Catching Pokemon GO FEVER!

Catching Pokemon GO FEVER!

(soft, playful music) – What’s going on, guys? Right now, I’m on
location in Alaska, filming episodes
of Breaking Trail. Now, a couple weeks ago, a bunch of people wrote
in and said, “Coyote, “do you play Pokémon Go? “Your job is kind of
like the real Pokémon Go. “You run around, and
you catch animals.” And I do! And I didn’t know what
Pokémon Go was, at first, so I looked it up. And as it turns out, it’s a
very popular app at the moment. So I downloaded it on my phone. And while I’m here in Alaska
for two weeks filming, I’m gonna see how many
Pokémon I can actually catch. You guys are gonna
follow me around, and we’ll see what happens. And according to this, I gotta catch ’em all. Here we go! (soft, playful music) (exciting tribal drumming music) (birds chirp) Ready? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – Alright, so we’re just
filming the intro, look at this! There’s literally one
right there in front of us. Hold on, let me see
if I can get it. Gotta get it a little closer. Follow me, follow me,
follow me, where is it? There it is, there it is! Look, look, look,
look, look, look, look! It’s an Oddish, alright, ready? I’m gonna get him.
– [Voiceover] Go for it. – [Coyote] One, two, three. Oh, yes!
– [Voiceover] You got him! – “Gotchya!”, it says. Oddish was caught. Look at that, my first
Pokémon of the trip. This is gonna be excellent! – [Voiceover] And this
is where it all began. – Oh wow, this is totally cool. I can see why you guys
love playing this. (triumphant music) – [Voiceover] Coyote,
what are ya doing? – Just listening to the
Pokémon Go soundtrack. Love this jam. Dude, are you playing now, too? – What? – Pokémon, you playing? – No, dude, I’m answering email. I got our ferry passes. – You wanna play? – No. – Okey dokey. (loud thud) (playful music) – [Coyote] The first day
in Alaska was beautiful. And as we cut across
the backcountry, you’d think I would be soaking
in this epic landscape. Instead, all I could think about was catching my next Pokémon. Eventually, we made our
way to Mosquito Lake, where we would be staying
at the Swan View Cabins, our base camp for
the next two weeks. While the goal was to start
filming Breaking Trail episodes, persistent rain made
things difficult. So I kept searching
for Pokémons. See that dog? That’s Birch. He also plays Pokémon Go. I’m pretty good at catching
animals, so it only makes sense that I would be a
Pokémon natural. Yes, I got one! – [Voiceover] What’d you get? – Woo! Check this out. (laughs) Look, look, look. (playful music) Bulbasaur! Pokémon, got ’em. Yes! Good job, Birch. Alright, going to look for more. – Yeah, we haven’t shot
any videos this week. Coyote had this idea like:
hey, everybody wants us to do a Pokémon Go video,
it’s like the new thing. And I said, “Sure, let’s
have a little fun.” And it’s spiraled
out of control. This guy is totally
gripped by this game. It’s got its claws in him,
and he can’t get away. He’s all Pokémon Go.
– Oh, Mark! You’ve got like Pokéballs
all around you right now. Look at that, look at that! Those look just like Pokéballs. Only, I can’t grab onto
them, it doesn’t seem like. – You see what I mean? Alright, check this
out. Look, I know, look, we caught the Bulbasaur. Birch, the Bulbasaur, come here. Birch. (laughing)
– [Voiceover] (laughing) You found the Bulbasaur, now
we need you to find a Pikachu. Go get the Pikachu. Go get it, go get a Pikachu. Oh, he’s hot on the
trail, come on, let’s go. (playful music) – [Coyote] There’s
one right there! – [Voiceover] What
are you doing? – I got one, I caught
one in this bush! Back up, back up,
Birch, come on, buddy. Yes! Dude, I caught one. Yes! A Caterpie, down
there in the bushes. How ’bout that? Right here in Haines, Alaska. Good dog, good dog, Birch. I’m telling you, this dog knows
where all the Pokémons are. Alright, what’s next? Oh, he’s going that way. I’m coming! (rustling) – [Voiceover] Mario, what’s
been going on with Coyote, man? – Man, Coyote has
been so distracted
with this Pokémon game that he’s running
around like a crazy guy, going to different corners
of buildings and stores. Sometimes, he’s
right next to me, and I turn around
like, “Hey, Coyote,” and he’s gone. We don’t even know
where he’s at. (long grunt) – Dude, no internet
connectivity. I can’t get into the Pokémon
app here, and we’re in town. – Well, look at
those peaks, man. Look how beautiful that is. Just enjoy the scenery
and the beauty of this. We’re in Alaska– – We come into town once a
day. This is the only place I can actually catch Pokémon
is right here in town. Without service, how
am I gonna catch any? You don’t understand, Mario. The struggle is real. The struggle is real. – You’re gonna have to take
that phone away from him on this trip. (gravel stirring) (grand classical music) – I’m just hoping, deep down,
that this is part of Coyote and how he does things. Anything he does,
he takes on fully. He’s definitely method in
his approach to presenting. If’s there’s ever gonna
be another animal video in brave wilderness, we’re gonna need Coyote
to snap out of this. What’s happening right now, we don’t have any
videos, we’re out. Last Friday, no video, poof! (playful piano music) – [Coyote] Can’t get this one. – [Voiceover] Trying
to get a photograph? – No, it’s a Pokémon. – That’s a reindeer. – No, look how tiny it is, man. That’s not a reindeer. That’s a Pokémon. – [Voiceover] It’s
a baby reindeer. – Oh. – Look, it’s real, See, see that? Touch it, it’s real. It’s not Pokémon,
gimme your phone. – I think that– (quiet grunt) – He used to be super
enthusiastic about
animals, but now all he cares about is Pokémon. (soft xylophone music) – [Coyote] So, we were halfway
into the trip, and so far, we only had like one episode – I don’t know, about a
salmon or something. I mean, maybe I
should’ve been concerned, but I was catching Pokémons. And that’s what I
came here to do. I’d already caught
like five of them. Not bad in a week, considering
the lack of phone service. I don’t know what Mark’s
all bent out of shape about. He said, “Catch things.” What’s it look like I’m doing? This job isn’t easy, you know. Anyone out there who’s
catching Pokés, it’s intense. The minute your phone
buzzes, and a Poké’s nearby, it’s game-on. I’d like to see Mark try
to catch a Bulbasaur. – I think I got a problem, man. Mark’s been pretty bummed out
that I’ve been playing this the whole time; we’re
not getting the shots. Oh, there’s one close,
though, hold on. Just one more. – [Voiceover] Austin,
what do you think about this whole Pokémon thing? – Dude, Pokémon Go is so sick. – [Voiceover] So, can you
catch Pikachu on this? – Oh yeah, Pikachu’s like
one of the hardest ones to ever come across. I definitely don’t
have that one. I only have six at this point. – [Voiceover] Oh okay. – [Voiceover] What are you
doing, playing Pokémon? – No, I’m just checking
the area for Pokémon gyms, but look at this: We’re
like in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness.
Absolutely nothing out here. – [Voiceover] Yeah, but
Mark said you shouldn’t be playing this,
it’s distracting you. – [Voiceover] You don’t
think this is a problem? – I don’t know, man. It is a little bit, but
it’s not that big of a deal, because it’s pretty sweet, dude. We get exercise, we get to run
around, we’re in the woods. Throwing, like, little balls, trying to catch those
little critters. There’s plenty of time
in the day for this. We have lots of
minutes, lots of hours. My man’s gonna get that
Pikachu, I know it. Mad respect. – [Voiceover] I got
grahams, the chocolate, got a few extra mallows there. Gonna do some s’mores. – So I caught my
third Pidgey today. It’s kinda like a mix between
a Cardinal and a Goldfinch. It says that Pidgey
has an extremely sharp sense of direction. I feel like I’ve got a
good sense of direction. – Wait, is that that
Pokémon Go game again? – Yeah, I’m just checking
in on my Pokédex. – I thought we talked about
this, you gotta focus. We’re supposed to be out
here making quality content. – I know, this is,
like, in-between time. I can’t wait to evolve this one, it’s gonna be so cool
when it’s fully grown. – What do you mean fully grow? – I gotta evolve it. You put a little bit
of time and effort into taking care of it– – At what point is this gonna,
like, wear off, this fad? – It’s not, man. This is, like, the coolest game
that’s out there right now. Trust me, this game is awesome. Just like catching real animals. – You know what’s not awesome? – What? – Our marshmallows. – Oh. – You had one job. You had one thing you
had to do right tonight. – [Voiceover] My bad. (laughing) – You know, we came on
this trip to Alaska, because his lifelong goal was
to work with the Wolverine, and it’s like he
doesn’t even care. He’s, like, out there,
playing Pokémon Go. And now it seems like his only
goal is catching a Pikachu. Honestly, I don’t think
there’s ever going to be another video of Breaking
Trail, if he doesn’t catch one. So part of me is saying:
I hope he does it. – [Voiceover] Woo! – Yeah, it’s pretty distracting. We’ve got a set segment to film. (long grunt) – There’s no signal! – I’m trying to go over
some animal facts with him to get the flow of things, and– – What’s wrong with this boat,
it doesn’t have any Wi-Fi! (loud grunt) – All he’s talking about
is Pikachu and Bulbasaur. I don’t know, I don’t
have Pokémon Go, so… – Usually, Coyote
is always on point. He’s the one thing on our shoots that I don’t have
to worry about. Coyote has enough drive
to make any video work, but lately we haven’t been
getting anything done. I mean, I’m here to do a job,
I’m laser beam, I’m boom! I’m in there, trying to get
the videos for you guys. And now we got
Coyote running around catching Pokémon
Go all the time. And I was hoping maybe in Alaska there’d be no cell
phone service, and maybe there would
be any Pokémons. They’re everywhere! All over the place,
and so is Coyote. In fact, I have no idea
where he is right now. – Dude, let’s go find Coyote,
haven’t seen him in a while. – My battery died, on my phone. – [Voiceover] Good. – It’s done, I
can’t even use it! Can’t get all the Pokémon out! – I think this is a
good thing for you. Ultimately, you’re
gonna look back on this, and this is good. – Dude, dude. They can’t evolve, if I
can’t get into my phone. Do you understand? I can’t evolve the Pokémons,
if I can’t get into the phone. Look at my face! – We’re on a boat in
the middle of the ocean. – And there’s no
electricity, none, none! – No, it’s a diesel-powered
engine, there’s none. – None, none, my phone
doesn’t work, doesn’t work. – [Voiceover] Calm
down, calm down. – Alright, just leave him here. He’s kinda getting
a little ravenous. – I had gone over the edge. Pokémon Go consumed me. Well, guys, at this juncture,
I think it’s fair to say that I may have developed
a little bit of a problem. I know everybody wanted me
to make a Pokémon Go video, but we’ve gone two
weeks now in Alaska, and unfortunately I don’t
think we got any episodes, other than some of
this Pokémon content, and I think everybody’s
gonna be really bummed. I mean, I didn’t catch, or
even see, a single wild animal while I was out there. I did catch a bunch
of Pokémon Go’s, but those don’t turn into
episodes of Breaking Trails. So I guess until we
hit the next location, I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave. Stay wild. See you on the next location. (gasp) Look at that, level four! (mischievous music) I’m just kidding, guys. We got tons of amazing
animal content in Alaska, including one very awesome
episode with a wolverine. (mischievous music) Thanks for joining
us On Location. And don’t forget: Subscribe
to join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. (wild animal noises) (birds chirping)

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