(CC) Memorizing Pharmacology Free Games Videos Teaching and Self-Study Website Introduction

(CC) Memorizing Pharmacology Free Games Videos Teaching and Self-Study Website Introduction

Okay, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about a new website I created my or memorizingpharmacology com website, and I’ve Just revamped it so I wanted to talk to you about why I did it this way And then talk a little bit about what’s here on the website for you so first thing The real problem that we have is that you’re going to go into maybe a pharmacology class and You’re going to use a textbook and what we’re seeing is these electronic resources that come with the textbook have a limited expiration date So maybe you’re taking pharmacology one semester but the next semester you lose the resource or the semester after that and the issue is that you want to either keep practicing pharmacology or at least have pharmacology available before the licensing exam and With pharmacy it actually became even more of a problem, and I’ll explain why that is So those of you that aren’t familiar with the PCOA and I don’t know if that’s the right way to say the acronym, but the pharmacy curriculum outcomes assessment 1/3 of that includes the pharmaceutical sciences so again we have pharmacology and toxicology as part of that and that’s my specialty and this happens I believe in the P3 years – the third professional year And it’s a little bit goofy for some of those schools that aren’t four years so you have pharmacology class, and then you’re going to be tested on your You know knowledge of a number of things mechanisms of action adverse effects and things like that The next thing is that on the NAPLEX 67% of that test has to do with pharmacotherapy and health outcomes so twice you’re going to be tested again on material that you had in pharmacology class. For the NCLEX it’s a little bit different pharmacology and parenteral therapies 12 to 18 percent of that test But if a hundred and twenty credit nursing program only has one three credit pharmacology class That means that there’s a mismatch between the percentage of the curriculum that’s dedicated to pharmacology and the percentage that’s going to be on their NCLEX and if you only take it one time that’s really hard to remember it so my recommendation with something like that is to not only study pharmacology but study physiology at the same time But my goal of this video is to actually go through the website itself. Talk to you about the resources that are available So the heart of everything is the Memorizing Pharmacology book It’s an audio book I created because I was just exhausted And with the triplets and for those of you that don’t know the story when they came early they couldn’t suck swallow breathe so my wife and I were feeding ninety minutes going to sleep ninety minutes around the clock for three weeks and I was like how does someone get through pharmacology class if they’re you know having to deal with something like this and So the book came out of that a way to memorize pharmacology with your eyes closed really Just a favor to me if you have already bought the book and are already reading it About 15,000 people have bought the book that I I don’t really do the math But if you can write a review on, that would be huge or But the would be amazing if I could get to three or four hundred I think we’re at 120 now That really makes a difference when it comes to their promotions and things like that and make it so that more people could get it because it would be a little bit cheaper Something you may not know is that audible actually Controls the price of the book not me so homepage Just some praise for it some of the things from Amazon that People seem to like it pretty well and that really it’s meant to be an audiobook It’s meant to be listened to and that’s kind of the whole thing with the graphic that you’re busy Why not go for a run? Why not go for a walk? Instead of sitting down and trying to get through some 1.5 million word book Other books that I have written that you may or may not know about Goodnight Pharm (Goodnight Pharmacology) is 350 drugs so it was Top 200 drugs Memorizing Pharmacology if you want to get to 350 Goodnight Pharm is what you want to go to. If you really struggle with the drug name pronunciation I have a whole website dedicated to drug names that you can go to and I also have a pre pharmacy pre-med audio book that explains the pre-pharmacy pre-med process It’s a couple bucks, and then the pre professional interviewing audiobook that talks about the interview and some mistakes and pitfalls that some people make And I’ve also translated that one to Spanish so English or Spanish either way if you have the e-book You know already that it’s in Spanish in English in the e-book free classroom and study videos so if you teach pharmacology these are the free pharmacology resources that go with memorizing Memorizing Pharmacology and I’ll click on that here so I’m not sure why that’s not going away but The first one is that Top 200 Drugs 7 Video Series. Some people are just very visual and they want to see the videos and You can have seven videos here. It’s about two hours worth of content Free that goes with the book that helps the students better see the content in the book, So we’ll go back to the video resources Q&A review and whiteboard videos. So I’ve again, it’s by chapter gastrointestinal musculoskeletal, respiratory. Some are better built out than others But for example in respiratory. I have a bit of a I’m working on a new book which will be out hopefully in a couple months that I go through 400 drugs and how to memorize 400 drugs But not only the drugs adverse effects mechanism of action some things like that that go along with it and Basically give you something to anchor your study for your licensing exam That’ll be coming out soon, and then I have these which I call the quads, and I take four drugs And I change the questions instead of the answers So that you can Kind of get a feel for some of those Select All That Apply type Questions that are really tough and by looking at these types of questions where you keep in your head, okay? Well these were the answers. What would make one of the other answers work? That challenges you in a different way But I encourage you to look at these some of the ones that are really built out are Immune for example have multiple videos on On the whiteboard and then a number of these challenge questions free questions as well to support the book kind of expand on the work in there and then just A couple videos that have been really popular, this is Tyler Dalton from Auburn He’d really did a great job of explaining the NAPLEX and some tips and what he did In terms of his study, and then the NCLEX Pharmacology it’s quite often that students will Put off the second half of the NCLEX book and all NCLEX books Have pharmacology as the second half and people are exhausted by the time they get there So I’ve some recommendations on how to best study for that Other things that are here if you want a list of drug prefixes and suffixes I have that here if you want to take pharmacology with me I teach it in spring and summer in a completely online course Here at DMACC so community college tuition Relative to what you might be paying at a four-year school. You’ll you you won’t believe how inexpensive. It is so it’s about Let’s say five or six hundred dollars for a four credit class Top 200 Everybody every pharmacy colleges top 200 is different some other schools use top 200 This is how you can take and make a top 200. I have about twelve hundred videos out there some of them are just This is the drug. This is what it’s for. And you can put them together in the top 200, but I also have and I’ll go over those in a little bit some Extended pronunciation videos that can be really helpful, and then I just put some of the colleges that I know University of Pacific put up their top 200 drugs We’ve great relationship with Drake, and I wanted to help those guys out had somebody from Cedarville Email me and asked for their top 200, so I just put those up and then Over the counter is something that we don’t really talk about much, but I have them in English and Spanish Really just going about 50-60 of those drugs those have got great images and things like that So plenty of resources to help you with pharmacology And then if you want to get in touch with me If you have something you want me to. If you want me to do some kind of speaking or something like that I can I used to do it quite a bit, but I’ve since kind of tapered off with the kiddos But you can also find my other resources at TonyPharmD YouTube where you have the 1200 videos pretty extensive Twitter feed so I’ve got I think like 6,000 followers or something there, and then Facebook is personal, but Facebook messenger is really how people get to me most of the time Of course Pharmacy Future Leaders, I’ve got all the past episodes Where I interview pharmacy Practitioners and those people that are helping them so from nursing, medicine. I’ve gone into professional there Pharmacy times I’d written for quite a while there, and I need to get back into it I kind of missed that actually and I’ll start writing for them again, and then I have a number of videos there and again kind of going into that interprofessional deal so Let’s go back to home so again, I really, really appreciate it if you just Click on like let me know that you liked the page Or please do give me feedback at any of those contact Forms that I’ve given you. Again, Hopefully this Website will kind of put together some of those videos that I have out there And help you out a little bit. Now, I promised I’d talk to you about the extended Pronunciation so if you go to the how to pronounce drug names website It’s or HTPDN if you want, and then I have 350 or 400 drugs Alphabetically in here and these are different kind of videos, so let’s use acetaminophen as an example Yeah acetaminophen with — that’s not a different kind of video so the different kind of video might be easier to actually use YouTube and I’ll explain here, so if you go into YouTube and Then my TonyPharmD channel, which obviously you’re on because you’re here And then do this and Pick the drug that you want so acetaminophen for example and We do is these backbuilding ones are a little bit different this one got 22,000 views. Holy Cannoli I go through the pronunciation Extensively okay, so if you put in back building acetaminophen or how to pronounce or Whatever the drug is back building and the drug It’s “a” as in comma “ce” as in ceiling “ta” as in data “mi” as in mint “na” as in cannon, so it’s not acetaminophen “no” It’s “nophen” and then “phen” like as in “hyphen” – so these are really extensive so if you struggle with pronunciation So let me do another one like omalizumab Probably did that Okay, so you can find that one how to pronounce omalizumab and again This is going to be a much more extensive one where you can find extensive pronunciation so using back building And I’ll figure out some way to put that in so I don’t want this video to go too long but again I appreciate it if you like the page and then giving me feedback on Audible, Amazon. It’s huge If I can get to that kind of 300 to 500 on Audible it really really makes a difference so again. I appreciate you watching the channel and Make sure to comment

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