Busting Tech Myths (True/False GAME)

Busting Tech Myths (True/False GAME)

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  1. This was hilarious.

  2. This was recorded awhile cause his eyes are fine here

  3. What was so confusing to them about how to play the game? Lol

  4. VPN and TOR to get to the dark web just an FYI

  5. “Stop trying to impress him” ??

  6. Since Rhett only got to say "I don't reco-" I will just say I really don't recommend it either, it's pretty disturbing and I've only seen stills from it.

  7. Link is so hung up on the word “technically”. LoL

  8. Hey, it's the "phones have foreheads and chins" guy.

  9. My discharge number is 4.

  10. I just put too much olive oil in pasta

  11. Link deserved to win that game though!

  12. 5 megabytes of data didn't weigh 1 ton. The data was 1's and 0's. The equipment that CONTAINED the data weighed 1 ton.

  13. The sotware is called Recuva.

  14. 12:30 this is me with my boyfriend to a T.

  15. I still have to close all my apps. It’s like an OCD thing.

  16. Aye its Mark Ass Brownlee! Thanks Will Smith!

  17. First question is not true cause I leave my phone on charge overnight when I go to bed when I get up in the morning to go to work my phone will be fully charged and ready to go

  18. The design on Mark's shirt, kind of looks like the outline of the state of Virginia :O

  19. Marques seems like a cool dude.

  20. The Merle Haggard reference tho. I feel like Im in minority here, but I do love that song. 🙂

  21. Link flexing the e-tron

  22. I am a computer information technology major and I love tech proud to say i got all of these right.

  23. Such a bff moment when Rhett and link start singing rainbow stew

  24. Can she really tell them when to end their show?

  25. First one is true, although it will not overcharge the battery, having the battery at/near full charge will diminish the battery more quickly over time. Rhett was actually correct.

  26. "It's either true or false." Lol

  27. nobodies talking about the orb they flew by brownlees face

  28. Hopefully they noticed Nartu there, Rhett did say anytime he wanted to be on the show?

  29. The Russians did do the dog thing but it was a fabricated propaganda video!!!

  30. I typed in "Exp" in the YouTube search, first option was the dog experiment video title ?

  31. Link! Stop changing your answer last minute! That is how you end up losing every single time!

  32. I want to one day be that regular guy . So I can look back at this .

  33. Tech guy here. Just to be clear, incognito mode is really for your computer, and not the Internet in a way. Incognito is what you would use when you're browsing to something you don't want to appear in your history. You would use it when you are using a shared computer or something. Almost everything else about incognito browsing is pretty much the same and makes you only every so slightly safer in some cases, not any safer at all in others. Another common myth is VPNs are the magic privacy bullet, but that's only if you trust the VPN. If you want to really be anonymous, use tor. No, tor is not illegal, tor and the dark web are not the same things. And that's the end of my internet privacy rant.

  34. Awe maaan, the tech questions were not correct, but only based on popular tech like Iphone specifics 🙁

  35. The bright side was wrong then about the battery

  36. Somehow this is are the 2 favorite episodes of the year.

  37. if a VPN and "incognito mode" are the extent of your protection, you should maybe consider staying away from "the dark web" lol

  38. My battery absolutely dies exponentially faster if I leave it charging over night.

  39. A Russian computer powered by water xD
    It's just a fish tank with 2 goldfish 😛

  40. Rhett always takes stuff to the darkest possible place ?
    "Computer that runs on water!"
    "Nah, HEADLESS DOG tho."

  41. 12:54
    Link: I'm gonna say the right answer, you say the wrong answer.

  42. Who else wants to see Linus from LTT on here now?

  43. Just replaying 1:37 over and over.

  44. Marques: in 1956-

    Rhett: russians

  45. Link subtly flexing his Audi E-Tron.

  46. Props to link for mostly mixing up his answers, even though he could probably get the tie.

  47. Why does link always have to switch his answer? Let Rhett do it for once.

  48. The computer used a series of tubes! (Just like the internets)

  49. I work at a battery store and yes it will effect the battery if you charge it overnight even if it is lithium

  50. That incognito question looked like it had Link not knowing how to act.

  51. Link just copying Rhett ?

  52. Why does it matter if they go 15 or 19 minutes, what’s the rush on episodes?

  53. Hands up if you took a break to watch the Russian video and regretted your decision immediately ✋

  54. Dang link.. I was just about to buy some dogo wear. Then you called my best friend a mutt. Will not accept that!!!! Even if he is a mixed breed ? Still mad though..? lol

  55. Rhett knows his tech

  56. I want to see Rhett's browser history.

  57. "Experiments in the Revival of Organisms", A.K.A. "Herbert West-Reanimator" comrades!

  58. I like how Rhett added the + while signing

  59. I always charge my phone overnight and my phone goes down little by little like my battery stays at a full battery for like an hour then starts to go down

  60. Wha… charging a batt over night every night keeping it 100% does damage the battery…
    whats goin on here?

  61. Boy don’t know nada

  62. 13:35 “it’s either true or it’s false” – oh Link

  63. An actual informative GMM. Nice.


  65. Marques has the mind of a 17 year old.

  66. That doesn’t make me feel good the Rhett makes Link always change his answer.

  67. haaaated clippy man

  68. The internet weighs as much as a strawberry

  69. I can’t be the only one who found it oddly attractive when he mentioned “misbehaving” apps. ?

  70. i feel bad for the person who pays for third tier membership and gets that picture just for it to be signed on the back

  71. Bring him back in the show

  72. Is Rhett getting……wings?!!!

  73. At 14:41 Link is so cute being happy he got the right answer and didn’t change it in time

  74. Rhett was right, 5MB of data LITERALLY weighs nothing…. because its just 0s and 1s in a digital environment.

  75. ?????

    – the eboy said

  76. for the experiment

  77. "mADe A HHHwHat?" – Link 2019

  78. BMW electric cars and scooters and scooters are computer controlled to not over charge or discharge, the gauge reads 0%-100% but it is actually 20%-80% battery charge to protect the batteries from consumers who cant follow manufacturer recommendations…..

  79. "We're gonna need to keep that."

  80. Link having an e-tron is the most surprising thing I've heard this month

  81. Was I the only one that looked up the experiment?

  82. Theres away to make cars run on water but not recommended or there will be a lawsuit

  83. I’ve worked for a phone company & we’re told that over charging weakens the battery. Either the myth runs so deep phone companies don’t know or we’re all in the matrix

  84. Im taking my education on Tech College hahah

  85. 7776 is a shipwreck lego set

  86. "We're gonna need to keep that."

  87. Link copied Rhetts answers the whole game and has the audacity to say i answered first.

  88. i got the water one wrong…

  89. 10:03 underrated joke ?

  90. link would be the type to say cool hwip becuase he says hwhy

  91. Did…Did link just try to gaslight Rhett? So that he could have an advantage? ????

  92. Playing for nothing more than pride, and they refuse to lose or tie. ?

  93. Aight im back in the game boys subbed 2 day again

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