Celebrity Baby or Car Name (GAME)

Celebrity Baby or Car Name (GAME)

Can we tell the difference between
a baby and a car? Let’s talk about that! ♪(theme music)♪ Good Mythical Morning! Now, we all know that celebrities name
their babies weird names. That’s why as an aspiring celebrity,
I named my kid Lando. -Oh, good job.
-But, as it turns out, there’s a whole other category of people
that name their babies weird names: Car manufacturers. -But those babies are cars.
-Oh, yeah! So, it’s a little easier to understand. In fact, some of these names are so weird on both sides of this coin that sometimes it’s indistinguishable to know whether or not
you’re talking about a car or a celebrity baby name. And we’re gonna figure out just
how close that is by playing ‘Is That the Name of a
Celebrity’s Spawn, or Something I Park on My Lawn?’ All right, we’re gonna be
presented with a name and then we have to decide:
Is it a baby or is it a car? We’re both gonna vote. We’re gonna
get a point for each of those. In later rounds, -it’s gonna be mixed up a little bit.
-Ooooh! We’ll open up other options besides cars. But they’ll always be
celebrity baby names. And here’s what’s at stake:
the winner of this actually gets…we have a birth
certificate here that will be filled out. We will get to name each other’s
next child. If I win, I get to name your next child
and vice versa. There’s a lot on the line. Yes, there is! Alright Stevie, give us the first name. (Stevie) Okay. Is this a baby or a car? (Stevie) “KYD” with a ‘Y”. How could that be either? Well, it could be a kid. -Why would you…
-That would be entirely appropriate You’d never get confused, -That would be stupid.
-“KYD! Come here!” -That would be–I’m not gonna say stupid
-“Is that your kid?” -I already did, but…
-“Yeah it’s my kid. His name is Kyd” “And is it spelled with a Y?” -“You betcha it is!”
-“Because…I certainly hope it is” Alright….Alright. This is my answer, because
it’s so logical to me. Let us see it! (Stevie) Okay, it is a baby! BOOM! We’re both right. -David Duchcovny.
-Oh, mysterious. -Way to go, got a little X-Files
-Because he’s on the X-Files (Stevie) Okay “Pee-Up”…Is that how you say that? (Stevie) “Pup”, I believe. “Pup”…”Pee-Up”, okay. -Well…
-I think I know… Is it an–It might be an instruction. (laughter) -Which way should I…? Down, or?
-When in doubt, PEE UP! -Okay.
-Oh, hmm.. I’m all over this. Apostrophe? Eh, I don’t think
you do that in a car. -(Stevie) Alright, it is a car!
-I’ve driven one of these. Jason Keenan had one of
these in high school. -But it has an apostrophe in it?
-Yeah the little… -The lil’ pup?
-It’s a love P’up. Yeah, 1982 Isuzu.
You’ve been in that thing. -You should be ashamed.
-Well, I didn’t read it. -Ha ha, he called it “The Pup”
-I didn’t read the outside. -(Stevie) Okay, “Lettuce”. You’re kidding me. Okay. That is a food.
That is not an option, though -Lettuce.
-Lettuce… Somebody would name–because, Lettuce
could mean, like. “Well, she”, it’s gotta be a she,
she’s…she’s like, “She doesn’t have a lot of flavor,
but she’s really good for you.” (crew laughs) She’s going to be great to hang out with. “She’s a boring car, but she’s safe.
That could also be a thing” Yeah, true, true. -(Stevie) Alright. – Gotta be a baby. We agree on this right?
– Mhm -(Stevie) And it is a…car! -OH! Gosh.
-What? -Mitsubishi Minica Sixth Generation?
-What, did it run off of lettuce? -What was the catch?
-It’s not even green! It was like a “Back to the Future” thing,
you stuffed heads of lettuce in there. Actually, I hope they had a green
version, at least. I betcha people painted it green. It doesn’t say “Lettuce” on the side,
what’s that say? Something in another language? It’s lettuce in another language? “Lettuce” by any other language
is still “Lettuce” Okay, “lettuce” move on.
(forced laughter) -(Stevie) What about “Bongo Friendee”? -Oh, gosh.
-(crew laughs) That’s cool! That’s a first and middle
name–two names. “What are my two favorite things, Barb?” “Well, the bongos, one of ’em” -“And your friendees!”
-“And we’re best friendees” “All your friendees are coming over, to get in a circle, and you’re
gonna play bongos.” “Well, then we should name our child that…” A car with two names is
compensating for something. I don’t know, that’d be a fun car. (Australian accent) You want to ride
in my Bongo Friendee? It’s only got half a seat! -You can’t have a bad time.
-It’s like, it has to look weird. You can’t have a bad time in
that car, though. Well, it only has half a seat, so,
it’s not comfortable. Gosh, my instinct is child. My instinct is child, but I feel like I’ve
gotta go with something else on this one. -But, you know what?
-♪ I’m already there ♪ -I’ve got good instincts.
-Alright, so do I. -(Stevie) And… -Yeah!
-OH gosh. -Look at that it’s got..
-I’ve got horrible instincts! Oh! It “boingos” a “friendee” on top! (crew laughs) That’s what it is.
It’s a four-wheel drive! You can get some friendees in there. Get some friendees for some friendlies. Can live in a van down by the river.
A bongo– Live in my Bongo Friendee. -(Stevie) What about “Banjo”? What about it? I’ve always wanted to
learn how to play one. They say it’s a lot like the guitar,
Just a little bit different. And rounder. Now I could–this is the first one that…
I don’t know. I could go either way on this one. This, I would name my kid “Banjo” It’s a good name for a child. But Banjo kind of has a reputation
of being like, backwoods. -You know the whole, “Deliverance” thing.
-It seems too derogatory to be… -Derogatory
-…a truck name, though. -Hm? Does it?
-‘Cause it’d have to be like, a little truck.
“Banjo, it gets…28 miles per gallon.” -(Stevie) Okay, guys, I’m going to need an answer. -We agree?
-Yes. – (Stevie) And it’s a…baby!
-Yes! It is a baby. Who is Rachel Griffiths? She was the crazy girlfriend in
“Six Feet Under”. Oh, yeah. (Crew laughs) You know what? You know what?
Good on you, Rachel. That is a good child name.
As someone who -wanted to name their kid
-Banjo Griffiths “Ninja” at one point, as you did, Banjo is
(crew laughs) Banjo almost, you know what? If you
had two kids, a boy and a girl “Banjo” and “Ninja”, which one’s which? -That’s the question.
-It’s “Nina” with a “j”. Embrace it. -(Stevie) What about “Sharan Carat?” -Sharan Carat…hm.
-(Irish accent)”I won’t be Sharan my Carat with you, sir!” If this was a child, and she was not good
at sharing her carrots, that would be… -(Irish accent) “Share your carrots!”
-…incredibly ironic. -“She’s so good with her carrots,
let’s change her name!” Sharon is a girl’s name,
spelled differently. And carrot is a–is a vegetable name.
But spelled different! Hm… You know I was gonna say, usually
you don’t have two names for a car, but “Friendly Banjo”, what was it called? (Crew laughs) -“Bongo Friendly”
-Bongo Friendee! Friendee…Friendly Bongos was a name. I feel like, oh gosh, this can’t… -(Stevie) Okay, let’s see…oh! (laughter) I didn’t even know what I voted. -I wanted an opportunity to pull away, but
-Volkswagen diesel, huh? I just went further in the hole. Has Link missed any? He’s missed one. You’re an expert at this! -Mhm
-You’ve gotta have more kids! -I’ve got to?
-I’ve gotta have more kids,
so you can name them. -(Stevie) What about “Destry”?
-Destry. -(Stevie) Baby or Car?
-Are you sure you didn’t -mis-spell your kid’s name from “Destiny”?
-I’m not even…you know what? I’m not even gonna think anymore.
I’m not even thinking anymore. I’m just saying baby. Car, it’s definitely a car, like it goes
through the desert! -(Stevie) It’s a baby! Hey! I got one right! Steven Spielburg’s daughter?
Is this a nickname? -For like, des…des-tritus?
-Because that would be a disease (crew laughs) That’s like, when you’re on a
really long road trip. You get “destritus”, because you don’t
get to your destination fast enough I don’t know. I’m trying really hard.
“Sparrow Midnight.” -(Stevie) Okay, we’re gonna switch
this one up, guys. -(Stevie) So, is this a baby or a craft beer? Oh, hm. -(Stevie) “Sparrow Midnight”
-“Sparrow Midnight”, and we have special Oh, that’s what this is for. (crew Laughs) This isn’t like a request. -(chanting) Beer! Beer! Beer! Beer!
-It’s been a long episode. -I’m gonna strike if I don’t get…
-(both chanting) Beer! Beer! (both chanting) We want beer!
We want beer! We want beer! In our car! No we don’t.
We don’t want beer in our car. -Get rid of the car.
-For our babies! -We want
-beer for our babies! I’ll take some baby beer. -Okay, had too much fun with that.
-“Sparrow Midnight.” -(Stevie) “Sparrow Midnight.” Is it a beer or a baby? -That’s a stupid beer name.
-There are lots of names for beers. A lot of names for beers, beers could
really go anywhere. People are getting really desperate in
the craft beer industry to seem really cool and edgy. Like “Bird droppings
in the middle of the night.” -That doesn’t make me thirsty.
-But Sparrow, but I could see a celebrity naming their child this easy.
Easy, easy. -(Stevie) Alright, it’s a baby! -Yes! Oh, Nicole Richie!
-Lionel’s granddaughter! Or son. Is it a boy? It is a boy! -It’s a boy.
-“Sparrow” Hey, somebody with Lionel Richie blood
in them is named “Sparrow Midnight”. -“Sparrow Midnight:… -I bet Lionel didn’t weigh in on that decision.
-(Stevie) Okay, we’re switching it up. -(Stevie) Is this a baby, or a kickstarter?
So pick up your kickstarter paddles. (chanting) We’re starting a
kickstarter! Hey! (laughing) -(Stevie) “Crystal Bacon”
-Gotta have a sign to do that. -(Stevie) “Crystal Bacon”
-Crystal Bacon. If that’s a baby, I’m adopting it. And if that’s a kickstarter, I’m
funding it. Either way…I win! -This definitely seems like a product.
-“Crystal Bacon” Yeah, you pour–you pour out crystals
and it makes bacon But we went to school with a lot of
“Crystal’s.” And it turns into, it’s sentient.
It turns into a baby. I tried to date a Crystal, that one time. she worked at the Belk, remember that? She was the perfume girl. We went up there and picked her
up one time? She smelled so strong! -Yeah, we picked her up.
-But her name wasn’t -For your date with her. Why was I there?
-I don’t know, man. ‘Cause I was hoping to get
some Crystal Bacon! Oh gosh. Ooh, this is definitely
a kickstarter. -Don’t say “Ooh”, it means nothing.
-It means nothing! (crew laughing)
-(Stevie) Okay guys, you are both correct. -Yes!
-A name–A man named Greg Kiesow Just wanted people to pay him to make
crystal sculptures of bacon. -It’s not what I thought it was.
-Raised $2800. Or what I was hoping it would be. I wanted
what you were talking about. It’s like, bacon bits that
dissolve in your mouth. -It’s not edible.
-In fact, we’re starting a kickstarter! It’s called “The REAL Crystal Bacon.”
It’s bacon that dissolves in your mouth. (Stevie) Okay let’s pick up the indie film paddles,
because this is the (Stevie) “Baby or Indie Film?” Round, and
the name is… I don’t have anything for this one. I mean
I looked at film and I was like, -“Film!”
-Boo. Baby film. -(Stevie) “Saint Lazslo”
-Watch a good baby film.. Hm, this was good guys, because indie
films, like, indie films love to throw around words like “Saint”,
and put Z’s in titles. “Let’s get a ‘Z’ in the title so it’ll
make it to ‘Slamdance'” I’m just–I was already holding the film,
so should I go with that, or not? I’m complete guess territory at this
point, you know what? Maybe there’s an opportunity for me
to make up some… Last time I did this, was I right or wrong
the first time? Wrong, you were wrong the second time. So I’m not changing it. It’s a film baby. (Stevie) Okay. It’s a baby. -Aw!
-Yeah! A Pete Wentz baby. “Saint Lazslo”. So we’ve got one more round, but I can’t
win now, I’m down by too many. Listen, let’s make this final round worth
three points, so you can tie it up -and we would name each other’s babies.
-Oh, you’re such a…Baby, Link. Film! Okay, and this one’s different. (Stevie) Okay so you guys each have markers next
to your desk, and you’re going to write… …your answers on the back of one
of your paddles. Are you ready? -Okay, yes.
-Yes. (Stevie) Which of the following is not
a celebrity baby name? Lion, Cricket, Bear, Otter, Python. It’s like a grocery list for other lions. -Do lions eat lions?
-I’m pretty confident -Lion…
-Pretty confident. I know “Cricket” was in
“The Young and the Restless.” “Bear” sounds like a cool name
for a person. “Otter”? “Python”? I’ve got my name written on here,
well not my name. (forced laughter) My name’s Rhett. Rhett James McLaughlin.
The first. Alright, this is for the win. (Stevie) Ok, go ahead and reveal your answers. This baby is not named… -Otter
-Python (Stevie) And the correct answer is “Python”! -Oh ho ho!
-Woah! You shouldn’t have done that, Link! -Who named their baby “Otter”?
-Somebody did. That’s wacky, man! -Okay, well Link this is
– Zooey Deschanel? “Elsie Otter” -It’s a middle name.
-This is mine, where’s yours? -I’ve got mine here.
-I’m gonna fill yours out. And your baby’s name is going to be
“Shevy”, not Chevy. It’s going to be spelled like “Chevy”,
but you have to call them, “Shevy” Okay, I’ll also have to have another baby,
which probably ain’t gonna happen. And I should take “probably” out of that.
Because I have no…I mean, are you in the market to have
another child? -Uh, no, but if I do you can name it.
-It’ll be a girl…Someone is going to name their daughter “Ninja”, and
I’m sticking to my guns on that. -So there you go, Rhett.
-Chevy. Either don’t have a baby or name her
“Ninja”. It’s just “Nina” with a “J”! Let us know in the comments what’s the
best name of a car that would also work for a baby. And thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. I’m Ivani from Lexington, Kentucky,
and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! We fill the Wheel of Mythicality with your
suggestions, and you can make those suggestions to us on the internet using
#GMMWheel #GMMWHEEL, click through to
Good Mythical More, We’ve got even more crazy celebrity baby
names we’re gonna play more of that game, -so join us. Is it a baby? Is it a film?
-Bring your own signs! “Shoutout to Fake Plants” (patriotic music) Shoutout to you,
fake plants! Because you’re so shiny. -It’s almost unrealistic.
-And you don’t need water, I found that out because the one time I did water you,
you…it just kind of overflowed? And you didn’t change at all. And then, you get real dusty.
And uh, I feel guilty. That’s right, you do need dusting.
And lots of people overlook that! So shoutout to you, fake plants. -For needing dusting!
-But not water. It’s a coinsack you’re supposed to use in
the final hours of your life. Your last day on earth, you’re like,
“I can only use this in my last hours… before I die, I’m using a
coin purse, exclusively.”

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