Captured By BIGFOOT!! 24 Hour Snowstorm Survival – Spy Gadgets, Fort Building (Sasquatch)

look I think you see I think it’s if
he’s moving we’re in Bigfoot territory now guys so we’re able to make it to the forest
where we are currently tracking Bigfoot as you guys can see huh we’re in the
middle of a massive blizzard we brought all of our survival gear to set up our
base camp right now we need to push as deep into the woods as possible and
start setting up camps so we can survive till 3:00 a.m. luckily though Logan
brought a toboggan the snow is so high right now guys it isn’t making it
extremely hard to walk so we can toboggan deeper into the forest it could
definitely help hey okay that was a good distance okay it’s
this and I you’re covered in snow you can be out here for hours you need to be
more careful oh that’s true I am freezing already all right well
let’s try and make our way in set up this tent so we can get some warrant for
this storm is not letting up guys we need to keep pushing and keep an eye out
for Bigfoot guys you see anything in the woods you need to let us know all right
so we’ve made it to the creek bed the satellite images we have of where
Bigfoot is is essentially a couple miles down east that way we normally follow
the creek bed but now we have to get down this mountain so Logan olestra
tobogganing down we’re in for some ice rock climbing I think I might have to
toboggan down here we go okay all right we have our survive well we
made it all of about 10 meters into the woods and it took us probably four times
the time it took us the first time this is going to be an extremely hard mission
my ankles are completely numb creek bed is there you can’t really tell but that
is where the water line is and we need to get really far not to mention you
guys I don’t know how Bigfoot fares in the snow but if he’s able to maneuver
these things faster than us there’s no way we can run away he sees us we’re
literally sitting ducks in this snow well it shows a bit of a job take a look
here oh yeah I got the ice right down here guys we do have an iPad for a GPS
but with this storm we’re not going to get any cell phone signals GPS signals
this could be pretty hard to track Bigfoot would you know that he’s most
active at 3:00 a.m. and that’s what we’re banking on is that we can find him
around then and find out where his nest is once and for all
sorry now we got to go set up this tent broke okay
very careful this ice is not solid the mission continued at a slow pace with
the winter storm pushing back it was almost impossible to move through the
snow we headed towards where a satellite tracker was showing Bigfoot’s last
movement our main objectives right now are to set up base camp and get warm yeah that’s water high that’s gonna be
way too dangerous to travel along this which means we’re not gonna be able to
travel up this creek but we’re gonna travel through the woods which is gonna
slow us down even more and the sun’s already starting to set so right now we
have to set up base camp and I think we’re gonna go to where we found him
last also guys we were able to bring motion detectors so we can set those up
around the camp to make sure that if he does come near us during the night we’ll
be able to know where he is at all times if we can find this Bigfoot nest and we
can prove that Bigfoot lives here this this could be huge guys I mean all
of this will be worth it all of this hardship and we need your guy’s help to
do that we made it to the top of a hill guys
this is really difficult in Bigfoot territory now guys this is not good this
storm is not letting up so this is not only just a survival mission Logan okay
it’s not only can pop Jake and Logan survive for 24 hours in the snow what’s
on itself is harder now now we have to keep in mind that Bigfoot is out here
lurking and trying to find us all right I’m taking a little breather Jake’s
really into Finding Bigfoot now and I used to not be on board but after our
last couple encounters there’s definitely something in these woods now
I don’t know what it is but Jake says he’s tracking something and we’re gonna
find it tonight so we’ve been making our way along the path where we last saw
Bigfoot behind us is the creek bed and we can’t walk on it because of the ice
the only way to go right now guys is up well above this kind of cliff here and
if you guys notice this is like a bit of a cave here check this out dude yeah
it’s like what we’ve been seeing before exactly and I have a theory I think that
maybe Bigfoot chose this area to survive in because there’s so many of these and
if we were able to track Bigfoot and find out where he’s living I’m gonna
assume that Bigfoot’s nest is something like this but obviously a lot bigger a
lot of you guys in the comments have been saying that the Bigfoot we found
might in fact be a baby and the real Bigfoot is still out there which I don’t
know about you Logan but kind of freaks me out
so let’s climb up this cave cuz we ought to set up our tent yeah
nothing like climbing a cave in the middle of a blizzard does anyone here
have expertise in clave climbing I’ve never even climbed a rock let alone rock
climb before I went rock climbing once is a field trip I didn’t go cuz I was
scared of heights now you want me to climb up this in the middle of a
blizzard Jake you got this good news and bad news
good is Bigfoot isn’t up here bad news is all the energy I have out of me yeah
we forgot the bags I’ll see you guys when I get the bags so we’re back on
track heading deeper into the woods we need to set up base camp fast this
storm is not letting up and we’re starting to get cold maybe you get our
tents set up if you guys are wondering about some of the gear we’re using this
face mask actually works really well in this situation like this it takes oxygen
in from the outside the cold oxygen and doesn’t let it come back out when it
heats up so the hot air actually goes down into my suit it lets us stay out
here a lot longer than we would normally cuz right now I think it’s about
negative 19 degrees and that cool is only gonna get worse as the Sun Goes
Down well good I think I’ve found a spot up ahead set
up camp yeah we need to uh man it’s getting way too cool I’m coming down all
right I’m good all right guys I think I found a place where we can set up for
the night this is just a long where we last saw a Bigfoot and is within
satellite range of his tracker plus guys the great thing about this is even
though it’s still storming this is going to give us some natural defense against
this storm because we’re in a bit of a crevasse here and then when we do pick
up Bigfoot we can follow him right along here but right now we need to dig out
some of the snow and set up camp and get inside our tab before we freeze guys if you think adventures like this
are awesome be sure to hit that like button we’re gonna find Bigfoot I
promise you Logan is currently on the outside or
working on the outside of the tent making sure that the snow is all piled
up and away from us I’ve gone on the inside I’m starting to unload all of our
gear get our food ready because I am starving Logan to starving we need to
eat and everything is freezing over I hope you guys are seeing this footage
because the GoPro is literally covered in ice I can barely even told you guys
right now all right guys the storm is getting worse we got to get inside right
now set up our lights to get some food into us the tents already quit you I
heard that full of that hide inside inside I don’t know what that was what
was making that noise but if it is Bigfoot it sounded an awful lot like him
people now that we have our base camp set up and a little bit more breathing
room let’s check the GPS so this is
essentially well this is Earth and if we zoom into where we are I guess we just
we just heard something again I don’t know if you caught on camera but there
was another noise no oh this is not a good idea
hold on hold on no okay guys it’s getting really windy and I’ve heard two
animal noises this must be Bigfoot Logan I’m I’m tracking him here on the GPS we
got a problem he’s move it what’s our plan what are we even gonna do if we see
him okay so guys I can’t really zoom in that much because of I don’t know why I
don’t know if the iPad is not working or what’s not working I can’t get it really
pops you don’t like freak out it says he’s on top of us is what I’m trying to
say I can’t get any closer but I don’t know it’s on top of us I’m gonna see if
I can find him she could be bright out there I’m not
going outside let’s scan the night vision goggles right there okay stay here with the tent door open a
back door open he doesn’t need to run back hi guys I’m putting on the night
vision okay oh yeah see anything in the woods this storm
storm is picking up extremely bad I can barely see should have brought out more
gear go get on us come back in okay keep an eye on that Jeep

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