Bulk Buying Savings ◄ The Best Bulk Buy Products 2016

Bulk Buying Savings ◄ The Best Bulk Buy Products 2016

– To buy or not to buy in bulk? As I save you money. (light music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one-stop shop for savings. I find huge deals right here everyday. I do unboxings, and tech reviews, and I find the biggest
deals in the country based on your request. Whenever I can impart a
little bit of savings insight, I also try and do that, and
this is actually a followup for a piece that I did for USA Today. Before we get to that, a reminder, huge daily freebies return
right around the corner. We just gave away another
free iPad Air to Bart, awesome subscriber, and more iPad Airs, and other big giveaways
right around the corner. I will have the details
on that just in a moment but first, the list
you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re shopping at
Sam’s Club, Costco, BJs, or another wholesale club, to save money, here are the items to avoid
before I get to the goodies. Let’s start with bleach. Average lifespan, six months. That’s not long until it degrades so if you’re buying in bulk,
you might want to avoid it because you can rarely go through the amount of bulk club gives you. That same lifespan applies to brown rice, which is also something to avoid unless you’re buying for a large family. Beauty products also on that list. They have an average
shelf life of 12 months so unless everyone in your household uses the same deodorant,
you might want to skip the beauty products from a wholesale club. Soda or pop? Not a good purchase on all of tests. Deals are almost always
better at grocery stores. Also on the food aisle, condiments. Unless you have a really large family, or a mayonnaise obsession. The likelihood of you
consuming all of that ketchup or mustard before it expires? Unlikely. Your best warehouse club
buys are toilet paper, paper towel rolls,
diapers, office supplies, trash bags, and toothpaste. Why toothpaste? Well, it usually lasts for two years, and all the other items I mentioned? They are always better in bulk. Now those are just a few items. The rest of the items that
I want to show you today, this is the area where all of the items that I want to test so the
items that I expect to drop in price gets stored. We categorize them shelf
by shelf, item by item, and we have huge deals coming up right around the corner,
as well as the return of our daily giveaways beginning
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only gonna get amped-up. For those of you already subscribed, you make my life so much better than I could possibly articulate. Thank you for being here. If there’s anything you
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  4. Always had issues with shelf life when buying in bulk at Costco, so now I just buy at the grocery store. Good looking out Matt.

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  9. Hard for a single person or even a couple to benefit from a bulk club membership on many items. Best bet is to coupon and check sales for price drops and combine these to score some better savings. Enjoy the deals from your channel and check everyday. Missing Amy!

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    Thanks again for bulking us up with great deals and stocking a warehouse of future products that help to make our lives better. God bless…

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  38. Bulk meats can be a great deal if you use a food saver. We buy a local brand of hot dogs (Sahlen's awesome dogs) which can be bought in three pound packs. they go on sale near the holidays like memorial day , 4th of July, etc. when they do we can get several packs for about 7.99 a pack that's less then 3.00 a pound. We repackage then into 4 packs with our food saver and freeze them making them last until the next time they are on sale sale.

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