Calabar Teacher Charged for Impersonating Police: TVJ Midday News – February 13 2020

Calabar Teacher Charged for Impersonating Police: TVJ Midday News – February 13 2020

good afternoon and Vashon brown with a
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom the first
person who was placed in isolation in jamaica is to be released today after
being tested negative for the corona virus the patient who arrived in Jamaica
on January 30 and presented at their not to be hospital in st. Mary was later
isolated for further investigation a sample was sent to the Center for
Disease Control and Prevention for testing chief medical officer dr.
Jacqueline visesa McKenzie today confirmed that the results were released
yesterday to remain hopefully that we have three persons presently that are
being isolated one person was isolated from the 31st of January at the st.
Anthony hospital that test result has come back negative we received the
results from CDC Atlanta yesterday and the patient will be discharged today
well the minister says a sample has been taken and descended to the Caribbean
Public Health Agency for testing from the second person who was isolated due
to an elevated temperature and a third Jamaican has been put in isolation after
arriving in the island via the Sangster International Airport in Montego Basin
James on Tuesday February 11 the Jamaican who had traveled from China was
discovered was discovered to have had a fever and was immediately isolated this
patient has been isolated in keeping with our protocols whereby any one who
has traveled from China in the last 14 days prior to arrival and has symptoms
will be isolated and investigations carried out the next steps for this
patient will include management of the fever and any other symptoms that
develop a sample has already been sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency
careful where it will be tested for the novel coronavirus 2019 meanwhile
Caribbean countries are in a heightened state of readiness to deal with the
corona virus if it reaches the region the update comes from dr. Rufus Ewing
bajas health systems and services advisor four-by-four Barbados and the
Eastern Caribbean all of the countries since the disease was made a public
health emergency of international concern all of the countries within the
urban member regions have activated their there the preparedness plan with
regards to leading from the pandemic and prevents a plan that which most
countries had their updated meant and amended them to suit this particular
situation they have activated those plans countries are fully engaged in
terms of controls at the point of ports of entries in terms of the screening at
the ports of entries as well as doing the necessary surveillance for persons
who might have traveled to China and in China another 200 and another 242 people
died from the corona virus in hebei province yesterday and 14,000 840 new
cases were recorded a huge spike in confirmed infections at least one
thousand three hundred and fifty five people have now died in mainland China
from the virus one person has also died in Hong Kong and another in the
Philippines the global number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases has
now exceeded 60,000 with a vast majority of cases in mainland China on to other
news now the teacher who was charged last week after pretending to be a
member of the Jamaica Constabulary force was reminded when he appeared before the
gun court on Wednesday 38 year old Troy Chambers of a Kingston 20 address was
charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition as well as
impersonating the police is attorney Peter champagne II requested that a
psychiatric evaluation be conducted mr. champagne II or mr. chambers who is a
drama teacher at caliber high school is to return to court on March 20 for bail
hearing he was arrested on Thursday after he went to the Ellison Road police
station and pretended to be a police sergeant he was asked to produce
his police identification card as well as his firearm license but was unable to
do so he reportedly admitted that he was not a cop
residents of French Park in Manchester are calling for bauxite company Jessica
Alpert and the minister of mining to resolve a problem that has been plaguing
their community for some time now the residents argue that the dust nuisance
from the stockpile of bauxite in their community has become a serious health
hazard we have more in this report it’s in fact you know I had is he popped in
our pockets that’s the story of residents of French Park in Manchester
those nuisance from a stockpile of bauxite in their community have become a
nightmare for them Wednesday morning the residents protested against the activity
which they argue is affecting their livelihood Raftery cleaning dusted every
Denis Kostin goes because when you wash it to us with underlying you have to go
back and kick it over to watch it two or three times it’s impacting our health
you see fucked in our pockets consider by taunted every dear main water every
week after by how many gallons of water water is life where was my life before
me the life of my family my family have no life but we year old child and he
can’t live amongst me right because he came up here and he sick I have to take
him back to his mom place in st. Elizabeth and is just covered ears no I
see that look at a condition at a place where I eat from people coming from our
boat I eat and that is where the animals are being affected citizens are being
affected the fruit trees are dying there is no way for them to be doing any
farming all the trees all the grafts on or covered over with with with with us
with red mud even the cricket field on there they had a cooking match there
recently and they had to stop the match no recreational activity can take place
because of the binding and especially I’d know when we have in the the high
winds it is on unbearable bauxite is being stockpiled by Jamar Co in
Clarendon for the disco Alpert bauxite company in needs until is a bath disco
all part is currently not engaged in alumina production
due to modernization work being done at the plant
however bauxite is sent daily to a section of the french park community
mounting a stockpile which is now several metres high we need we need a
stockpile to remove from there and no more mining around this area because
I’ll part they are not using the bauxite so we need them to stop the remaining
and I’m calling the Ministry of mining to do something the GBI needs a comment
board and to come and look and to put a halt to the mine operation that is
taking place the citizens cannot take this any longer
Prince more TVJ news and it’s not time for a break but stay with us more
stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now
students are the main target of persons involved in trafficking of persons that
revelation from the Minister of Education at Wednesday’s human
trafficking education symposium at northern Caribbean University in
Manchester it’s one of the reasons behind the education ministry’s renewed
focus on awareness this crime students are among the highest risk populations
and traffickers have targeted them as both victims and perpetrators it is
within this context that the Ministry of Education youth and Information welcomes
this symposium in light of the issue of the Education Ministry says it has also
adjusted its training to better equip educators to inform a children a police constable and a gas station
attendant who were charged with defrauding the jcf were freed before the
San Catherine Parish Court on Wednesday 38 year old Mark Gordon attach to the
scene of crime division in Spanish stone and his co-accused antwa knew were
released after the judge upheld nokia submissions by their attorneys the
evidence against both men the evidence was inadmissible prosecutors say in May
2016 conserve our intended victims government gas vouchers for his special
unit the gas station attendant was accused of converting the voters to cash
as part of the conspiracy during the trial the prosecution sought to present
evidence via the arresting officer on a confession statement that was
purportedly made by the policemen’s co-accused the defense objected and
submitted that the evidence was inadmissible as it did not constitute a
confession statement the prosecutors conceded and the case was dismissed the
st. Anne Municipal Corporation is now moving to address issues that the auto
areas market this comes months after vendors and the Public Health Department
last year raised concern over the state of the market here Stevie J’s or Shane
masters following a threat by the center and Public Health Department to close
down the otras market significant efforts are now being made by the center
and a Municipal Corporation to fix the issues once and for all this is one to
chief public health inspector for the parish Leroy Scott told TV J News last
year after an inspection of the market from our observation and from
information that has been communicated to us they have been using the the
grounds and other areas of the market to ease themselves residents of various
communities also first concern as they moaned at the deplorable state of the
market but speaking recently with journalists chairman of the corporation
Michael Bell neighbors says significant improvements are coming to the town and
at the market he says a special attention will be given to the car park
in the market that area has been in disrepair for quite some time as a
matter of fact it’s been in disrepair for years and we’ve finally gotten some
approvals and some monies to rehabilitate these areas the head of the
Municipal Corporation also had address warning for vendors key to this is that
we want the vendors to understand that no venue will be allowed in the car park
bendin would be allowed in the era designated for bending so they’ll be
able to get more customers coming into the market because they’ll be clear
that’s needed parking areas so people can come in to the market and they’ll be
able to park and do their shopping but what about the issue which was raised by
the public health department regarding the lack of toilets we’re looking to get
the some sanitary conveniences installed within the market area so people won’t
have to make improvised and sanitary areas center conveniences that project
is expected to cost some 10 million dollars in the meantime miserable
neighbor says additional work will be done in improving roads in the town
that’s expected to cost so much twenty million dollars or shade masters TVJ
News Channel four sports 2012 Olympic double sprint
silver medalist Yohan Blake says Tokyo 2020 will be his last Olympic Games
Blake also says he has changed his mind about not doing the Sprint double this
season Yohan Blake taking the silver medals
behind the legendary Usain Bolt and the 100 and 200 meters at the London 2012
Olympic Games will be forever etched in the minds of Jamaicans and sporting fans
worldwide after a covering from a near career-threatening hamstring injury
Blake just missed out on a podium finish and the 100 meter final at the 2016 Rio
Olympic Games placing fourth now 30 years old Beck is eyeing his third
Olympic appearance but in describing his performance at last year’s World
Championships in Doha as a poor he says Tokyo will be his last in the Olympic
arena a run in the semi final poorly that cost me I met al Deen a bit early
in the finals which cost me her middle but this year I’m more wiser I’m going
into the Olympics and this is going to be my last one in
I’m putting everything toward what everything is coming on perfectly
following his performance in Doha last year where he also fails to meet the 200
meter final and Blake had said he would not be doing the sprint double this
season but with an official change of coach Blake also has a change of heart
about not doing the sprint double this season well Graeme little a formal is a
plan for us I’m a coach and has been working
perfectly going back to the / distant and getting but my Challenger gets him
about 200 at me now because I’m about to 98 and 97 which I know I can I’m
talented and I see where I’m improving in training and as for new coach Gregory
little who is a former national junior and senior vicinity and the 400 meter
hurdles Blake says he can return to running very fast under his guidance the
first timer in 1926 Gregory was the one out there working with me and the truck
the day before running that’s the kind fastest time in the world so I have
experience working with him you know what he’s doing and he’s very dedicated
in the sport and Blake opened his season at the Camperdown classics on the
weekend where he clocked a forty eight point two four seconds for third in his
400 meter heat and that’s the midday news on Vashon brawn join us at 7:00 for
prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams have a

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    Side note: what we still don't have the necessary facilities and equipment to test for this virus.

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    "Prime Minister Andrew Holness said yesterday that the by-election would be a test of the readiness of the constituency for a general election, which is constitutionally due in 2021 but is likely to take place this year"

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    Sorry to say he does not have the class as Usian Bolt,better stamina, and stronger body.
    He does not have the kind of abilities as Usian Bolt, to run all these rounds and won .That is how you can really knows how good a athletes is,because going through the rounds is going to take a toll on you but. I strongly believe that Blake does not have the durability to keep up like Usain Bolt, he was complaining about that Bolt robbed him of his medals.
    Now that Bolt stepping out leaving give Blake, he went to the world championship and let down Jamaica. I remembered I wrote about Blake and what he said about Bolt robbed him of his medals.
    Some of his fans telling me that I does not know about track and field, I been going to the national stadium from 1962 independence August 6th. The only reason why most young people in Jamaica doing track and field, only because the money is there now. Not like in my time running, we were only running for bragging rights, that you beat up certain runners from certain schools in Jamaica. Also international competition,but as soon as most people in Jamaica left school. They haveto go out there looking for a job,not like now where you are running for money .In my time all athletes was all amature it does not matter how long you are running, there was no professional runners in my time. I liked the way Blake is thinking positive, or talking positive, but he is down the hill now.

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