Cash Explosion December 14, 2019

Cash Explosion December 14, 2019

♪ BRASS MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA VO: If you’re looking for a no-nonsense game show… ♪ BRASS MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA VO: …you came to the wrong place. [HAND CLAPPER SOUNDS]>>DAVID: You’re gonna pick your three numbers.>>ALISSA: This is really fun, too.>>DAVID: Okay. That’s…she’s doing this–that is kind of fun.>>ALISSA: I think you have some people up here that knows you.>>Yes! WOOOOO!! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Fireworks, Alissa.>>ALISSA: Yeah! [DAVID LAUGHS]>>DAVID: Fireworks.>>ALISSA: Fireworks.>>DAVID: Happening right here. [FIREWORKS SOUNDS]>>DAVID: The Steelers are the better team. Am I right? [ALISSA LAUGHS]>>DAVID: I got the…what? Oh, that’s funny.>>That’s why you guys got those terrible towels. ‘Cause you’re gonna be sitting at home wiping your eyes. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Whoa! With the trash talk!>>DAVID: That’s it! I’m taking all the money off the board!>>DAVID VO: Because the only thing we take seriously…>>DAVID: Nope. They’re telling me I don’t have that power. [CHEERING]>>DAVID VO: …is the money.>>DAVID AND ALISSA: This is Cash Explosion!>>Woo! Woo! Woo!>>DAVID: You get that and these. Thank you very much. [WHOOSH]>>ALISSA: This is gonna be such a great show. The contestants are excited and I think that the team even decorated a little bit for the holidays.>>DAVID: Okay. They did, but I peeked in and it wasn’t quite enough. So, you know what? Just close your eyes. Cover your eyes. I’ll walk you.>>ALISSA: Why am I closing my eyes? What’s going on?>>DAVID: Keep ’em closed. Keep ’em closed.>>ALISSA: What is happening?>>DAVID: Keep ’em closed. All right, open your eyes. TA-DA!>>ALISSA: Oh my gosh!>>DAVID: Look what I did! ♪ It’s the most wonderful… ♪>>ALISSA: Wow! Okay. This looks great, but we cannot do this for the show!>>DAVID: Yeah we–why can’t we do this for the show?!>>ALISSA: Look at this. All the cables are in the way. Someone’s gonna trip.>>DAVID: Nobody’s gonna trip over the cables.>>ALISSA: See? Exactly. Just like that. You got the snowman over there. You have this. I mean, you can’t even see the contestants back there.>>DAVID: What’d you do to the snowman?!>>ALISSA: Look at the Spotlight! The dinosaur’s in the Spotlight!>>DAVID: The Spotlight’s fine! You can see the contestant clearly from right here.>>ALISSA: No. You cannot see the contestant at all. And this thing is WAY TOO BIG!>>DAVID: Do you know what this is?! This is a helicopter. We can, like, throughout the show…we can do, like, this. Just pick up…look, actually flies.>>ALISSA: And now you deflated it. So…>>DAVID: No, I didn’t. Yes, I did. Okay.>>ALISSA: See, this is not gonna work. It looks great. Good effort, David, but no. Okay. All right, who’s ready to start the show? Let’s play Cash Explosion!>>DAVID: You’re gonna have to get this cleaned up. It messed up my hair! My mic’s falling off. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [WHOOSH] ♪ HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪>>DAVID VO: Tonight’s contestants represent towns across Ohio, like Hillsboro, Napoleon, and Youngstown.>>ALISSA VO: But they’re all headed to one destination: the Cash Explosion Spotlight.>>ALISSA: Well now that we got the studio back to being tastefully festive…>>DAVID: I’m mad at you right now.>>ALISSA: …let’s start the show with Alan! Come on up!>>DAVID: I’m not mad. I’m over it. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] [WHOOSH]>>ALISSA: Welcome to the Spotlight, Alan. We have it all decorated just for you, our first contestant here of the night. You ready to pick your three numbers?>>ALAN: Yes, I am.>>ALISSA: Let’s do it.>>DAVID: Be honest, Alan. Would you rather have the dinosaur in there with you?>>ALISSA: Three, nineteen, and four. [LAUGHTER] [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: All right, Alan. Turning here to our Big Board… what’s behind three? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: $2,200.>>DAVID: All right, and behind the nineteen? What’s there?>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Bonus!>>DAVID: $2,500.>>ALISSA: All right, we want big money behind four. What’s there? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: $2,300. Alan, that’s $7,000 just like that. Congratulations! You can have a seat in our Leader Zone.>>DAVID: Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Next up is Mike! Come on up, Mike. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] [WHOOSH]>>DAVID: How you doing?>>MIKE: Good.>>DAVID: Good.>>ALISSA: Mike, how you doing? [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: All right, Mike. So, we always ask people what are they gonna do with their big winnings. Do you have big plans for your money?>>MIKE: My wife does.>>ALISSA: Your wife does. [LAUGHTER]>>ALISSA: Hey, it’s that time of year, right? Gotta get her a really nice gift.>>MIKE: Yeah, we’ll spend it.>>DAVID: She’s got big plans to spend it on you for the holidays, right? That’s her big plans. Is she here?>>MIKE: Probably on…the people up there.>>DAVID: Yeah, she’s gonna spend it all on them?>>ALISSA: Awesome. All right, Mike, well let’s see how much money she’s spending on your friends and family. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Seven… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>ALISSA: …thirteen and nineteen. [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: All right, Mike. More than $7,000 will put you at the top of our leaderboard. What’s behind seven?>>MIKE: Bonus!>>ALISSA: $3,200.>>DAVID: Okay, and behind the thirteen? What’s there?>>MIKE: A Double!>>DAVID: $2,400.>>ALISSA: And what’s behind nineteen?>>MIKE: Bonus.>>ALISSA: $2,800. Mike, that’s $8,400. Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ RELAXING HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Two players down, six to go. I’m gonna try to figure out a way to let her… or have her let me set those inflatables back up. We’ll find out if it happens after the break. Don’t go away.>>ALISSA: It’s not happening. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ RELAXING HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: We are SO proud to be partnering with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks Facing Hunger for another year.>>ALISSA: If you’re coming to a Cash Explosion taping, bring some nonperishable food items and get extra chances to win prizes like this.>>DAVID: It’s a win-win. ♪ INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC ♪ ♪ RELAXING HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Welcome back. The next player to win the lottery is David!>>DAVID: No inflatables.>>ALISSA: Not you. This David. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] [WHOOSH]>>DAVID: David, how you doing?>>DAVID P: Doing all right.>>DAVID: All right.>>ALISSA: Hi, David. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: Welcome to the Spotlight. All of Ohio is watching to see how much money you win here tonight. You ready to win big?>>DAVID P: Yeah.>>ALISSA: All right, let’s do it. Pick your three numbers. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Two… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>ALISSA: …eight… and eleven. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: All right.>>ALISSA: All right, this is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. What’s behind two? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: $2,000.>>DAVID: All right, we can do better, David. We can do better. What’s behind the eight? [CHEERING]>>DAVID: $2,600.>>ALISSA: We haven’t seen a Double yet. Is that what’s behind eleven? [APPLAUSE]>>ALISSA: $2,700. David, that’s $7,300. Enough to put you in that second seat in our Leader Zone. Congratulations.>>DAVID: Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Next up is Jim.>>DAVID: Hi, Jim. [WHOOSH] ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH]>>DAVID: How you doing? [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: Jim…>>JIM: Yes?>>ALISSA: …I’ve been looking at your face in the audience all night. Look at all your friends and family with your picture up there. I love it. It’s so exciting.>>JIM: Thank you.>>ALISSA: They’re just buttering you up, right?>>JIM: Yeah. Absolutely.>>ALISSA: Get some good gifts?>>JIM: Get some good money.>>ALISSA: I think that they’re gonna do it for you. I think that’s gonna do it. All right, Jim, let’s pick your three lucky numbers. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Fourteen… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>ALISSA: …eleven… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>ALISSA: …and two. [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: All right, Jim, let’s see what you win behind fourteen.>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Bonus!>>ALISSA: $2,500.>>DAVID: Okay. Behind the eleven? [APPLAUSE]>>DAVID: $3,300.>>ALISSA: This might be close. What’s behind two?>>JIM: Big money. Big money. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: $2,000. Jim, that’s $7,800. Now you get to go have a seat in our Leader Zone! Congratulations! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ UPTEMPO JAZZY HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: So we’ve seen a couple people leave the Leader Zone. They looked disappointed, but there’s hope with the Second Chance. That comes up after four more players. Don’t go away. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ UPTEMPO JAZZY HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪ [TICKETS SHUFFLING]>>It was awesome! We had a great time today!>>It was great.>>I got to hula hoop in front of everyone.>>The music was fantastic.>>I just wanted to hang out in the audience and see how it was.>>The game was exciting.>>I just don’t know what to say!>>I love everything about it.>>We won a lot of stuff so it was very worth it, you know.>>I won this.>>Cash Explosion!>>Ohio, you’ve gotta get on this show!>>Kettering, get on this show!>>Absolutely. I will be back.>>Sugarcreek, you gotta get on here!>>We’re gonna be loud.>>Trying to win that money.>>We’re gonna be the excitement every day, every turn.>>Ohio, you have to get on this show!>>Look for us on the TV, too.>>We’re gonna be all up on the TV. ♪ RELAXING HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Welcome back. You know, Cash Explosion has already made the holiday a little richer for THREE of our friends on social media and there’s a lot more where that came from!>>DAVID: Our 12 Days of Christmas Ticket Giveaway is already underway. Every day from now through December 23rd, one lucky follower will win a stack of 12 C-E tickets. That means 12 chances to get on the show.>>ALISSA: 12 chances to win more money…>>DAVID: 12 chances to make someone’s holiday season very, very special. 12 seasons to…>>ALISSA: Well, you get the picture. You know. It’s so easy to qualify. Just be our friend on Facebook and look for a post with all the details.>>DAVID: Speaking of winners, let’s get into the next winner. That’s Terrence. Terrence, come on up. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [WHOOSH]>>DAVID: Hey, Terrence.>>ALISSA: Hi! Nice to meet you!>>DAVID: How you doing?>>TERRENCE: Can I give a shout-out?>>DAVID: Yeah. Absolutely. Give a shout-out.>>TERRENCE: Yes, I’d like to give a shout-out to all the people that know me at Campbell Soup Company in Napoleon, Ohio and a shout-out to all the people that know me at Eagles 4428 Aeries in Napoleon, Ohio. Thank you.>>DAVID: Awesome.>>ALISSA: Nice. I think everyone’s gonna know you after you’re on the show, right?>>DAVID: Yeah. You worked at Campbell’s for 44 years?>>TERRENCE: 44 years.>>ALISSA: Wow.>>DAVID: Wow. Well now you work right here on that board. How’s that sound?>>TERRENCE: Great.>>DAVID: Super easy job. All you do is pick three numbers… ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: …and get paid very well.>>ALISSA: Very well.>>DAVID: Go ahead and pick your three numbers. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID: I gotta give credit where credit is due. Mark, in the control room, just said “SOUPER EASY.” ♪ RIM SHOT ♪>>DAVID: “SOUPER EASY.” [LAUGHTER]>>DAVID: Get it, Terrence. Souper. Soup. Souper.>>TERRENCE: Souper, yep. Souper easy.>>DAVID: You just want to find out what’s up here.>>TERRENCE: Oh yeah.>>DAVID: Okay. What’s behind the ten?>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Double!>>DAVID: $2,300.>>ALISSA: And what’s behind “souper” seven? ♪ RIM SHOT ♪>>TERRENCE: Bonus.>>ALISSA: 3,400.>>DAVID: Mmm mmm good. ♪ RIM SHOT ♪>>TERRENCE: Come on, Double.>>DAVID: What’s behind the eleven? What’s behind the eleven? 2,100. That’s $7,800. You are tied in second place. Head on over to the Leader Zone. We’ll get you a chair.>>TERRENCE: All right.>>ALISSA: Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Let’s keep it going. Heath, come on up. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] [WHOOSH]>>ALISSA: Hi.>>DAVID: Hey, Heath. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: So…word traveled quite a ways before it got to you about you being on this show, right?>>HEATH: Yes it did.>>DAVID: So what happened? Tell us the states that it went through?>>HEATH: Well it…my son called me on Sunday from South Dakota.>>DAVID: Okay. To tell you. You hadn’t known yet.>>HEATH: To tell me. Right. He heard from his mother in South Carolina, who heard from a friend back here in Ohio.>>ALISSA: Nice!>>DAVID: So it was all over the country before it got to you.>>HEATH: Yeah.>>DAVID: That’s fantastic. What are you gonna do with this money? You excited?>>HEATH: It depends. We’ll see what happens.>>DAVID: Okay, let’s see. Let’s find out right now how much money you win. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Five, eleven, and twenty. He’s locked ’em in. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Is your son gonna be watching online?>>HEATH: Probably.>>DAVID: Okay. He’s gonna know how much you won and how much you have to spend on him.>>HEATH: Yeah. Exactly.>>DAVID: All right, what’s behind the five? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: 2,500.>>ALISSA: And what’s behind eleven? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: 2,400.>>DAVID: Come on. We need bigger money. What’s behind the twenty? [CHEERING]>>DAVID: $2,000. Heath, that’s $6,900. So far, your night’s not over. We have the Second Chance coming up. Congratulations.>>HEATH: Go back over here?>>DAVID: Yeah, head right over there. Yep. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: He was trying. He was trying to get into that Leader Zone. All right. Laura, come on up. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH]>>DAVID: Hi, Laura. Jump on in there. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Laura, you’re playing for your, uh–while your angry husband watches. [LAUGHTER]>>DAVID: I say that, let me explain. He was upset that you got drawn because this is your first ticket and he’s played forever.>>LAURA: Yeah.>>DAVID: And he also knows that you’re not gonna split the money with him.>>LAURA: Yeah. [LAUGHTER]>>DAVID: I was making that up! Sorry, sir. And I love the sign. “Win some money Laura.”>>LAURA: I’m amazed it doesn’t say “Get a guitar.”>>DAVID: He wants one, right?>>LAURA: Yes.>>DAVID: You need a Double to find a guitar for him.>>LAURA: Yep. That’s, that’s…>>DAVID: All right. We need– Doubles are on here. Prove us right.>>ALISSA: Bonuses. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Three, seven, and seventeen. Locked ’em in. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: A Double and the husband gets a guitar. What’s behind the three?>>LAURA: Double? [BONUS SOUND]>>DAVID: OH, A BONUS!>>LAURA: Yay!>>ALISSA: A Bonus! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Now he’s happy she’s the one on the show ’cause she got the Bonus! Nice! I love it!>>DAVID: We’re gonna look at the Bonus Board. Sixteen of the top Ohio Lottery games. Pick one of those. You’re about to win a lot of money.>>LAURA: You know what, I like the colors on Joker’s Wild.>>DAVID: You like the colors on Joker’s Wild. That’s–fair enough. Well part of the hat matches your, uh…>>LAURA: Exactly!>>DAVID: Yeah. Okay, let’s find out how much you win. What’s behind Joker’s Wild? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [THUMP] [COINS JINGLING] [CHEERING]>>DAVID: One, two… four, six, eight, $10,000. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: $10,000.>>LAURA: Thank you.>>DAVID: But it’s not a Double so you still don’t have to buy him anything.>>LAURA: YES! [LAUGHTER]>>DAVID: I’m afraid to look at him. He’s probably shooting me the evil eye. We’re gonna move the 10,000 over to the Big Board. Behind the three, what’s there? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: $2,700.>>ALISSA: We’re adding more money to your total with what’s behind seven.>>LAURA: Double.>>ALISSA: $3,100.>>DAVID: One more chance. What’s behind the seventeen? [CHEERING]>>DAVID: 2,900. That’s 8,700.>>LAURA: Oh!>>DAVID: Top of the leaderboard…plus the 10,000. That’s 18,700. Head on over to the Leader Zone.>>ALISSA: Congratulations! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ RELAXING HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: And with that, Laura just locked in her spot in the Cash Challenge, but Linda is up next to see if she can get into the Cash Challenge. We’ll see. We’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ RELAXING HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪ ♪ RELAXING HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA VO: This winter, bundle up our NEW $1 holiday ticket that offers a 75% payout with the $2 ticket carrying three times as many entries.>>DAVID VO: Bundling gives you your best chance to score a big win with instant cash, a show appearance, or both. So bundle up. ♪ RELAXING HOLIDAY MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Welcome back to Cash Explosion. Linda… let’s wrap this up. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [WHOOSH]>>ALISSA: Hi, Linda.>>DAVID: Hi there. Nice meeting you. Jump in there. Linda…8,500. If you can find $8,500, you will obviously win that money and then go on to play for $50,000.>>LINDA: Hmmm.>>DAVID: 8,500 is the goal.>>LINDA: Okay.>>DAVID: Here we go. Pick your three numbers. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID: Six, ten, and twenty. She’s locked ’em in. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Here we go, Linda. What’s behind the six? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: $3,000. That’s a good start. If you average that… you’re gonna be just fine.>>ALISSA: And what’s behind ten?>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Double.>>ALISSA: $2,700.>>DAVID: Oh, it’s gonna be close! It’s gonna be so close. What’s behind the twenty for Linda?>>LINDA: Double. Double. Bonus.>>DAVID: 2,100. That’s $7,800. Good money. We’ll see you in the Second Chance. Congratulations.>>ALISSA: Congratulations! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: That’s it. The game is over. Laura and Mike are our top winners. We’ve got Laura at $8,700. That’s being doubled to 17,400. Mike, you went to $16,800. They will face Defending Champion, Todd, in the Cash Challenge and one of those six, the winner of our Second Chance. Don’t go away. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] [TICKETS SHUFFLING] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪>>DAVID VO: Tonight’s winning numbers and the winners of a spot on the February 8th Cash Explosion show are coming your way LIVE from the Ohio Lottery Studios in Cleveland. Good luck. ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪ [TICKETS SHUFFLING] [TICKETS SHUFFLING] ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: One of these folks is about to add another five grand to their game total plus…claim the final spot in the Cash Challenge. Let’s find out who it is. Come on up, Alan. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>DAVID: Yep, pick a letter. “A”. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Thank you, sir. And David, come on up. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: The “D” in SECOND. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Thank you. Jim… ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: “D” has already been picked. ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: The “E”. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Locked it in. Terrence… [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: “S”. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Heath… [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: The “H”. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: And Linda, come on up. Before you pick your letter, though–come on up here. I want to ask you something. You mentioned going to Italy to see newfound family over there. Now that you have a second chance, how does that feel that there’s still hope?>>LINDA: Great.>>DAVID: Yeah.>>LINDA: Oh yeah.>>DAVID: It could happen right here. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>DAVID: The “N”. She’s locked it in. [LOCK SOUND] [APPLAUSE AND WHISTLING] ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Who…is going to the Cash Challenge? ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪ [PING]>>DAVID: David! David! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: You win an additional five grand and you’re playing in the Cash Challenge! Good luck! [WHOOSH] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ UPBEAT POP MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ UPBEAT POP MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: The name we see three times will be tonight’s Champion and Todd, as Defending Champion, you start the game. Welcome back. Pick a number.>>TODD: Thank you. I’m gonna go with…twelve.>>ALISSA: Twelve. Who starts off on our board behind twelve? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Mike. Laura, pick a number.>>LAURA: Number three.>>ALISSA: Number three. Who’s behind three? Todd. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Mike, looking for your name again. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>MIKE: Number five.>>ALISSA: Number five. Who’s there behind five? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Todd again. David, if you find Todd’s name, you make him $50,000 richer. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID P: Uh… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID P: …eleven.>>ALISSA: Eleven. Who’s behind eleven? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Laura. [APPLAUSE]>>ALISSA: All right, Todd. Finding your name… is winning the game.>>TODD: Let’s do eight.>>ALISSA: Eight. Who’s behind eight? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: David. We’ve got everybody on the board at least once. Laura, you’re trying to stay away from Todd’s name, although he’s hoping. [LAUGHTER]>>LAURA: Seven.>>ALISSA: Seven. Who’s behind seven? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Todd!>>TODD: YEAH!!!!>>ALISSA: Todd Wagner of Sandusky, you are tonight’s Champion! You win another $50,000 and you’re coming back next week to play for more. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: You can win like Todd, but you’ve gotta get some Cash Explosion tickets!>>ALISSA: Don’t forget to check out our 12 Day Ticket Giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You might just win some. Goodnight, Ohio!>>DAVID: $100,000! Awesome! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH]

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  1. This venue does not show the drawing winners for upcoming show like the tv version. Anyone know where to see the names drawn.

  2. Should’ve done that Holiday Cash Bash again this year… that was a pretty wild time last year!

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