Can Kobe Bryant Guess Kobe Beef vs. Cheap Beef? (GAME)

Can Kobe Bryant Guess Kobe Beef vs. Cheap Beef? (GAME)

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  1. I’ve been a Celtics fan my whole life and I STILL grew up saying, “Kobe!” whenever I made a good shot in basketball or tried to throw a wad of paper in the bin.

    The Mamba is a legend. So stoked to see he’s on GMM of all places, I never expected this.

  2. Call Troydan, Kobe is in the building!

  3. Who’s taller Kobe or rhett

  4. Look at this goat

  5. Man Koby doesn’t look old

  6. Rhett is taller than kobe.

  7. 6:20

    “Right into my water”…
    “See! You can play basketball!”

  8. I’m just now realizing the flags are Lakers colors

  9. Just a reminder that rhett is taller than kobe

  10. The three of them hiccupping together is something to cherish. Like, Kobe may be amazing, but he couldn't handle the spice just like me, a normal person xD

  11. this guy with his tomato BS is awful

  12. Rhett is so tall he needs to sit by basketball players to seem normal

  13. just realised Rett is taller than Kobe

  14. Koh-Beh… so glad they said it right.

  15. All of them hiccoughing was hilarious!

  16. Petition to see R&L play a game of horse. I think that Rhett still could have some skills left from his basketball career. ?

  17. This is the first time I am seeing Kobe eating something

  18. So weird how he hiccups after spicy food ??

  19. I have the same shirt as link

  20. It’s been a year

  21. It still bugs me at what an absolute WUSS Link is when it comes to tomatoes

  22. 11:18 simultaneous hiccups

  23. See… you can play basketball. ?

  24. Kobe eats taco’s the way you should eat tacos ?

  25. unbelievable!!! They're eating Kobe beef as "philly cheesesteak" and "Taco"!!!

  26. I-is Rhett taller than him?

  27. Damn Rhett and link are tall af

  28. 13:02 Kobe genuinely asks if they know what the time is lol

  29. Wait I just looked it up, Rhett is 6”7 wtf

  30. Wow Rhett’s taller than Kobe

  31. this is sooo wholesome and cuuute

  32. Kobe makes Rhett look small

  33. I forgot Rhett is taller than Kobe

  34. The most Kobe thing to do is to win in the clutch. ? Kobeeeee!

  35. Did he really dump tomatoes on Kobe's hands? ?

  36. Should have called it Kobe or not kobe

  37. It was a whole ass plate there he coulda used ….

  38. The fact Rhett is taller than even a professional basketball player leaves me speechless.

  39. Why didnt Rhett drink his taco water? ?

  40. Kobe Bryant
    Lets talk about that

  41. I watched kobe ask "you know what time it is?" About 10 times hahahhaha

  42. I want those meatballs

  43. Hope he didn't cheat

  44. You are American and English is your 1st language "he is just people"!!! it should be " he is just a person"!!!

  45. I got so pissed when I saw that they made a taco with the wagyu

  46. Kobe Bryant seems like a genuinely good dude.

  47. Every time Kobe takes a bite I wanna say, “That’s a mamba mentality sized bite”

  48. I’m impressed with how seamlessly Kobe fit in with them, he was so quick witted and hilarious. GMM should hire him as his 3rd host, I might actually listen to Kobe’s podcast.

  49. This vid probably cost thousands ?

  50. So this is where Sean got that question.

  51. Yeah speaking of his part cast a lot of parents these days start arguing with the school reprie or coach and it becomes more leg a professional sport and trying to be the best verses just having fun

  52. The original basic to boogie

  53. 10:05
    Link: I would bet the farm
    Kobe: please, don’t bet the farm. The farm is gone.


  54. They have a funny chemistry love it

  55. Fun fact: Rhett is taller than Kobe

  56. Kobe's hands are huge. So are his shoulders.

  57. His hands are huge . Like Rhett is around his height and his hands are smaller jeeeze

  58. I wanted to see kobe a rhett standing next to eachother

  59. 13:06 this man was at that all day

  60. The fact Kobe has never won an MVP is unreal.

  61. "You heard about me"
    Still hilarious in 2019!

  62. Weird to think that Rhett is still taller than kobe

  63. 4:00 why are they hating so hard on Kobe. They're not even half way into this.

  64. Soon will it kobe?

  65. When they all started hiccuping at the same time I cracked up

  66. I'm surprised Kobe seems like such a nice guy

  67. What's the difference between time and Kobe Bryant? …. Time passes

  68. Kobe or Not Kobe that is the question

  69. I love this epolisode!!!! Mamba in the house!!!!!

  70. Link is still awkward af even with Kobe. Does he even know how to try and be normal?

  71. Is anybody gonna talk about kobe's bad relationship with his parents

  72. Never Bet The Farm, I’m never taking you to Vegas

    “Kobe Bryant” 2018

  73. Rhett looks normal sized next to kobe

  74. This was so fun! I am not a sports fan but of course I knew who Kobe is. What I didn't know is how funny, diverse and all around cool he is. Thanks, GMM.

  75. Kobe is actually pretty funny

  76. this episode is just pure awesomeness rolled up in a burrito

  77. Most iconic episode

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