CANYON//SRAM Women’s Zwift Academy Final 2017 – Episode 1

CANYON//SRAM Women’s Zwift Academy Final 2017 – Episode 1

Welcome to the 2017 CANYON//SRAM Racing Zwift Academy finals. Thousands of women enrolled, three remain. Meet our finalists Siri Hildonen from Norway. “You know it’s kind of still unrealistic to be here.” Tanja Erath from Germany. “I was very nervous and I didn’t really sleep maybe two or three hours.” And Bri Torkelson from the United States. “I honestly signed up for Zwift Academy because all the training
programs looked awesome. When I heard about top three, I was like I
guess they weren’t joking and I’m going to Germany. Three finalists. One pro contract. “I think the Zwift Academy is bridging that gap to your everyday cyclist who you know ride from enjoyment to connect to the professional peloton. All three girls
are all very very powerful women so it’s got to be interesting to see how
that transitions onto the road and how their handling is. I guess we’re going to
find out very quickly because we’re heading out on some mountain bike trails
and for people who are mostly road riders that’s also that’s in next level
of testing out skills.” “I used to be a triathlete for nearly 15 years. I had some running issues with my leg so I switch to cycling. I wanted to do the Zwift Academy because I want to focus a little bit more on road racing
and I’d love to go pro.” “Everything’s just kind of surreal right now. I’m just kind of along for the ride and seeing what happens and didn’t really expect any of this.” “I’m more like a Crit racer. A more punchy racer. And I think all of our finalists are rather punchy. I think that’s
why we are here.” “I’m a little nervous. I’m excited though. See how it goes.” “They were super good on the technique
and they also followed us. We were not full gas but a good speed so I was impressed about the skills.” “Look at that.” “It was awesome. It was absolutely gorgeous. It felt like in a fairy tale with half the views.” “It was really nice. It was very muddy. As you can see.” “It was fun.” “I didn’t see any snow.” You guys didn’t see any snow” “No!” “We had that steep steep climb where we all pushed our bikes up. Then we suddenly had snow.” “Did you see the river and all the grapes?” “So pretty.” Coming up our finalists face their first challenge. And we catch up with the 2016
Zwift Academy champion, Leah Thorvilson.

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  1. Awesome contest! Three very personable finalists! They got covered in mud. ? Good to see Pauline too! ?

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