Can You Guess How Many Nesting Dolls? (GAME)

Can You Guess How Many Nesting Dolls? (GAME)

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  1. Should have used packing tape.

  2. This is what Christmas nightmares are made of

  3. Link going crazy with the tape.

  4. This is freakin nightmare fuel

  5. As funny as he is, I miss cotton candy randy as the extra

  6. Geeez Link , why not just grab plastic bag why your at it.

    Wait scissors to the face now……….?
    Insurance premiums just went up.

  7. "I truly am a gift from God!" ??

  8. He looks like a festive Knight of Ni

  9. The lack of hesitation in biting what was suspected cat poop has me thinking he must've liked the taste the first time. Link has problems. Lol

  10. Oh my, I guessed them to, do I have a useless gift?

  11. So Sonic vs. McDonald’s

  12. Lol link was being so violent in his wrapping

  13. I have a meeting doll collection that includes a wine bottle holder so it's just one! Very sneaky


  15. The multiple audible NO's from the crew made me actually lol.

  16. My birthday is December 24th, I classify as a Christmas birthday I guess ?

  17. This show is so environmentally friendly.

  18. How was the nesting cat not nine cats deep?

  19. So it appears link has never wrapped a present in his entire life

  20. The knight who should have said ni.

  21. I dont want the poo poo ??

  22. OMG I LOVE pandas, i need that in my life

  23. i dOnT waNt tHe pOoPoo

  24. I have those cat nesting dolls! Mine has a few more and a little mouse as the last one. I’ve had it for like 10 years lol

  25. the dust spider fact had me going "uUuuHghHGHUUgHGHgHghgHGhGhGGGHhgghgghGhhhGHGh"

  26. I knew for the first one it was gonna be 5!!!

  27. Link: "I'm gonna cut your eye holes."

    Literally Every Soul: "No no no.."

  28. It's funny how competitive Rhett is. Thought he was right with guessing 6, but was so disappointed when Link got it right with 7, then got his hopes up again when he thought it was 8 ? come on Rhett, be happy when Link wins for a change ??

  29. 4:25 soundtrack, "Nooo noo nooo"

  30. Imagine someone just now discovering Rhett&Link from this video….????

  31. Glass bones and paper skin.

  32. 3/4 on the matryoshka doll challenge. So close, I missed #3

  33. Rhet: They put Cat poop in there..

    Link: Automatically takes a bite from it jaja

  34. That looks like cat poop. Link : takes a bite


  36. "I don't want the poo poo"

  37. "God ain't got nothin' to do with what we're doin' to you boy." is easily the most sinister thing I've ever heard on this show. I've been here for the better part of decade.

  38. “Oh no no no”. ?

  39. My birthday is on Sunday, so I felt special when Rhett mentioned Christmas birthdays. And I also loved when Link tried to sing a Christmas version of Peter Cottontail

  40. the immediate OH NO! hahahahah

  41. Rhetts arm looks really neat and links is just-

  42. When you need to confirm it's not a turd… @10:53

  43. Coming through with my new headphones in MORE – yeah this intro has some thick bass too. Very nice

  44. I freaking LOVE nesting dolls! GMM, I will dance at your wedding if you'll send me one featured on this show!!!

  45. The gift-wrapped guy they got is hilarious!!! Put him in more videos! He really knows what type of comedy is good for a YT video! 🙂

  46. Okay I didn't need to know about the bugs on my skin. Now it is literally all I can think about. ?

  47. panda panda panda panda

  48. I somehow guessed the right number of nesting dolls for all of them

  49. "god ain't got nothin' with what we're doin' to you, boy"


  50. Ya know, I could've gone my whole life without knowing that mites lived in my face. The only reassuring thing is that they live in everyone else's faces as well. So now we call all bask in collective horror. Huzzah.

  51. 8:48 when I look in the mirror

  52. I’m surprised i guessed 5

  53. Bahaha! Link had his scissors confiscated.

  54. When Rhett said, “Only at Christmas time” SQUEAK after the spiders comment ???

  55. One of the best gmm mores!

  56. When Rhett took the scissors that’s like when I’m at work with my preschoolers and nicely suggest something for their safety without making them mad

  57. Rhetts chia should have been his beard

  58. "I can't even see nothin!"
    The biggest flex.

  59. wait uhhh is that disturbing fact true?

  60. Link is just chaos incarnate

  61. Lieb actually means nice/kind and not love 😀

  62. SpartaChris you look familiar ?

  63. "God ain't got nothin' to do with what we're doin' to you boy"


    Also he looks like what Santa would be in the Cotton Candy Randy universe, like "Happy Christmas Day daddies!"

  64. Once again you guys amaze me!!!! ?

  65. Is Rhett getting more mountainmanish or what?

  66. Like a Snapple fact lol

  67. When the paper started getting wrapped around his face I’m like ???damn maybe this isn’t funny anymore

  68. Lolllll so many people disagreeing

  69. “I can’t seeee nothin!!!!” LOL

  70. Here comes Mr. Arm Man
    Wrappin up your arm cause I can
    Hippity Hoppity Christmas is on its way.

  71. I don’t want the poo poo

  72. literally no one ever :

    Link : im about to cut your eyeholes

  73. I want this in pin form please ?

  74. "Do not! Do not! Do not!"

  75. "I caynt SEE nuthin"

    ……."I can't see NUTHin"

  76. Mathew more specifically means "gift of YAHWEH" But "god" is close enough.

  77. Girls: their probably talking about our ass's.

    Me and the boys: 2:48

  78. He looks like a Christmas knight!!!!?????

  79. I could've really gone without knowing about the spider mite things…

  80. I have a birthday on Christmas Eve

  81. Laughed sooo hard during this whole video??

  82. Where did you get the panda one

  83. Didn’t find the dog ig

  84. i guessed the first two right i was hoping for a queen sweep

  85. The paper has trees on it…. how ironic ?

  86. this was sacreligious

  87. Weird! I just ordered some of those same nesting dolls for my new collection.

  88. I've watched a video about the face mites thingy and I wished I could unhear and unsee it and damn I've forgotten about it until the video mentioned it ??

  89. I don't think paper should count as a nested doll.

  90. why doesnt rhett also have a chia beard?

  91. I have the cat one, normally instead of the poo the smallest one is a mouse

  92. 10:51 – 11:13 ?????
    I don't know how many times I rewatched that ?????

  93. I googled the face mites ?????

  94. Lee also means meadow in old english 🙂

  95. @jade_the_dog_official? its definitely not @jdofficial, thats the sports brand haha

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