Can Tesla Wow Jay Leno With the Next Gen Roadster? [live]

Can Tesla Wow Jay Leno With the Next Gen Roadster? [live]

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  1. Jeep has been doing mirror-less for a very long time. You still put them on. But they can be removed.

  2. Mirrors are so 20th century, my car has sensors, and cameras and AI that take care of that for me…. ???????

  3. Jay Leno has one of the first cool electric cars, from the 1908 I think.

  4. WOW! I’m so excited for this stream to start.

  5. I am wondering how the tow affect the safety in case of a crash. I have a VW UP here in Brazil that is not projected to use a tow as the model 3 and the reason is safety in case of a crash.

  6. I like how Elon tweets what's on his mind. His honesty is refreshing. Barring the pedophile tweet (though that too has additional context that's not heard), he's been right on with everything including parasitic short sellers.

  7. At this moment Tesla is a high-end electric car manufacturer. But when brands like Mercedes, BMW and VAG really catch on it is going to be tough. Because they have better quality materials and don't have to earn a lot of money from their cars.

  8. I remembered the episode when he showed the GM EV1

  9. When you get your roadster and do a review of it, we inclined to do so could send you patreon gifts to help with the tax.

  10. 3 years for a 25k Tesla? Uh let's be honest here, we will be lucky if we see the Model Y in 3 years. There goes Elon with the bogus promises, I guess he still hasn't learned. I love Elon and Tesla but I wish they would under promise and over deliver instead of other way around. They give haters too much ammunition.

  11. Thanks Ben for the unbiased perspective on Saudi Arabia. The new government there knows they need to diversify away from oil and are actively working toward that.

    They've made massive investments in solar energy and are going to be a world leader in solar very quickly. Investing in an an electric car and battery company just makes sense based on their positions.

  12. Can’t you just install the break light socket yourself, like in ICE cars???

  13. No company has ever gotten more free press than tesla

  14. Will Tesla Go Low End? I think there are two possible answers. First is, "No way! Tesla is all about marrying quality and performance with efficiency." All the evidence points this way. The second possible answer is "Tesla was intended to jump-start the industry into EVs for everyone, so Tesla is leading the way to the VolksTesla." Is Elon committed to the vision or to a comfortable profit margin?

    I am inclined to believe that Elon thinks he can beat any market segment with EVs and still honor the Tesla brand.

  15. timestamps would be really nice

  16. C'mon, Ben! How do you mean you don't see a need for a $25k all-electric Tesla? How do you mean it sounds weird? Elon has stated that the whole idea of Tesla is to make electric cars available to the masses. And there are still many folks who can't afford the $35k entry-level Telsa.

  17. Jay Leno, I love to go back and watch his video with Franz and the 2012 Model S, Jay kept mentioning his Chevy Volt like it was THE car of the future to have, but his mouth was on the floor when he got a look at the Tesla Model S, it made the Volt look old already (don't get me wrong, I love the Volt both generations, but them making it a plug in hybrid instead of full electric made the Tesla and the Leaf more compelling.) I'm glad Jay does have a Tesla as a daily driver, it makes sense.

  18. The interview was very good

  19. In regards to the cheaper tesla. I think they want to be more like Samsung than apple. Apple tells everyone they need an iPhone and if they can't afford it they can't have one. Because of that apple doesn't sell phones to a lot of people.
    Samsung on the other hand sells phones at all budget levels to have the most devices sold. Every car that Tesla sells is probably replacing a ICE or hybrid. The more cars replaced the more it reduces the impact on the environment.

  20. Wow thank you I am so happy about the data science assistance. It is so expensive I cant thank you enough

  21. I'm looking forward to buying a model s/3 in the 2020s.. waiting for th3 best battery/-technology minus all the kinks and controversy

  22. Only thing I want from Tesla is a pick-up and or Jeep. Your negativity sucks can you not say Tesla can’t or bad idea….. maybe change it to I hope and wish they can do it and we will see….

  23. Some people believe that Tesla should remain a high end auto maker but Elon's vision is to make EV ownership affordable to the masses. Good luck with trying to convince him of the opposite.

  24. The performance model had most of its money in suspension upgrades and brakes can’t wait to see the model B b stands for budget 25000 model

  25. Tesla stock does not have or need a reason to drop but right now big investors that avoid investment in privet companies and shorts will cause major drop the stock should drop more soon so now is a good time to buy and hold it’s a trade game and the biggest pockets control how it swings at any given time if your small pockets like me buy what you can now and watch the market for the next $40 dollar bump then sell it will drop 35 buy sell its next 40 bump but when it goes private this will not be possible anymore keep 1 stock to be a member and sell rest for 420…. I may not be a Wall Street professional but I made a load of cash off my $40 dollar bump method no I’m not rich just small amounts off cash makes small gains I started with 7 stocks and with reinvestment of my gains I’m up to 33 stocks the next 40 bump will earn me 3 or 4 more stocks

  26. I see the need for a cheaper Tesla. A $35k USD Tesla M3 will be $50k+ AUD this is a pretty expensive car here plus taxes etc the 50k will be more like 54k. I know you want Tesla to remain a premium boutique manufacturer but Chevy doesn’t sell the Bolt here.

  27. Is it a given there will be two Roadsters for him? Others that might qualify are not so sure.

  28. How did you get it into your head that Model Y would be significantly more expensive??? Was X vs S? Even with the crazy doors? Seriously, how do you get those ideas? Tesla wants to sell many.

    I just hope they get smart and design a back of the car that allows some actual cargo space. Estate, baby!

  29. You can't keep growing one car every 3 years. And you can't have Elon freaking out over EVERY bottle neck. He should be able to go on long cruises and get back hearing nothing but great progress. That's his failing as a leader, he needs to delegate and make people want to stay. He seems to make top engineers and managers people want to leave. That hurts progress.

  30. 19:00 except, we KNOW thery had lots of down time, so the totals are going to be WAY off.

  31. 29:00: You're… decreasing range for city driving? That's backwards. Never mind that Model 3 LR RWD Aero actually measured it at an EPA combined figure of 334mi… Getting 225Wh/mi in those conditions (varying levels of traffic, not super-high speeds, etc) is perfectly normal with Model 3 LR RWD Aero (other configs of course can hurt your efficiency). He'd have around 100 miles range left on a typical day, which is a perfectly normal buffer. Of course if he went for big wheels and/or AWD or P, that'd cut into his range. But still not down to 24, that's just silly. That's over 300 Wh/mi, which would be Model S or even X-level energy consumption in those sort of driving conditions.

  32. Can anyone not be moved by the beast that is Tesla Roadster mk II?

  33. Can the Tesla 15" screen protector be used on a normal laptop screen?

  34. Jay's main daily driver is a Model S, before that it was a Volt so he is very much about EVs. He actually has an early EV from 1915 or something as well

  35. 101:18 seems like an basic Toyota Camry @ around 25k would be much more economical. In that situation you would get close to 34 mpg at a constant 75 mph. If there is a ton of stop and go the Camry hybrid will make back its $3000 premium. Still less than half the price of the Tm3. If you could by the base long range 3 for 45k vs the 60 k car that Ben suggests then the Tm3 wins
    . It seems a Car like the Volt would be the best option. You get $10,000 in tax credits. 40 mpg real world highway mileage. No range anxiety. You can use up to 60 miles of electric power each way further cutting cost. The Volt is also proven to be far more reliable than any Tesla made to date. I would love to see the numbers on the Volt.

  36. The Audi E etron for what it looks like will not have a mirror, but will have a somewhat LCD screen near inside the door panel so I figure it might be allowed.

  37. if they are using the 2170 in the roadster the pack would only be 2905-50% bigger that current p100d model s battery pack

  38. well Africa is the fastest growing region in the world, booming middle class turns of rich people esp places like Rwanda nd Ethiopia tesla should consider expanding within the next 5 years.. there aren't even in the middle east which I a reaction with the highest GDP per capita

  39. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs may join the "going private" investment group? Did I hear rightly? (of course, more rumor than fact, for which I apologize). Yahoo Finance published this afternoon. Norway Capital did issue a public statement saying they were assured continued support when Tesla goes private. Stock is on the rise today. Oh that rumor mill. "You're flyin' high in April and then you're shot down in May…"

  40. In my Rav4 EV, If I can get home with 24 miles left I'm beyond stoked with 0 range anxiety. In this scenario lol. 99.5% of days that model 3 is going to make that commute with 90% charge. If you are on the way home and it looks like you might not make it, stop at a supercharger for 5-10 minutes.

  41. Ben, of course Tesla wants to make affordable cars. They're making high end cars now to help pay for their future! The more cars they can sell, the more money they make. And you even said one time, that Elon don't personally care about money… he just wants the company to flourish.

  42. Guys peep the tesla site for teslas plans.. no need to speculate. Ive not seen anybody mention how tesla offering their technology for free to other manufactures to help expedite the electric car revolution. That alone is a testament to teslas commitment to change the world for the better. I find it amazing people dont recognize this. Cheers

  43. Ben I have experienced a significant slow down in 0-60 performance after owning my model 3 and it happened in one night after a software update it was instantaneously noticable. Have you collected any days on this or can you create a video on this? I was clocking 4.7 and now at 5.3 over night significant ly slower and extremely noticable

  44. Firefighters where I live work 24 on 48 off.

  45. In the Q&A there was a question about the super charging shutting off after a few minutes. You said the charger is in the car. In the case of supercharging the charger electronics is in the supercharger cabinet, not the car. The only thing the car does when supercharging is directly connect the supercharger to the battery and then tell the supercharger stack how much current to provide. The most likely issue is with the supercharger if it cuts off unexpectedly. I would switch to a different numbered pedestal. The pedestals with the same number have shared supercharger electronics.

  46. stupid question of course Jay Leno is open to all kinds of cars. He s always respectful and points out the positive in almost every car he reviews

  47. Hi Ben, nice show; but I imagine that if someone wants a Tesla in Africa, they'd have to develop their own equivalent. (Elon Musk left Africa 200,000 years ago).

    Teslas are for "Alf" looking guys. Straight hair is a must have. ?

  48. 92k followers!….look at you

  49. Who needs a small rearview mirror when you can use a small rear facing camera which can project a complete panoramic rear view onto your dash,

  50. if Tesla wants to be a bigger player in the Automobiles industry, Tesla needs to make a cheaper version car for countries like China, India, Brazil, etc…

  51. You should see about looking at the VAG electric cars coming they have 5 electric cars coming before 2020 and broke the pikes peak record with a electric car. Have used electric in Endurance racing for 8 years and are in Formula E so they will be undercutting Tesla and also hitting the SUV market first and the Sports car market so they will have real competition

  52. Ben ,what model iphone do you use? Next to your flat cap, next to your latte. Thanks

  53. What a stupid video

  54. Audi has demoed a working car system with cameras for the side mirrors.

  55. After the Y tesla only needs a proper hatchback in their lineup. A hatchback could definitely cost $25k and would cater to the european market.

  56. Ben, college students may be able to take the first step into electric vehicles with the FUV from Arcimoto.

  57. Ben – would you need to tow when you get your Model X ??? (order it order it order it)

  58. Shell bought the largest one in Europe. BP bought the largest one in the UK. which I believe is the second largest in Europe.

  59. I really don't understand why Ben has difficulty with AP. My 2.5 is pretty flawless. Great for in town, etc.

  60. Ben, I've tried access your DSJob page and a notice popped up stating that such page is not available.

  61. Using the battery cells being used in the Model 3, a 200 kilowatt battery pack will weigh over a ton, even with clever engineering. That sweet low profile in the new Roadster would look very different.

    That isn't what's happening. Can't be.

    The Tesla Semi numbers also don't add up. Bloomberg consulted experts and simply couldn't make the numbers work – if enough battery capacity was provided to achieve the promised 500 mile range, it would be too damn heavy and eat to deeply into cargo capacity (and therefore profits). Daimler is reported as having stated flatly that the most they could see from a battery-powered Semi was 250 miles; they accused Tesla of 'breaking the laws of physics.' But that accusation rests on an assumption: that Tesla is using the same battery cells in the Semi as are used in the Model 3. That assumption can't be valid. Daimler also said that the cost of the battery pack would push the price of the Tesla Semi higher than Tesla's announced prices for the truck.

    None of that makes sense, if you assume no cell improvement.

    And it gets worse – Tesla now estimates the range of the Semi at over 600 miles. That just doesn't seem possible with existing cells.

    I think what's happening is a new, higher-energy density cell is in Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) at the Gigafactory, and they stuck that new LRIP cell in the new Roadster and in the Tesla Semi prototypes. Lower weight, longer range, faster performance and – perhaps most important – lower cost, since fewer cells are required in packs to attain a given level of performance.

    Musk also promised to get below the $100 per kilowatt hour price threshold for Tesla's battery packs, which is an important milestone for making the $35K Model 3 profitable. And he did say that Tesla is already redesigning the Model 3 battery pack. He didn't say a new cell was going into it, but just how much more performance can they squeeze out of pack structural components and electronics? 5%, maybe? That would be a generous prediction.

    No, they have to have a new cell to make that worth doing.

    A $25K model is within reach if a new, higher-energy cell is coming on line. Think of a Mini-Cooper type city car with good range, maybe 250 miles – less than half of what the new Roadster will get. A car like that could have all of the advantages of the Mini: easy to fit into parking spaces, low operating costs (better than the Mini, actually), utterly reliable, a decent people-hauler and cargo-hauler for its size. Tesla could sell a boatload of them. It's not outlandish to hope to see a car like that within 4 years. This would be an excellent candidate for mass-market production in China; not all Chinese consumers are going to be interested in premium vehicles.

    I think Tesla will also refresh the Model S and X with new battery packs that will reduce weight, extend range, or – most likely – a combination.

    With a new, higher-energy-density cell, prices can come down, too. At the moment, Tesla lacks much competition, but eventually, their rising production rate will overmatch demand if they don't plan to stimulate demand, somehow. A higher-energy-density cell will do that. Tesla EVs are grabbing sales from ICE vehicles with their current cells; a much-improved cell will enable Tesla, not only to crush high-end production sports cars, but ICE vehicles in every class.

    I admit my notions are speculative and unconfirmed. But nothing else really makes sense to me. Or Bloomberg. Or Daimler.

  62. Why do Teslas pull to the right lane when they see a Porsche in the rear mirror on German autobahns.

  63. Who is betting that the company will go bust before people are meant to get their roaster.

  64. If Tesla don’t open another plant, they can just buy Fremont town and call it Tesla

  65. Click Bait titling.

  66. You can buy the new roadster in 2020 and drive it in 2030

  67. wtf does this have to do with jay leno

  68. Huh, nice clickbait with that thumbnail, you got my view for the first 3 minutes…

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