Cate Blanchett and Ellen Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

Cate Blanchett and Ellen Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

[music playing] We are back with Cate
Blanchett, and today we are both in the hot seat to
answer my burning questions. There’s nothing
really to explain. This is really hard for me. Your first celebrity crush. [ding] John Cusack. [whistling] It was– [ding] Jane Fonda. No, it was Bjorn Borg. [ding] Remember the tennis
player Bjorn Borg? Yes. Yeah. No, no I take it back. Donny Osmond. [ding] That was my first– Oh my god, Cliff Richard. From the Rolling Stones? No. Who’s Cliff Richard? [laughter] He’s the one– You don’t have to do it
after everything you say. [ding] You keep asking me questions. All right, I’m not asking you– [ding ding] All right, what body part of
your spouse’s is your favorite? Ooh. [ding] [laughter] His wrists. That’s a lie. You know what they say. [laughter] Really? [ding] No. [laughter] What’s your favorite– Wrists. OK, what’s the best– Sorry. OK, what’s the best part? Well, her face. [ding] Aw. OK, that’s not a body part. Face is not a body part. Eyes. OK. [ding] Nose. You know what they say. [laughter] Your favorite body
part of your own. [ding] Wrists. [laughter] Look, they’re good. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, those and mine
are wrists also. Which co-star was
the most fun to kiss? Ooh. Rooney Mara. What is your favorite
thing to do in bed? Oh. [ding] Sleep. [laughter] With your wrists? With my wrists. [laughter] Both of them. I like that. [ding] Me, too. What would be the tagline
for the Blanchett perfume? [ding] Pfuufff. [laughter] That’s what the
commercial would be? Pfuufff. [ding] But look how good you
look while saying pfuufff. Yeah. Pfuufff. [laughter] And we have to make
that commercial. We really do. Blanchett. Pfuufff. [laughter] What is your
favorite curse word? Oh, I can say that one. Really? No. No, I can’t say that on– You can say whatever you
want, we’ll bleep it. Will you? Yeah, mine’s [bleep] [ding] [laughter and applause] [ding] [bleep] [audience cheering] What’s your nickname
for your spouse? For Andrew. [ding] [? passawass. ?] [? passawass? ?] What’s your nickname
for your spouse? Thing. We call each other thing. Thing one and thing two? Not really. But we just go, what
do you want, thing? Like, we just say thing. We’re over. We’re over. Before it’s begun. We have been canceled. [laughter] [music playing]

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  1. Leslies are screaming!!! ?☺️??

  2. Deafening cheers for CUNT!!!!

  3. I like Kate.She is maybe old, but she is young iside and behaves like teenager in positive way.?

  4. God she's hot! PS I'm not gay!

  5. Please tell me that after 2 years of the movie being out .. Rooney saw this in 2017. ??


  7. im gonna wait for the perfume commercial??

  8. Ellen and Cate should get married

  9. they r so friggin funny ahahahhahahah

  10. pfuuff
    very realistic, Cate.


  12. Cate is so sexy, i'm fall in love

  13. I'm 23 but i want my future wife to be like Cate.. She is the dream of any man ):

  14. the rooney mara answer was so quick i love it

  15. Cate's favorite curse is Cyka xdd

  16. I thought she’d mention Sarah Paulson at least once

  17. “His wrists….you know what they say”

  18. i thought Micheal Jackson was ellens first crush

  19. “What’s your favourite thing to do in bed” Sleep ?

  20. Cate and Portia could be twins.
    They are f*cking beautiful!!!!

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  22. 2:50 Guys! What's a nickname for her spouse? Possewhaaaat?

  23. Omg Rooney Mara!! I love the movie Carol :))

  24. She just said “Rooney Mara” without any hesitation??
    This video is 2017 but the movie ‘Carol’ was released in 2015!
    Chemistry between them is still going!
    Boat is still sailing

  25. -Which co-star was the most fun to kiss ?
    -Ooh Rooney Mara.
    /// I love this answer. ^^

  26. She’s so adorable in so many ways?

  27. Oh my heart when she said "thing" ?

  28. you know, there is always something flirty with these two going on. And it's not just my imagnination, it just is.

  29. I wanna what is the curse word of cate!I'm Italian,I didn't understood

  30. when she said “thing” i thought it was like a bdsm reference

  31. omfg I was like shouting and having a party inside my head when she answered Rooney Mara ??????

  32. Omg such an Aussie curse word ?

  33. she is so sexy no mather what she does

  34. I'm dying at the Pfuuupff part hahahahah

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  37. Can someone tell me cate's husband's nickname please ?


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  45. Oh! Rooney Mara! Now that's an answer!

  46. I love that you see Cate Blanchett and you think omg this is a very serious actress i mean, what a determined and professional person and then you watch one of her interviews and she is just so funny and genuine

  47. Her expressions tho??

  48. I am still waiting for the commercial

  49. Cate "you know what they say" Blanchett

  50. You know what they say

  51. Cate is really very funny

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    dO yOu mEaN kEiTh rIcHaRdS fRoM tHe rOlLiNg sToNeS?!

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  73. Alter Ego of Hela Odinson

  74. "what body part of your spouse is your favourite?"
    cate: ooooohhhhhhh

  75. Heyyyy we share a favourite curse word.

  76. I love this comments section. Even after four years it's completely filled with Carol fans haha.

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  80. Ellen: which costar was the most fun to kiss
    Cate: ohhhhh Rooney Mara!
    Ellen: oh mmmm mmhmmm interesting what does that say about you ???

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