C++ Programming

C++ Programming

Well Hello… Internet and welcome to my C++ programming tutorial In this tutorial I’m gonna

teach the entire C++ programming language in one video In the description underneath the video you can see links to all the individual parts That should help you get to what exactly you want And I’m not gonna waste any time covering installation If you guys want me to cover that just leave a comment down below and I’ll do that later So, I have a lot to do, so let’s get into it OK, so, what I have here on the left side of the screen is a basic text editor what I have here on the right side of the screen is a terminal Everything is going to be exactly the same as long as you use C++ to compile your programs No matter if you’re on Mac, Windows or on a Linux operating system The very first thing we’re going to do here is cover comments “This is a comment” Just like many other languages you can create a comment just by putting two dashes and then whatever you want and if you want a multi-line comment you can just type in “multi-line” and then close that off though there is commenting in C++, first thing we’re going to do here is include some outside libraries I’m going to have some functions that we’re going to want to use so this one is going to allow us to use a function called cout and a whole bunch of other different things you’re going to see here in a second That’ll be used for vectors This will be used for strings And then this will be used for file i/o Now, all of your code is going to be contained inside of a main function, like this and then you’re going to have a curly bracket; and then you have a closing curly bracket. Now, inside of here, you could call the function cout Either using “cout” or “std::cout”, like this. What I want to do is get rid of this part, and how I get rid of that is right after the include statements I’m going to type in “using namespace std;” and that’s going to keep me from typing that out every single time now if you want to do a basic hello world type of statement here all we gonna have to do is type in “hello world” using cout which outputs the text what you have here and a carriage return whenever you wanna type in the same brackets you see right there and “endl;”

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  2. you are a real life saver!! great pace man

  3. It took me two days to watch the whole video cuz i kept replaying so parts

  4. but…what does the fox say?

  5. Precisely what I needed, just a quick, no 6 hours taking introduction to the language.

  6. Thanks for making this video, watched the whole thing, had to refresh the data.

  7. What an amazing job you've done creating this video! Thumbs up, mate! Keep up the outstanding work!! (:>)

  8. People always said to me that i should learn C languages first and don't spoil myself with languages like python and javascript. But after programming in those languages for a while i found out that learning c++ is like a peace of cake. Watched this video in 1.25 speed without a pause and understood everything pretty well. I know that i will look up this video and other sources when i forget about some built-in functions but it does not take so much time to learn new programming language anymore even if the language is terrible c++ as many people say

  9. For all the ppl who are saying, this tutorial is not for beginners, just stop the video and learn the stuff and continue afterwards!

  10. At 21:00 , Why did you change the string into an int with stoi? Why could you not do (int) variable?

    From earlier it seemed as if you casted types by using the type in brackets beforehand?

  11. pro tip watch tutorial at the speed of 0.9x

  12. this gave me a std

  13. Just clicked this video to comment: Yeah F**cking right!

  14. Could someone count up how many times he comes in there, goes in there, and jumps in there? It seems to happen a lot…

  15. Just finished the video. Very helpful for brushing up on C++ before a data structures lecture.

  16. so doing -> in C++ to call class methods is like using the . in Java?

  17. I watched the whole video, and got everything until the last 10 minutes on virtual functions, when you started using pointers and references for objects instead of the normal class. And I'm still fuzzy on what virtual actually does and why it is needed.

  18. How to Install C++ on Windows : This is your Prolog video Tut , plz change this.

  19. Trying to learn C++ from Java. Watched the whole video and it helped me a lot! Thanks a bunch!

  20. This is a FANTASTIC refresher…. thanks a lot. PS: Not for people who haven't done C or C++ (or a matter of fact any programming language) before, and certainly not for the faint of heart….

  21. C++ is like the modern version of C.

  22. Thanks for sharing. I like your style and code examples. Very easy to understand. Just the last part where you talk about polymorphism and inheritance felt a little rush and I did not understand why destructuring (~) is important. Nevertheless excellent job. Thanks again.

  23. Watched your video thrice
    Very very very good

    Used it just for revision for my upcoming semester which includes "Data Structure and Algorithms" and also "Object Oriented Analysis & Design"

  24. Hope you getting 1 Million subscribers soon

  25. really good course thank you

  26. Why not just download a compiler such as CodeBlocks or Visual studio where you can just type the code and run it without using 2 applications?

  27. Man! I love your work. You are really making that C++ sing. Wow that 's incredible. Thanks for the review.

  28. I don’t understand why so many people are scared to death of C++ and refer to it as an incomprehensible monster of a language.
    If you can think logically and know the basics of computer science, it’s a breeze.
    Nobody ever said that you have to use EVERY SINGLE FEATURE of the language in every project.
    It’s actually a blessing that it has a lot of features. They’re there for you to learn about if you come to a point where you need to use them, but you can easily get by ignoring the features that you don’t need.

  29. 21:40 I am just setting something kinda bookmark for continuing watching this video, the next time I'm here. Will give the final review after finishing the whole video !

  30. At 16:00 you created a multi dimensional array of chars which I think was a little erronous.
    By creating an array of Char[5][5] you implied that you were creating two arrays with 5 characters each.
    What you actually did was create 5 arrays with 5 characters each, and only used the first two.
    I think this is misleading for people who are not familiar with multi-dimensional arrays.
    Is there a good reason for this?

    It even shows afterwards when you iterate the array in a loop, it prints 3 blank lines

  31. Thumbs up for that cheat sheet!!!

  32. Go to college to learn c++:
    flunked out it's to hard
    Watch a hour ten minute video on it:
    Wth it's this easy?!!!??

  33. This is precisely what I was looking for

  34. I don't have enough adderall to keep up here

  35. It wasn't the entire language…

  36. I have learned C++ in undergraduate and this is an excellent video to refresh your memory! Thanks much Derek.

  37. As a programmer who knows Java & C, this video was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Such a great summary. Hats off to you!

  38. Watched the whole video. You told us to let you know…And just so you know, I already knew the first 47 mins of the vid, but I like the way you explain 🙂

  39. Swapping from Java and this was an incredible video.

  40. I love you, thank you so much, you saved my life

  41. He sure says 'situation' a lot 😀

  42. 19:08 rand is printing out some not so random numbers

  43. Lovely video…. seems it will be easy to jump from C to C++

  44. Currently I've been learning a few languages and I only ever see really basic tutorials.. At first look the video seemed very overwhelming, until I started to realized that I knew literally every term you were throwing out.. So in summary, THANK YOU for streamlining this experience with the C++ language!!!

  45. Great tutorial as usual from the awesome Derek Banas. Thanks A lot man.

  46. so, the first question is, what is the next step after this vedio? what am i spose to do?

  47. thanks a lot..i'd really like to create a system using c++

  48. I watched it all with my friend Jacob!

  49. Whatched it whole. I found these "short" videos of yours good tool to use in order to remember everything i need before goin on an interview. Thanks for your work 🙂

  50. You lost me at decrement.

  51. Absolutely excellent for revision! Thanks ?

  52. Thank you man! Watched the whole thing for a refresher before going into a somewhat advanced C++ course for which we already have to know the basics.

  53. Amazing series! I love watching your tutorials! Totally recommend this to anyone who wants to review C++ quickly.

  54. @16:00 I think you should have created an array of [2][5] not to confuse people with the number of elements.

  55. @ 7:18 why does 5 – – = 7? Shouldn't it be 3?

  56. I don't anderstand

  57. Awesome video, great work.

  58. I have been putting off a refresher for some time now, and this was more than enough. Thank you very much for a quality video.

  59. Thanks! Your programming videos are the best on the web.

  60. I watched the whole video to understand C++ programming. It was very informative and simple to understand. Loved it. Keep it up derek.

  61. Like three fucking semesters of c++ and apparently I was learning garbage the entire time

  62. This was pretty much the best ever ultimate C++ refresher course, super compact but clear. Plus it even managed to clear up some new things that I always struggled with understanding in the past particularly in relation to references vs pointers, deconstructions, static variables and static methods, class inheritance, and virtual methods/ polymorphism

  63. Ever considered making an OpenGL and/or Vulkan tutorial videos? I would love to see them. You do a great job of going over stuff quickly.

  64. Amazing! you helped me a lot, thanks!!!

  65. Loved the crash course. I was able to resolve an assignment of my brother from college. Thanks.

  66. Great tutos, would you please make a tutorial about Acceleo (model to text transformation language)

  67. As someone who knows C, I found this video give the exact info for me to transit. Great job!

  68. 00:00 i'll be back when i can understand what's happening here…
    اذا كنا من الاحياء ان شاء الله

  69. thank you. this vid helps me a lot for my recap.

  70. tomorrow is my Practical Exam and this was the best revision i could get. <3…Thank You

  71. Got the whole C++ within an hour! thanks a lot sir!

  72. You had me until you got to pointers. (Coming from Java)

  73. how can show output a simple calculate in table

  74. Multidimensional arrays, 15 minutes in – making an array with dimensions [5][5] you're talking about the "first array of 5" and the "second array of 5", this is unclear as you're actually making a 5×5 array but it sounds like you're making a 5×2 array.

  75. Omg thank you forever

  76. Tommorow is my c++ exam ?

  77. Me before the class part of the video: okay seems reasonable to learn C++ just a bit more complicated variables, just classes left
    Me after the class bit: ???

  78. Sir you are videos are amazing!But, sir I have a question that where can I learn all the syntax of a programming language like there are different syntax in a programming language for making a game and etc.etc …….sir i would be highly grateful to you answer my question.

  79. watched the whole thing to prep for my c++ final. it helped clarify some concepts for my java final later this week as well

  80. Good Brush Up it was … !!

  81. I watched the whole thing I'm so proud of myself

  82. Thank you! I've completed a bootcamp in C and now moving forward to C++ so this is a perfect overview of the differences between the 2 languages. It also made a lot of things much clearer regarding Java. Thanks again it's brill!

  83. How do I like this video more than once?

  84. Watched the whole video. Thanks for the great C++ review vid!

  85. I actually watched the whole thing. Very educational. Hopefully will help me get hired, hehe.


  87. watched the whole thing, coming from a python background. great stuff!

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    Boll Weevil Landscaping Company

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    This is not the mid-term. It looks like assignment 4.

    DAVID R. PHILLIPS, Nov 25 at 9:05am

    Hmm. You need some work on this. Again you are using variable names that are vert hard to follow. It looks like you enter the average and total points instead of calculating them in your code.

    ca you help on this

  89. I don’t always comment. But when I do, it’s always on a great video.
    Great information and a well made video.

  90. dude what software are you using?

  91. thanks Derek much love <3

  92. Thank you very much i didn't know the syntax and i learnd every thing in one day and now I can go to the competition i wanted to go

  93. awesome video if someone wants a transition from c language to c++ ,The best time managing and efficient video I've encountered.

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