Can You Eat That? (GAME)

Can You Eat That? (GAME)

Today, we’re gonna eat stuff we didn’t know
we could eat. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!.
– As you might know, we recently released a video on the rhettandlink
channel, a music video called (both) “Are You Gonna Eat That?” – ♪ (heavy electronic music) ♪
– (Rhett singing) Are you gonna at that? It was basically us eating a bunch of
stuff, which is kinda the music-video – version of… this show, at this point.
– Our lives. Out lives. Be honest. – But you have seen that we are willing
– We eat stuff. to eat lost of things that people might
not eat be, uh… – normally in the mood to eat,
– Mhm. but everything that we eat is edible,
technically. We don’t eat things that could kill us, but today, we’re gonna
play a game… – Like that live, raw chicken.
– Yeah. – That we cut right before you ate.
– Right, I didn’t actually eat it. We eat things that won’t kill us, but on
today’s episode, if you make the wrong choice, you might eat something
that’ll kill ya. – What?
– Is that how it works? No, actually, no. (stammering) But we’ve devised a way
to learn what’s edible… – Yes.
– …that you didn’t know. It’s time to play… “Is It Edible or
Dead-ible?” subtitle, “Can you eat that… or can you
eat that thing beside it?” We’re gonna take turns, so who’s
going first? – Me– I– you– me?
– (Noah offscreen) Link is gonna go first. – Link’s gonna go first.
– Oh, thank you! And then Link will have two things
in front of him. He has to pick – which one is actually the edible thing.
– Which is edible; what’s dead-ible. – If I get it right, I get a point…
– Yep. and you have to eat the edible thing.
If I get it wrong, you get the point, – and I have to eat the thing…
– (Rhett) Right. …that’s edible, but I’m told that none
of the things are desirable, – even though their technically edible.
– So if you’re not able to eat the thing in that round that you have been
specified to eat, the other guy gets another point. You’ll understand.
Let’s go ahead and get started with… (both) Round One! – (sizzling and a ding)
– (Both Rhett & Link) Round One! – ♪ (light jazz) ♪
– All right, waiter Chase, bring it out. If you’d bring it in to me. – Wow, look at that. It’s very fancy.
– I feel so… yeah, it’s plastic, but it… (knocking)
That’s totally plastic. Oh, you shouldn’t have revealed
that that was plastic. – ♪ (harp glissando) ♪
– (Rhett) Could you say something nice… – …when you reveal it?
– (Link) Okay. – Yeah, absolutely. Voilà!
– Oh, that’s– oh, very nice, Chase. – “Voilà.”
– (Link) So I’m going to choose which one of these is edible?
What is this? (Rhett) Well, it’s gonna be the wrappers. (Noah offscreen) They are both the
wrappers, so Starburst and Mexican candy. I think I know that Starburst wrappers
are edible, because it’s so hard to get ’em off. You just might as well
just eat it. So that’s what I think, but I’m not gonna
put anything past Mexico. I mean, they are sly with the sugar.
(rustling) This thing could be sugar… – (Rhett laughing) “This thing.”
– Smells like a wrapper. – What’s your answer?
– Uh… I’m almost positive that you can eat a Starburst wrapper,
technically. So I’m saying that: – Starburst wrappers.
– (Noah offscreen) You are correct. – Okay, so (correct ding), and you have to
– (Rhett) Eat one. – eat all three of these.
– (Rhett) I have to eat all three of these? (crunchy chewing) Did you put all three in your mouth?
(laughing) (Link) Sounds like you’re churning butter
in your mouth. – (laughing) Round Two!
– All right! – (sizzling and a ding)
– (Both Rhett & Link) Round Two! – All right, this is for Rhett.
– Bring her in, Chase. – You coulda tucked your shirt in, Chase.
– (laughing) When I go to fancy restaurants, the
waiters have their shirts tucked in. – ♪ (harp glissando) ♪
– What’s this? – (Link) What do you see, Rhett? Tell us.
– (Rhett) I see a plum pit. Obviously a plum is edible, but they’re
giving me the plum as a reference. Talking ’bout the plum pit. And then
there’s a dandelion: flower and the seeds. Okay, now… I hope that Chase gnawed the
plum off of that pit and you’re gonna have – to eat the pit.
– (Rhett) I know for a fact, Jack, that dandelion is edible, because you
can get it in fancy restaurants. – So I’m gonna go with dandelion.
– Okay. – (Noah offscreen) You are correct.
– (correct ding) Oh! – (Link) So I’m supposed to eat…
– (Rhett) All of it! – You made me eat both those…
– Both of these are edible? They’re different forms of the same thing. – (Noah offscreen) Both edible.
– (Rhett) I hope… don’t blow on it! – (Rhett) Oh, it’s like a lollipop.
– (crew offscreen laughing) Look at that. You took it in just like
a lollipop. How is that? – Ooh, it’s bitter!
– Eat dat. – (Link, deep voice) “Eat dat! Eat dat!”
– (laughing) You cannot eat a plum pit, – is the natural implication here.
– (Noah offscreen) That’s correct… – (loud chewing)
– …may contain cyanide, which prevents… – (loud chewing)
– …blood from being transported… – (loud chewing)
– …transporting oxygen, and you die… – …from asphyxiation.
– It’s like someone ordered a bad salad, raked off the stuff they didn’t want,
and forced me to eat it. – But… you ate it.
– But nothing. I did eat it. Yeah. – So you don’t get another point.
– Next round! – (sizzling and a ding)
– (Both Rhett & Link) Round Three! -All right, Chaster, bring it in, and…
– Could you say “Bon appétit” when – you open it? ♪ (harp glissando) ♪
– (Chase) “Bon appétit!” (Rhett) Whoa, that’s turtle! (Link) What is this, like a… like a ear
of a… like a Vulcan? That’s the top of a chicken’s head, dude. – (Link) Oh, no.
– (Noah) You’re right, that is a cockscomb. I got really scared for a second, then I
realized, “You know, I’ma get this right.” – (Rhett moaning)
– You have to eat it! (manic laughing) You can’t eat a turtle shell! How could
you get this down, anyway? I think you’re gonna get two points
this round! – (both laughing)
– You can eat this, but I’m not even gonna touch it. The comb of a chicken
is edible by some people. – (Noah offscreen) That is correct.
– Yes! (Noah offscreen) Many turtle shells have
salmonella. – (correct ding)
– Ooh, it’s greasy. Look at that grease. – How was this prepared?
– (Noah offscreen) That was boiled. – (sputters)
– It looks like a human ear that’s been… – (crew laughing offscreen)
– It’s just boiled? It looks like a multi-finned fish. I’m
[gonna] think [about] it like that. “Oh, look at this three-finned bream…
from the pond.” But picture it perched on the top
of the chicken. (crew offscreen laughing) – To roosters everywhere.
– (Link) It’s big! It’s this is what’s now, what’s next?
Gosh, you… – (Rhett laughing) Oh!
– (high-pitched voice) Oh! (laughing) – Come on, do it, man. Do it.
– I can’t even get through it. – It’s so fatty and so cartilage-y.
– (Link) Ugh! – (crunchy stretching)
– (Link and crew offscreen gagging) Ugh, ugh, ugh. (crunchy chewing) (crew offscreen laughing) – (crunch)
– (Link) I’m sorry, dude. – You know what? Gimme the point.
– (mouth full) I can’t do it, man. – You don’t have a trash can over there.
– (gags) I got one. – (correct ding)
– Here, eh… – (spitting)
– Ooh, there is a trash can over there. – (sizzling and a ding)
– (Both Rhett & Link) Round Four! Okay, that was bad. I’m afraid where it’s
going next, but… one of the things we forgot to mention
at the top was the grand prize is really good. The person who wins gets to
eat this amazing pastrami cheeseburger. Something that you would want
to eat, unlike… – Oh…
– chicken head that I just ate. And it’s– oh, man, that smells good.
So I’m just gonna… – That’s what’s up for grabs.
– Keep my eye on the prize. – Next one, Chase. Bring it on out.
– ♪ (light jazz) ♪ – This is for me, right? Okay…
– Uh, no. This is for me. Oh. Yeah, that’s right. – ♪ (harp glissando) ♪
– (Chase) “Bon appétit.” – (Rhett) Oh…
– What is… okay. – What do you think that is, Rhett?
– (Rhett) Uh… This is something that drops out of a tree. It’s like an acorn
or something. – What is it?
– (Noah offscreen) It’s called a rambutan. (Noah) It comes from a medium-sized
tropical tree. Okay, and then this is the top
of a pineapple. (Link) What’s your answer? (Rhett exhales) Pineapple seems like
the kinda things that’s just like, (silly voice) “Hey, you know what? You
can eat the fruit, but stay away from the leaves. They’re poisonous.” Like you
could see, like, Keanu Reeves saying that. – I just did, I think.
– (laughing) (Rhett) I’m gonna say that the
rrr-AHM-ya-taaaan… – is… edible!
– (Noah offscreen) You are correct. – Yeah! (correct ding)
– Really? Yeah, man.
(silly voice) You gotta eat this. Well, stop touchin’ it! I don’t wanna eat
things you’ve touched. Or this, – for any reason.
– (through laughter) Okay. (Noah offscreen) You do cut it open,
and there is a small piece inside. – Hm…
– What you got in there? (Rhett) Looks like a sea animal.
Ooh. Ooh! – Look at that, guys!
– (Rhett) I knda want to eat this. (chewing) It tastes like a grape!
(Rhett) So there’s no issue. There’s no issue with me eating it,
so I want you to try it. – Whoa. Ram-a-tan!
– It’s amazing! – Ram-a-TAN!
– Ram-a-TAN! – …Is that way you call it?
– (Noah offscreen) Rambutan. Rambutan. – (sizzling and a ding)
– (Both Rhett & Link) Round Five! Bring ‘er in! Link, this is your choice. – Oh, yeah, it is. I choose to choose.
– Yes. – All right! Oui oui, monsieur!
– ♪ (harp glissando) ♪ (Rhett) Hey, we’re not tipping you,
by the way. Okay, so we’ve got… Is this lard? (Rhett) It’s soap. And what is th– heh, this is like
air freshener? Oh, gosh. Okay. This one’s pretty easy. (laughing)
I knew… (stammering) I can’t eat that whole bar of soap!
Y’all gotta give me a portion that’s… I– (coughs) I’ll give you a portion
that’s edible. I’m saying that this is edible, and that Rhett is gonna need to
eat a portion. – Look, it’s got fat floatin’ on top.
– (Noah offscreen) You are correct. – Okay. (correct ding) Wow, Rhett.
– (Noah) Not all soap is edible, however. You have to make sure it’s made from
natural, non-toxic ingredients… He’s eating it. It doesn’t… The
disclaimers don’t matter to me. – (Rhett) So I need a knife.
– You rip it apart, and whatever you – rip off is what you have to eat.
– Oh! Nooo… Yeah! And try to rip it as small
as you can. Okay, then I’ll take my fingernail
and rip it off. (stammering) With all your fingers. (lip smacking) That was so soapy. All right, just… here. Can I cut
you a sliver? Dude, I can tell you from the little
fingernail– Oh my gosh! – There’s no way!
– (Link) I think you have to eat that much. – (Link) I’ll taste a little bit.
– Oh, it’s so strong! Why’d you get such a strong flavor? – (Link) Oh my goodness.
– There’s no way I– – I mean, just that…
– Ugh! Ugh, yeah. Yeah. – Don’t do it.
– But I’m down so far now! – Oh, gosh! Just that little bit
that’s on my tongue is burnin’! – Yeah it’s bad.
– Mm! – (sizzling and a ding)
– (Both Rhett & Link) Round Six! Why did I eat what you had to eat?
Like, I was so curious. – That was–
– I couldn’t believe that is was… – That was all you, brother.
– …bad as you said. – ♪ (harp glissando) ♪
– Can I see the manager? – Oh my goodness.
– ‘Cause this is hair. – (Link laughing)
– (Rhett) And, uh, cardboard. – Is that hair?
– (Link) The question is, whose? (Rhett) It looks like it comes
from a certain place. – Like Peru. All right…
– (crew laughing offscreen) (Rhett) Well, I mean, I know you can
eat hair. There are people who eat hair. I think the question is, is it safe to
hair? This is difficult. – It is difficult.
– I’m gonna say the hair is edible. (Noah offscreen) Unfortunately,
that is incorrect. – Oh! (incorrect buzzer)
– But you’re saying that cardboard is digestible? Try it out. It’s digestible.
hair is not digestible. I’ll also make that argument. If you eat
a piece of cardboard, uh… I think it’s gonna come out a
little altered. (chewing) (exhales) We’ve eaten paper before. That’s
a lot better than the soap. – It’s pretty nasty.
– (Link) Lemme see it. It’s still… it’s completely still bound
as cardboard. – Just give up, man.
– I need this point real bad. The point spread isn’t that much.
Now, I’m about to burp, and I think – it’s gonna make a bubble.
– There’s a lotta fiber in this. Just swallow it. You’ve swallowed a
pill bigger than that before. – (cup hits the table) Down.
– Next round. – (sizzling and a ding)
– (Both Rhett & Link) Round Seven! All right, got a little fiber in
your diet. Now it’s my turn to decide. (Rhett) It feels like it’s expanding! – (Chase laughing)
– (Link) Okay, you’re gonna drop some? – ♪ (harp glissando) ♪
– Okay… So we have simple green cleaner, and… (Noah offscreen) That is oven grease.
From Eddie’s oven. (Link) Oven grease is just drippings from
food that have been heated. – You would think that’s edible.
– (Link) But I think there’s also oven cleaner in there.
That concerns me. (Rhett) There could be anything
in Eddie’s oven. If you guys tell me this is edible,
(stammering) and I drink it, I don’t believe you.
You know what? I’m going with the cleaner, because
I think that it’s all natural. (Noah offscreen) Incorrect. – (laughing)
– (Link) Oh! (incorrect buzzer) – (two claps) (correct ding)
– You can’t eat this! – (Rhett) Well, you gotta try, sucka!
– Ugh, Eddie, gosh! What have you been doin’ in your oven?!
Like smell that. – Guh! (spits)
– (laughing) I can’t eat this! (Rhett) That smells like something
you’ clean out of… – (dry heaves)
– (everyone on and offscreen laughing) – Like… I’m gagging!
– It smells like something that… …like, fell off of a dead body while
it was being moved. (Rhett laughing) If smelling it makes me gag, I’m not
gonna eat it. (correct ding) – (sizzling and a ding)
– (Both Rhett & Link) Round Eight! – Bring ‘er in, Chase!
– (singsong voice) I’m sittin’ pretty! Okay, so in order to win this, or
actually, I can’t win. But in order to tie, what I have to do is I have to–
Whoa. There’s a lot of stuff on here. – (Link laughing)
– I have to get this right, and then you have to not be able to eat,
and then we would tie. So this is ink from a printer cartridge,
which I’m assuming the Leatherman is made for piercing, and then this is
hairspray. I have to think that you – can’t eat hairspray, uh…
– (Link) They say you can’t put anything – on your head you can’t eat.
– I guess in some weird world, you can eat printer ink.
Why not. – Printer ink. That’s my answer.
– (Noah offscreen) You are… correct! – What?! (correct ding) What?!
– (Noah) BECAUSE we got special… EDIBLE cake ink that you use you use to
print pictures on top of cakes. – Oh, it’s cake ink, Link!
– Well, first of all, get rid of this, – ’cause it stinks, waiter..
– So hold on. Okay, so here we go. I just got a point, and now if you can
consume every last bit of cake ink… – (Link laughing)
– outta here, then you win. – If not, we split that burger, buddy!
– How does this… – (Rhett) Here, I’ll pierce it for you.
– (Noah offscreen) Pop that top off. – (Noah) it is completely edible.
– It’s icing. – (Noah) Basically. Sugar. Lift.
– But it’s black icing, which is strong. (lip smacking) Okay, you should be able
to just suck on that part. – (sucking)
– You get any? (Rhett) OH! (laughing) (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) – This is not edible!
(Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) – This is a joke!
– Oh my goodness! Oh, look. It’s on my mouth, too! – How did it get on your mouth?!
– ‘Cause it was on the Leatherman! – Do I lose if I don’t eat this?
– If you don’t eat that, – we split that burger, man.
– What?! Why did I even eat it? – (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing)
– I thought I had to do this to – eat some of the…
– ‘Cause you can eat the whole… (laughing) – (correct ding) It’s like a black hole!
– (laughing) – (moaning)
– (Rhett) You look like some sort of character from a bad horror movie. Eugh! (Rhett) You need to get that off your
teeth, man. You’re gonna have permanently – black-stained teeth, man.
– (evil laugh) – (Rhett) You need to brush them teeth.
– (cackly voice) Welcome to my little – lair in the woods!
– Okay, so… – Bring in the burger!
– We tie, right? – We get to half that. Cheerful music.
– ♪ (cheerful music) ♪ – Oh, goodness…
– Congratulations. We will enjoy this burger together in Good Mythical More.
Oh, that worked out nice. Look at that. Thanks for experiencing this with us
and for liking and commenting – on this video.
– You know what time it is. I’m Jack Watson at the Circuit of the
Americas in Austin, Texas, and it’s time the spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! Make sure you check out the
“Are You Gonna Eat That?” music video over on the rhettandlink channel
if you have not yet. It’s been out for a while. Maybe you should watch
it again! (full mouth) Also, click through to Good
Mythical More. We’re gonna eat this, and we’re gonna get the crew to
eat some of the stuff from the game. You’re not really supposed eat right
after you brush your teeth, though. – I know, but I had to get rid of that.
– You have to wait 30 minutes. I guess I’ll just have to eat this
whole burger. – The death in my mouth.
– “”Repeat ‘monkey’ until it loses all meaning.” – Monkey. Monkey, (et cetera)
– Monkey. Monkey (et cetera) (unison) MON-key. MON-key. (et cetera) [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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