Caravan Stories – Free City News | PS4

Caravan Stories – Free City News | PS4


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  1. No mires mi historia de instagram en @la_mejorr_ropa

  2. Star wars battlefront 1 (2004) and 2 (2005) be remastered?

  3. Too much polygons to handle for the Ps4 Pro, maybe on Ps5… (much ironic, obviously)

  4. When is this out in the UK?

  5. What's that?!

  6. This game isnt actually too bad. Just a little buggy and some text gets messed up but it's not too bad for something that was originally a mobile game. The art style is nice, it reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles, and the game is mostly fully voiced which is unusual for not just a game like this but any anime style game.

  7. This game needed a platinum trophy ?

  8. This game is about illegal immigrants called the caravan invading other species to a free sanctuary cities untold stories of demon and rats.

  9. The game is trash and boring, very very few ppl play it

  10. Hi, I have a question, I have been wanting to play this game for a long time now. But for some reason it does not appear in my Playstation store, can anyone help me? I live in Chile, South America if it helps

  11. When is come french

  12. Any chance for UK to play?

  13. They look like the minimoyes from the arthur films

  14. Is it there in INDIAN??

  15. This is a bad game

  16. like like like
    if you look forward to the Ps5 and Psvr 2

  17. This game is really fun but it has a lot of problems, sadly.

    I really hope I don't need to join a big guild, though.

  18. no idea what the gameplay looks like

  19. This game isn't even playable!! I can't get past character creation because of the bugs ?

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