Carolina Marin wants to play Rafael Nadal at Badminton | Infrequently Asked Questions

Carolina Marin wants to play Rafael Nadal at Badminton | Infrequently Asked Questions

Hola, soy Carolina Marín y tú estás viendo el Canal Olímpico Lágrimas de alegría para Marín, la primera española en ganar un oro olímpico en este deporte Carolina, ¿te gusta vestir largos tacones cuando no estás entrenando o compitiendo? ¿Te gustaría jugar bádminton en la playa? ¿Contra qué famoso deportista te gustaría para jugar en un partido de bádminton? ¿Con qué famoso te gustaría quedar para cenar? ¿Cuánto tiempo necesitas para maquillarte antes de un partido importante? ¿Qué quisistes ser de mayor cuando tenías 5 años?

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  1. Please asked questions to Tontowi ahmad and Lilyana natsir

  2. Grandes Rafa y Carolina , los mejores <3

  3. she may have crossed every milestone in badminton… but she still has miles to go in sportsmanship spirit

  4. Very important question to ask to an olympic champion : how much time do you take for your make up before a match. Do you ask that to men?

  5. first, let's stop screaming

  6. I'm very sure asking how much time you spend on make-up before a match is a troll question right ?
    I don't think I've seen anyone play a professional badminton match with lipsticks on ..

  7. she will beat nadal easy in badminton.

  8. right ….winning by screaming like a prostitute to distract the opponent….excessive, rude, unsportsmanlike, disgusting, and putting a bad name to badminton….in sport fair play is everything, We all should feel ashamed that she is winning by using this low tactics…… Winning at all costs is for losers..

  9. Lowest life disgusting human winning by all means to distract opponent with her screams. Shows CLEARLY she knows she can't win by her skills. Amen

  10. I love Rafa too ???

  11. Rafa should marry with Marin….

  12. This lady love Rafa so much

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