Brother Bear Walkthrough Part 1 (PC) Gameplay No Commentary

Brother Bear Walkthrough Part 1 (PC) Gameplay No Commentary

okay so uh where are we going again Duke
do you never remember anything okay we’re going over here to the cave that
tells the story on the wall hey I remember you don’t have to get sore
about it so what story does it tell a the one about the bear who said he
wasn’t up there oh yeah I know that one like the back of my hoof so has it
started yet all right in his totem ceremony the
human called kena I got the bear as his total oh yeah right right right and the
shaman told him that they’re equals love but he thought that was silly a cuz he
wanted the totem of the moose right yeah no no no you hoofer cuz he wanted to be
like a saber-tooth Tiger anyway if you don’t mind I’m gonna continue the skin I
went off by himself and got into a pen his brothers Sitka and dah dah he came
to the result would you rescue me huh you’d have to rescue me cuz I’m like the
tasty-looking one yeah tasty like rotten fish hey that’s not funny bear it’s like
rotten fish oh yeah yeah sorry okay go ahead anyway go ahead so anyway his
older brother Sitka held off the bear and ice crack and both are you ready
hold on give me a sec this is the sad story
not if you’re berry oh yeah right so is that it what no no then Kenai went
hunting with vengeance and father bear was keen eyes brown and they fought the
spirits got a call okay this fair enough Sitka
he’s the up his brother came down to translate Kenai into a holy right being
a bear to a if not maybe we could make him a loose
hey don’t go giving away our parts all right later II yeah see ya
okay remember how we first met that bear and how he caused that big avalanche oh
yeah that was real scary hey buddy slow to hell he’s pretty fast but what’s that smell just smells like a
wet bear to me I’m Koda what’s your name I’m Kenai T nya
I’ve never seen you before what are you doing in this part of the woods
besides falling in the river very funny I’m looking for the place where the
light touches the earth hey I know that place
it’s right by the salmon run that’s why I’m going okay
soon as we get there you’re on your own kid let’s get going then I don’t have all
day this is gonna be fun I just know it hey Kenai you want me to say no can I see that honeycomb be sure you
always grab them they’ll just find secrets later hey can I bet you can jump
all this stuff like this log I am the right mouse button or the control key go
on give it a try see those bushes they sure look like they could use a good
SWAT oh yeah ideas press the action or the left mouse button then the path hope
is nice and clear flowers sure are pretty this time of
year come on go get that Michael Knight
definitely needed my mom says they’re very rare oh I sure don’t like these things
they’re nasty we gotta be real careful that we don’t touch up they’ll make you
itch like crazy trust me on this one Oh looks like you touched one clipping
these acorns will make you feel better if you ever touch a niche shrub again
just look for these acorns no help you stop itching
go on try some ah wouldn’t you know it if those itchy
shrubs again there’s a lot more of them this time come on let’s find another way
but Kenai we have to go this way okay then let’s get this over with oh I’m really super itchy Hey look
there’s a pool full of fish mom says they’ll make us feel even better than
those acre just run over them to grab them
let’s go kita I gotta stop itching ah whoa yep just as I thought
see these older trees they can be knocked over and I got a feeling that
this one might come in handy later whoa Chipmunks can be kind of cranky my mom
says just because they’re nuts I’d move that rock but you look like you
really wanted to it go ahead hey that’s a sacred spirit stone white
over there do you think we need to use it do you salaries make my head look real
big goody I wish I had more teeth eh I’d be able to eat faster come on Tina this is fun Oh fuck there you don’t know much about
being up there those salmon will make you real strong
tonight when you give me a raise in my on ralpher just like me this is great without models agent
secret ain’t ever all about me I don’t know Kota what’s that down there
look it’s a special totem come on Kenai we gotta go check it out you see the dear spirit is the symbol of
togetherness for French young and old these fellows could be a bit jumpy
sometimes if you know what I mean but the spirit of the deer is special
because it is smart witty and always alert Kota how we gonna make it up there on these things my mommy so let me
bounce on him while she was looking for food it’s really fun right bounce on a
branch and I suppose you can tell me how that works of course all you gotta do is
walk out in that branch hit the control key or right mouse button and you’ll fly
up and on to the other side hey that does sound like fun wait till you try it
and Keena the best part is you can do it whenever you see a bouncy bridge yeah yeah come on look over here Wow you’re doing
great whoo hey that’s a sacred spirit stone white
over there hmm hey yeah we found another secret
Kane the chipmunk is very good at collecting things that you might need
later and picks up everything in sight you should see what the ones living in
my cave of gavin but even though the spirit of the chip ma is sometimes
cautious about new things this totem is always curious and full of wonder are you sure this is the right way yeah
I think so uh-huh yes yes it is what’s that what that the florals mystical
totem don’t tell come on what are we waiting for
we’ve gotta go see if we can get up there my favorite orange berries we’ll
have to eat a lot of these so we can use that ego totem up there I suppose you
need me to tell you I eat very soon just push the action or left
but then walk over them what would you do without me
oh and we’re gonna need a whole tummy full of orange berries to make the Eagle
totem work here you do it then we’ll go try out that totem you’ve gotta remember
whatever you see the Eagle totem make sure you have a belly full of orange
berries well if you can’t use it yep Oh hey can I race you to the top of the
mountain huh I’m twice your size you wouldn’t stand a chance that’s what you
think I was the fastest tub in the bramble races last year just ask anyone
at the salmon run hey guys how about starting us off on a race to the top of
the map now I am resting my antlers these things are heavy
hey smallish bear I’ll do it eh Ready Set get more set
just kiddin me go I rest for a second here I come that was great
you’re pretty 59 hello another total what does this one do
oh that’s a little thing I like to call the Golden Bear toga don’t make you warm
really scary and terrify any hunters nearby we can only use it when there’s a
hunter got it right okay I got it the hunters chaser us tonight now would
be a really good time to use that totem hey quit jabbering let’s get out of here
a no can a let’s go you don’t gotta tell me twice

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