Canada v Jordan Preview FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Canada v Jordan Preview  FIBA Basketball Match  World Cup 2019

Carson too bad shoots it down you know
it looks like Dellavedova there was trying to wide-open dunk for bird living
tangos produce here in the dying moments bounce pass and floated up and in by
will chair Canada get a couple of vital points on the board as the buzzer goes
and they take the lead there’s Joseph tango slip again chose for the position victory in for Australia a nine-point
Dominican lead but that was their third foul of the quarter big dunk from
Jordans big mat and get them going Tucker message there he is again almost
a carbon copy Ahmed weary carrying Jordan Tucker
Tucker pirouette into the pain cuts it in with the contact and a chance to tie
from nine down Larry my post back in off the bench moves it back to amp team and
team will take on the shot from the elbow and he beats the buzzer as well
Larry backing in against Gobert the NBA Defensive Player of the Year shot clock
violation did he get it away he did he got it away in time at three free Bree
using every second from Canada here Melvin Ejim
to Wiltshire he was on fire two days ago John Maeda once again Sam
Bay drives in he’s been effective there but it slapped away by Ken birch big
rejection Melvin Ejim steps back for the two it’s good
excellent shooting from both sets of players at the moment Joseph here’s Jim
who draws the foul will go to the line for the extra Khem birch Maurice Indore getting away to foul there we had to
identify their plane here’s al-abadi back to Tucker took her to take the
three with a happen his fashion he got it over the top and Simpson no bass shot
clock to for the bass back out Ibrahim will take it on the step to the side and
buries it at the buzzer seems like he’s in that mood where he’s trying to great
for everyone else pretty every Abraham you see him there with a nice fake
that’s really good for closure 19 the lead Ibrahim working in the final
seconds of the third floats it hard to old weary you got him fill in to score
any points over to credit over here to tutor on point guard beautiful pass
right on the money spoon-fed Aldo arey could not be better right in the sweet
spot em count and there’s AB Dean recovering across to
the far side three-point shot right at the dead for
Jordan one hi I’m coping don’t miss the FIBA
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