Car Goes through the Ice On Live TV

Car Goes through the Ice On Live TV

I wonder if the owner of the car
behind me next time considers…

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  1. Yeah–the shadows don't match, but more t the point, there's no broken ice around it, and no waves being kicked up. Fake.

  2. Me as I watch my grades plumet

  3. At the end he just gave up

  4. We always make news that's fun to watch in Denmark

  5. Obviously fake. But obviously funny as well haha.

  6. No matter what the nationality, everybody curses in English.

  7. Why do think that the car melted? XD

  8. Look at all these genius keyboard detectives in the comments, talking as if they see cars go through ice every fucking day

  9. fake omg gj with editing

  10. Who cares if it's real or fake. It's funny as hell regardless

  11. Ah–sshit…. okay

  12. he skipped 4 of the stages of grief and moved straight to acceptance

  13. It's fake, u can see it on the car AND meny people didn't notice that there's a light around the news reporter, but hey, still funny XD

  14. this is my entire life in a video

  15. It didn't really sink it just kinda, melts.

  16. I hope the owner of the car behind me next time considers- I… $#!7… okay…

  17. that car looked animated

  18. I am sorry to kill your guys dreams. But this clip is as fake as Kim Kardashians butt.

  19. I don't care how fake this is, it's so funny.

  20. i couldn't care less if it's fake, what makes it funny is the perfectly relatable reaction. I've watched it like 20 times and it only gets funnier

  21. Okey That was so fucking fake.. hahahaa

  22. Hahaha what a bad animation + that car has about the same pixel quality as an old car game… And whats up with the black around the car? XD

  23. it is danish !!!!!
    I am danish :O :O :O :O

  24. Hahahaha. Great reaction.

  25. How I deal with my problems at this point in life

  26. Кто от Bubble?

  27. "oh shit…… okay."

  28. "I suppose the owner of the car here (behind me) next time considers… No.. Shit. Okay"

  29. I Feel Bad For People Who Thought this was real

  30. totally fake look at the snow and car you can tell that it's fake

  31. Oh god, that lowering of the microphone XD

  32. My favorite news blooper. I do hope that no one was in the car though.

  33. Smoke came out of ice? Super fake.

  34. This is my new favorite video

  35. I cant stop watching this XD and im even danish so I understand it XD that makes it more funnier XD

    to all who ask why there are black under the car and around the car when it goes under.

    black under: shadows and the mose color
    Black around: Oil and mose color.

    so its not fake guys! like really this is real af.

  36. Breaking news.. about a car on a lake?…. yeah…okay xD

  37. you guys realize there are captions right?


  39. Resigned acceptance in a nutshell.

  40. That car looks like it was made in after effects.

  41. The translation in the description is wrong…

  42. This is real ! I identify as a super fast automobile/attack helicopter. I know Steve the SUV personally and automobiles never lie to one another unlike you humans do, unless its a Ford, those bastards lie all the time.

  43. Saw this in a "funny news compilation", proof that you can still find a diamond in the clickbait-garbage rough.

  44. Fake or not, it's funny. Besides; I could definitely imagine such a reaction from a Danish person.

  45. No matter what Language…..Shit mean SHIT!

  46. It probably would've been cheaper to film this with an actual car than paying some guy to do bad cgi

  47. Steve Penk gets the giggles

  48. Why was this an ad

  49. that's what he get.

  50. that looks so fake

  51. Looks real in 144p

  52. Should've said ".. Wow. Skal man tale om at være dum.."

  53. Yay Danish television:D

  54. I am from denmark and i saw it in the news it is real dummies!!

  55. Danish people are very realistic lol

  56. It is Danish im Danish look(rød grød med fløde)

  57. (cuts to a plaque with a Car inside of a Ice Cube with Fish inside the car, saying Ice Diver, 2/15/13 )
    JK Simmons: that really happened. and we covered it.
    At Farmers, we know a thing or two cause we seen a thing or two.

    Jingle: we are Farmers bum did da bum bum bum!

  58. Mon ikke ejeren af bilen her bag mig næste gang overvejer i- ej shit…. okay

  59. shit……. ok 🙁

  60. It's fake, take a good look of the car.

  61. det er fake/ it is fake

  62. Hey i just found out this clip is fake that means it's not funny anymore

  63. Ægte eller uægte er det fandens underholdende at se på. 🙂

  64. why yall gotta kill the fun like that

  65. Mon ikke ejeren af bilen her bag mig næste gang overvejer at…ej shit…okay?

  66. Me when I look at my GPA

  67. WTF it is CGI, never saw it before.

  68. So many gullible and easy to cheat sheeplings here. It´s quit frightening.

  69. no driver I hope??

  70. This is the most danish reaction hahaha

  71. Even if it was fake,he did a great job.It was funny FULL STOP

  72. It's fake, look the car, it's maked with CGI.

  73. Fake, fake and fake!!!!

  74. Andre end mig der forstår dansk???

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