Can We Destroy It? (GAME) Ft. Becky Lynch

Can We Destroy It? (GAME) Ft. Becky Lynch

– Today we smash. – For cash. – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning. – And please welcome to
the show our new friend AKA The Man, WWE superstar Becky Lynch. – Woo!
(crew applauds) – Thank you, thank you.
– Welcome. – All right now we brought you here ’cause you know a thing or two
about breaking things, right? – Oh I sure do, breaking
arms, breaking faces, breaking glass ceilings
every gosh darn day. – (chuckles) Okay. – Your face doesn’t appear
to have ever been broken. – It has actually quite recently. – I know, that’s the thing. – But I’m like Wolverine, dude,
I just repair it so quick. – You heal.
– Amazing. – I heal.
– Okay hopefully no faces will be broken today but some stuff– – Can’t guarantee nothing.
– Will be broken. Now we now you’re appearing
at Wrestle Mania this Sunday where you’re gonna be smashing
your fist into anything that looked at you
funny and you’re in luck because we’ve come up with a
game that will further hone your smashing skills to
levels that no opponent could ever prepare for.
– Mm-hmm and when it’s all said and done, all we
ask is that you thank us by not hurting us.
– Please. – Deal? – I don’t know, it depends on– (Rhett laughs) I haven’t spent enough
time with you guys yet. – Okay.
– Okay. It’s time for Smash for Cash
with the Irish Lass Kicker. – Welcome to the smash zone. – Yeah, the point of Smash
for Cash is to be the player who has the most smash cash at the end and the only way to win
smash cash successfully is to successfully smash something and we’re gonna start
with $1,000 smash each. – Yes, now the items we’re gonna be smashing are
under these cloaks of mystery. – Ooh.
– And some items are harder to smash than others
and the smash cash value is directly related to how
difficult that thing is to smash and that’s why it’s very
strategic to pick the right item. – Well we need to determine
who gets to choose first. And we’re gonna do that
by drawing sledgehammers. – Of course that’s what we’re gonna do. – All right so we got a rock with some little sledgehammers in it and– – You’re our guest so you choose first. Whoever has the longest sledgehammer gets the power of choice. – What’s your rationale here?
– Oh, oh. – [Link] Looks like– – Ha, so my rationale actually– – Hey, watch out!
– Actually my rationale would be that my mom always says in a multiple choice answer
if you don’t know the answer, it’s always C. A, B, C, C.
– Okay, all right. Well you don’t know that
that’s the longest one, I mean–
– That’s also true. – You’re just–
– This one may be even longer. Whoa. Nope. – And oh, you do have
the longest one, okay. – C, it’s always C. – So Becky you get to choose
which item you want to smash and just stand behind it. It seems that she has chosen
seemingly the biggest one. – Okay I’ve got the next
longest sledgehammer and you know what, I feel
good about mama bear, medium sized, so I’m just
gonna step in front of what I’m already in front of. – All right now we get to choose our smash implement contraption, okay, from this pricing board over here. – Okay we’ve got a salami
for $100 smash cash, we’ve got a leg for 225
and we have a aluminum bat for 350 and Link since you
got the shortest stick, we’ll go in reverse order. – Okay, I mean I got the smallest thing which makes it hard to
justify spending more money on a bat. I’m just gonna spend $100 on the salami. – Really?
– I got the small thing. – Oh my.
– That’s fine Lucas, thank you. – I really wanna see Becky
hold that leg. (laughs) So I’m gonna pay 350 for the bat. – Becky that leaves you
with the mannequin leg. Okay so–
– We’ll just go down the line. – All right Rhett let’s find out what you’re attempting to smash. (drum rolls) Seriously? – The bat may have been overkill. – $300 for a butter
sculpture of, who is that? – [Stevie] This is Josh. – Josh made a self-portrait of butter? – Oh gosh.
– Okay and it’s $300. But I’m spending 350. – Now the rule of smashing is
you can only take one swing. – I could come in this way and then maybe. Go left-handed. How ’bout this, come right
down on top of it, ready? Here we go. (Rhett grunts, laughs) – [Link] Oh yeah! – I think that smashed. – Did you–
– Oh that’s good butter. – All right let’s find out
what I’m gonna sausage smash. (drum rolls) Oh. (chuckles) – [Rhett] That looks like an urn of sorts. – Is there ashes of someone in this? – [Stevie] Yes that is Mythical Chef Josh. (Rhett laughs) – That’s where he’s been.
– That’s the rest of his body. – I mean this is impossible, right? – If you knock the urn off of the table with the salami and it falls
on the ground and busts, that doesn’t could as smash. Correct.
– Okay? – Oh, okay. Yeah.
– Whoa ho! He’s gotta get that height. – Here we go, I gotta, I don’t know, maybe it’s breakaway urn, you know? Here I go. (grunts loudly) – Oh!
– Yeah! (yells dramatically) – Whoa!
– My goodness! – Okay.
– Look at that. Yeah. – That counts as a smash,
ladies and gentlemen. How’s that salami? – Very tasty. Okay Becky, let’s find out
what you’re gonna smash. – All right. (drum rolls) Oh! – $450 of some sort of cheap guitar. – Okay, I just gotta see which
is the sturdiest part of, I think the heel, right? Or is it like this? Hold the foot.
– I think so. That feels like you’re
getting the most speed. – I’m nervous. – Oh me too, trust me. – All right.
– You want the salami? (whacks guitar)
(Rhett and Link yell) (whacks guitar)
(Rhett and Link yell) – Boom!
– There it is! – Boom!
– Whoa! That smashed. – Put that in your pipe and smoke it. (Rhett laughs) – Okay that means I’m
in last place with 950. Becky you’re at second place with 1225, and Link you’re in first
place with $1400 smash. – Yeah. – Okay we’ve got three new items for our final round of smashing. – And Rhett, since you were losing. – Yep, that’s me. – He’s losing.
– I’m the guy who destroyed butter with an aluminum bat. – You get to choose
the first sledgehammer. – Okay well should I take your
mom’s advice and go for C, but technically C might be
the furthest away from me because I am on the C side. (chuckles) The C side. I’m gonna pick this one. – Woo!
– Oh! – All right, that one–
– Works every single time. – You’re right.
– Yes. – Becky are you going, go
ahead and choose second. – Oh but now I’m upset that I’m– (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett] Whoa. – And so you are going third
so let’s get this out of here and Rhett, you get to
choose which veiled smasher you wanna hit first. What do you wanna hit? – So really I’m so far behind, the only way that I can
make up ground is basically through the ol’ salami
urn move that you did in round one. – Not easy.
– Classic salamier. – I’ve got to pick the
hardest item and then pick the worst tool and hope I get lucky. Actually I kinda feel
like I should just stay in front of this because
what are the chances that the hardest item
is in the same place. It’s probably moved over here,
it’s not the biggest item ’cause of the surface area. I’m gonna stick right here. – Okay do I want the biggy or the flatty? – A little fellatial lookin’.
(Rhett chuckles) – What do you think that is?
– I don’t know. I just said it’s a
little fellatial lookin’. – Like a filet?
– Yes. – I never heard that particular
phrase but I’m into it. – Okay Becky, I’m gonna
leave the big one to you and I’m gonna go for the filet-like– – Yeah, right.
– Thing in the middle. All right and Becky since
you didn’t get to choose, you get to choose first. – Oh ho.
– From the arsenal of smashers.
– Oh man. – What do we have here? (Becky gasps) – Ooh, I’m taking the steel chair. – The steel chair.
– Just like that, yeah. I mean this is definitely.
– That’s familiar. – You’re a master of that, and that’s a good deal at 250 bucks. – Yeah, exactly. – So then for me, do I spend
$400 on the sledgehammer? I got money to burn or do
I take the barbed wire– – Pool noodle.
– Noodle. I got money to burn, give
me that sledgehammer. – Yeah it’s a husky.
– Oh yeah. It’s, that is solid.
– And look what I get. – Gosh. – Okay well, first of
all, mission accomplished. I have the worst tool. I’ve been instructed
that we all need to place our eye protection on so I’ll
hand that out to everybody. – Thank you. There you go, Becky.
– All right. – Get this on.
– All right so Rhett, you’re gonna go first.
– Okay here we go. (drum rolls) (crew laughs) – [Becky] Oh God love ya. – Ah, watermelon. – I only get one, I only get one whack? – You only get one whack. – How ’bout a series of whacks? How ’bout some sympathy whacks? – You know, I don’t know
what do you think Becky, for like an additional $100 you want him– – Oh 100%. – Let him get another whack.
– Yeah, yeah. Let’s give him a few whacks. – So I’m gonna go ahead
and preemptively pay that extra $100 for two whacks. – All right so you’re– – Not knowing what the
first whack’s gonna be like. – That’s three whacks total? – No it’s two whacks.
– Oh two whacks. – You wanna give me–
– We’ll give you three whacks. – Three whacks, at $100 a pop. – Yeah.
– $100 a pop. Maybe 70 buck, let’s give him a bargain. Not $100. (whacks watermelon) – [Link] That’s one. Nothing really happened. – A little cut on the skin.
– It broke the skin. (whacks watermelon) – Two.
– And. (whacks watermelon)
– Oh! (whacking watermelon) I knocked the price tag off. – You took off half of the bar code. That is not a smash, you’re out, man. – I really think if I had a lot of– – Okay, stop it, stop it! Stop it! Can you tell him to stop it? – I just depleted all my smash cash. – All right let’s find
out what I’m gonna smash. (drum rolls) – Flat, it’s filet-like. (all laughing) Now I think this is actually not as simple as you might think. It might bounce back if
you, I mean, you know what, I’m gonna stay out of it actually. You wish you had the pool
noodle, don’t you, bro? (chuckles) Yeah, you do. – All right.
– Bust that thing right up. – You are right, I mean,
this thing is so heavy. There’s not a lot of accuracy involved. All right here I go. Three, two, one. (whacks wood) (Rhett laughs excitedly) – Woo! Yeah, Becky! Yeah, Becky! You definitely have a
chance, you got a chance. – Oh my God.
– Get him! – They don’t call me the
comeback kid for nothing. – What? All right Becky.
– Let’s see how I’m gonna win. (chuckles) – [All] Oh. – Oh okay.
– We got a big ol’ television. – [Becky] Old school. – All right Becky so this is worth $550. You’re only losing by
25 bucks at this point. – I think we should at
least give her a preemptive extra smash for 100 bucks. – Okay.
– All right. – ‘Cause it’s only fair given what– – Two smash attempts, you’re now at $875. – Okay all right. Oh two smash, okay. – All right.
– All right. – Whenever you’re ready. – Just wondering how… – Okay, she really, she’s really thinking. (whacks TV) – Oh!
– Oh ho ho ho ho! (whacks TV) – Oh!
– Oh ho ho ho ho! Whoa, that is, ooh, there’s
some serious smashing that happened I mean, this
whole back part came off. – [Becky] Oh it did, it did smash. – It’s cracked but it isn’t smashed. You bought another one, let’s have it. – I think you gotta
get that screen busted. Oh yeah, yeah, use
that, use that leverage. (whacks TV)
– Ow! – Kind of smashed.
– All right let’s take a look. – [Becky] And my wood broke. – That right there is–
– That’s another. – Is fully cracked.
– A functional television. – [Link] Oh my goodness. – Didn’t smash but it cracked. But oh, I smashed it more
than you two smashed yours. (Rhett laughs) – All right. – [Stevie] We’re gonna
rule a smash over here. – Yes!
– That is a smash. You know what.
– Does that mean I won? – Congratulations, you win–
– Oh I’m a winner. – We got an assortment of
prizes but you’re also, I just kinda want you to
have at it, so go for it! One more! – Oh gosh.
– Oh my gosh. Yeah! Good! Woo!
– Woo hoo! (Rhett laughing)
– Congratulations Becky! She is smashing the television. – Oh.
(whacking TV) Okay that means that
Becky is the first ever GMM Smash for Cash champion
and gets to redeem her cash for a prize in Good Mythical More. – All right and be sure to check Becky out at WrestleMania this Sunday, April 7th! – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – Now you say you know what time it is. – You know what time it is. – I’m Payne from New Orleans, Louisiana, and I’m at WrestleMania 34. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Woo hoo! Crossover!
– Yes! – Click the top link to watch us guess some Irish slang with Becky
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality’s going to land. Rep ya boys. Get one or both of our enamel pins, available now at

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