BwC S1E1 – Shoaib Akhtar | Relax karo baby

BwC S1E1 – Shoaib Akhtar | Relax karo baby

I’m Gaurav Kapur, and today I’m hitching
my wagon to the Rawalpindi Express A late breakfast with my dear
friend, Shoaib Akhtar But to catch up with him,
I first must slow him down You know the thing I love
about Shoaib is… …that his fast bowling
and his banter… …can knock someone out.
Anytime, anywhere Oh! What a romantic table! – For two of us?
– So, romantic! Look at the table number Fourteen. That was my shirt number It’s good, right? I’m not superstitious These things don’t make a difference
to me. It’s a sign of weak people – Really, superstition?
– Yeah, putting things on hands, hair, neck… …you know the talisman that
you wear around your neck! Once I went to Mushi sir and I said,
“Please make a talisman for me too” He asked me, “When will you
become a talisman yourself?” Do the kind of work by which you become
sacred and nothing affects you – Good point
– To become big, you don’t need to do big things… …you need to leave them – Sir, Good morning!
– Good morning! How are you? My name is Udit, I’m the
chef in-charge here – Bring us anything, anything for breakfast
– Done, sir! – Not too much. Just a bit for the two of us
– Thanks, Udit, thank you If you were to have a biopic like a film,
you are running with a wicket…. …and a kid running down from a
hill is merging with you You both are running in slow motion, with music.
That will be the promo shot I have done that in my youth,
I ran with an F16 Really? I just wanted to fulfil my fantasy I’m running and the plane
flies from above me And when it went, I went into a
completely different state I used to copy them, running with
my hands open. It used to make me feel free I was always fascinated with jets, what has Eurojet
made, why is it more successful… ..why is F16 still successful after 30 years… …knowing that it is the
most unstable jet aircraft? – But effective
– But effective Like Shoaib Akhtar I’m not unstable. This is the problem – Unpredictable?
– No! Like a missile. But will hit and destroy That’s how I’ve been presented. Actually that
is how I have been portrayed and pushed – But that is good, no?
– Rebel! Bad boy! I’ve fought just once in 15 years.
It happens man, people get very insecure… …Gaurav, people have
become so insecure I probably moved up too fast,
probably moved up too fast People feel that I just got up one day and became
a fast bowler. It never happens like that, Gaurav And I don’t blame people. People
like to, wanted to know… …well, Shoaib must be reading namaaz five
times a day; he is a Muslim But tell us about his bad habits?
Tell us that People are more interested in evil than in good That is crab mentality right, that when one
person is doing well, find dirt on him Try to pull him down. They won’t improve
themselves and will pull others down A weak person does that. Weak
people do that to other people Who is that hero in Pakistan
who hasn’t been controversial? And if he is non-controversial then
no one wants to know about him There’s no one How could I save myself when there
was no one who is not controversial That’s fine then. Live with it I can’t wear a coat of decency.
I don’t wear it and then fool you I cannot do that.
I am what I am, Gaurav Thank you You know I always missed a father
figure in the dressing room Because you didn’t play in Imran’s era, no? If Imran Khan would have been there then
I would have played 100 tests, taken 400 wickets… …I would have played in 1994 too.
– You debuted at what age? In 1998, man. At the age of twenty one and half.
I was late by 4 years and those are…. ….peak years for a fast bowler
– True! For that matter, if Saurav (Ganguly) had
been around, I would have played 100 tests So there was no father figure there for us.
No one was there See what will you say to a
18-19 year old Shoaib? Who was there to guide Mohammad Amir?
He went in for 5 years, right? In a soup Luckily, god forbid, I was not
morally or financially corrupt… …I could never cause harm to anyone
or my country because….. …I don’t need anyone’s certificate to be a Pakistani.
I love my country. Pakistan is my passion But love for the land is also a
way of devotion There was so much match
fixing happening in 1996… …India, Pakistan, South Africa, there was
fire of match fixing everywhere And all my known friends
got caught And I had just met Hansie Cronje just on the last flight
and when I landed in South Africa, he was gone Match fixing! It felt very
weird at that time I think I was saying this to Afridi, or
maybe someone else that… …where have I come, what did I think and what has happened here? I felt that maybe I’m alone
playing in the team – Yeah… because there was no trust?
– There was no trust. Lot of trust deficit So I never trusted anybody
in that particular era I didn’t want to hang around
with cricketers anymore I started feeling everyone is corrupt So it was a very difficult era for me After that I got so much love
in India, lot of love I terrorised you guys, hit you,
scared you… …this and that. But you still loved me And it’s a lot of fun I wish in my lifetime the border opens We used to have a joke in our times:
India and Pakistan cricket teams become one… …and have Indian batsmen
and Pakistan bowlers And who’ll get the fielders? Back in 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, it was considered a matter
of shame if someone was asked to field The princes we used to play with as kids,
they used to feel disrespectful… They will be like, “Are you serious?
Asking us to field?” And they would just sit and smoke cigars and
all that, I used to think what a life they have I come from a very
humble background I had 4 brothers. Then came me,
and then my sister We had a one-room house
and a small verandah I used to go to school, when
I came back it used to… …be 1-1.30 pm by then. And Pindi during
May-June used to be hot So when I used to go, the women in the neighbourhood who
used to be standing out would say… …”Hey crazy! Where are you going?
Where are you going mad boy?” I would say, “Aunty, I will become a star in
1-2 years and change all your lives” They would say, “Hey,
look at this crazy kid… …saying he’ll become Imran Khan, Wasim Akram.
Hey kid! Are you mentally stable?” Wherever an extraordinary man comes
along, everyone thinks of him as mad “Look, there comes that mad guy” But with just that passion in your eyes
and the spirit to keep on running and running… …and the aggression to do something,
not bitter anger, I was never bitter in my life There is that bitter anger, “I will become
this and show it to him” But no, not for him, you have to become
something for yourself and then forgive him Keep moving ahead and
become big to forgive – That is a good line, “Become big to forgive”
– Become big to forgive I used to run in Pindi Club. And there was
this person who had a sugarcane juice machine So I made him my friend. I told him,
“If you become my friend…” I used to love sugarcane juice. He sold it for
50 paisa a pop. Chilled and in this big a glass So I told him, “If you would give me free
juice, then I promise you… ..when I become a star, I will
get you a juice machine” And he was like, “Get out of here!
Are you mad? Free juice?” So after third day he says, “You are sure
you will become a cricketer, right?” And I said, “Boss, what are
you saying? Look at me and the fire in my eyes” Gradually, we became friends and for next
1 or 1.5 years, he kept on giving me juice And then finally when I became a star and
came back he had passed away I took care of his family. And I made sure that…
I opened up a shop for them Did everything… I had to go to Lahore for trials in
’94 and had no money Now how do I reach Lahore? Made friends with the conductor.
I was always very naughty “You see…I am your buddy. Take me to Lahore” He asked, “What about money?”
I said, “We will see about that later” I reached and I went to Aziz who
was a horse cart owner – Even a horse cart owner??
– Yes, even him How much have you promised
to who all people? But listen… I reached ahead and trials are going on
and there were 3,000 to 4,000 guys there I thought, “My god! My turn
isn’t going to come… …how will these people
notice me? What should I do?” It was a 3 km long ground and
the net was in the middle of it… …and I started running towards
them like Rocky And when I pass by Zaheer Abbas,
I’ll make sure he notices me He saw me and thought, “Who is this mad guy
running at 2 pm in the day?” Anyway I had the habit of running under
the scorching heat He called me, “What do you do?” I said,
“I’m a very fast bowler” “How fast?” “Faster than everyone here.
Just give me one chance and… …by grace of god, you
will be surprised” And when he threw the ball at
me it was not a ball, Gaurav… …it was a fireball I ate it up like this and it
got stuck here And then it burst
in the world later And when I bowled my first ball, Gaurav,
I pity that poor batsman First ball and he didn’t know where to hit.
Bang! And he fell off balance Impact! I made that impression
and the world went mad There goes the glass Put the blame for this too on me.
Shoaib broke it Let’s go for a round outside From here or there? Why you keep changing?
You’re Madhuri Dixit? So when you were playing… …which other fast bowlers
except from Pakistan… …did you see and think, “Man, I should
learn from him”? We had such huge, charismatic fast bowlers
that we didn’t have to look elsewhere But there was McGrath, Shane Warne
whom we always respected We always made sure
that you know… But we were so stubborn that we thought we
were the best ones and it was actually the case And batsmen? You told me that
Rahul Dravid was very difficult? Nightmare he was. I would bowl at 96 mph and
he would be like… no sweat Bouncer. No sweat I’m thinking, “I’m screwed here”.
Get rid of Sachin, and there comes Dravid And bowling 96-98 miles…
is not some joke – If it hits your body, Gaurav..
– It would hurt I got hit twice here by Brett Lee at 96 and
felt my ribs popping out of here I think that was the most difficult era.
That time, Wasim & Waqar-reverse swing… Saqlain, Shane Warne, McGrath, just say the name.
Try scoring against them Allan Donald! Five fast bowlers South Africa had. Klusener, Kallis
were all bowling at 90 plus (mph) The talent pool we had at that time. Ten bowlers
were bowling faster than me in the trials – Really?
– I swear by God Some Aslam Kalia here, Kabir Khan there,
one Bhatti, one Yasir, and this and that… I’m thinking, “Oh god! How did I get stuck here?”
At the top there’s Wasim, Waqar. So now where to go? In trials, to make your mark, you had
to bowl close to 100mph And now there is no one to
bowl at 140 (kph) in matches Very true Inspiration, my dear. Heroes went, following
reduced and cricket suffered Its sad, very sad. And they
don’t use us anymore If I spend 3 – 4 years in India,
I’ll definitely give something back I won’t con anyone. I’ll
give something back If I had invested 25 years, then I would have
showed. I would have prepared a generation… …I would have changed their food,
way of living, style of sitting Running style… like yours Come and load, go sideways… is this bowling
for God sakes? Just let him bowl You just bowl fast What is to be done in that
corridor, teach that Some dressing room stories… whatever
Pakistani stories stories I have heard…. …are either from Vicky bhai or Wasim bhai Most funniest dressing room
that I ever came across – Everyone had their unique sense of humour
– Yes, everyone And all big big players. And everyone
enjoyed joking around And in Punjab anyway there’s love for food and jokes.
If it’s raining and fast bowlers are sitting together… …each will end up eating 3 kgs of fish,
cause there’s no match happening So, Wasim bhai is the funniest,
Inzamam, Mushi… …who all do I name?
They are all characters They are all the funniest people
I ever came across And these were not practical jokes.
They were just naturally funny Naturally funny. You sit with Wasim Bhai,
he will make you go mad with laughter We all like to have fun. I think we’re a
very fun loving nation in terms of that That’s good. Keeps the atmosphere
good in such high pressure We used to fight also No sensitive person could survive in
Pakistani dressing room. That’s a given If your childhood was not good then your
childhood will be screwed Either we will make you
fitter mentally… …or you will run away. So either way
he would become strong There were a few sensitive ones,
this much injury and… ….this was Abdul Razzak, less than half an
inch and he would be hurt I say, “Relax now baby, relax,
nothing will happen” Slowly Razzak became strong and then he
proved himself to the world – Razzak was our sweety pie.
– Sweety pie… – I won’t tell you his other name
– No, this is okay – Sweety pie
– It’s a good name It’s a good thing, right? Sometimes I feel the
atmosphere is ruined because of diplomacy… …with each other and what is inside does not
come out and there is an issue inside Better than this is someone saying,
“Hey baby, now get up” No, I think most of the boys I
met were very good boys Maybe we were not very educated… And probably we didn’t have that
substance called selflessness That we didn’t have it in us. So probably
didn’t become great leaders And I wish we had leaders… …then it would have been a completely different story.
But same goes for my country at same time But, god bless, Pakistan is a thriving land You go there and people are eating,
joking and good from the heart… You say you are from India
and you don’t have money I swear by God, not a single Pakistani will take money from you.
Else you change my name Try it with any common man You go to Peshawar then
that is just next level Go to a small hut and say you haven’t eaten, they will put
their house on mortgage and get a goat for you So, God has given a lot to us
but we just need direction We were a little stuck with you and you with
us, then the cold war, this and that We did not get time to build a nation. Now I feel the era is coming;
India become a big brother… …Pakistan can become younger brother. Trade begins with China,
trade begins with you And together we can write a
new world order You just did something which
reminded me of something – Let’s walk inside
– Let’s go Make this viral now,
see what happens

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