?!

  54. Subbed and turned notifications on for you alfie

  55. Haha the intro☺️☺️?

  56. He is still better than you

  57. Wheres that VO coat from alfie?

  58. thats nothing I've hit all 20 in 20 shots so shut up you and harry fucking bitches hahaahahahah so its not a world record 5 thats terrible

  59. me Samuel neuer gaming

  60. t'es vraiment trop moche

  61. I've got 14 subs but I'm sick

  62. I got it47 times

  63. Instead of Sv2 , he should of put Um.titi

  64. iamgood at hiring cosbar

  65. I beat world record all ready I hit the crossbar 11 times in a row

  66. I hit them cross bars in a row

  67. do chalenges vs miminminter

  68. At that challenge

  69. your the best in the world

  70. You can't beat Harry wroetoshaw

  71. Je suis français

  72. Someone tripped in the background XD

  73. i am a youtuber and i think i'm good if you want to know my youtuber

  74. SV2 looks like dembele or umtiti

  75. U should film more football videos that are outside on a footy pitch

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