CGRundertow MY SECRET DIARY for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

CGRundertow MY SECRET DIARY for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

Dear diary, Went to the record store today. She was there.
She smiled at me twice, and now, it’s official. I’m in love with the record store gir—oh,
uh…what’s up, Undertoads? Listen, don’t…don’t tell anyone, okay?
Pinky swear? Released to the Nintendo DS in 2009, I pour
my heart out to My Secret Diary. When school has me stressed, when my parents are, like,
totally ruining my life and when an employee at the music store has me smitten…I always
turn to My Secret Diary. It’s the cartridge that always listens. It’s always there,
and it’s not, like, judgmental. Of course, it’s not good, either. My Secret Diary isn’t really a video game
as much as it’s a diary application. Some simple minigames and word puzzles are included,
and there’s also an address book and calendar…you know, for the 13-year-old girl who just can’t
keep track of all her appointments. But the main feature is that you can make diary entries. The problem is two-fold. One, the interface
sucks. You hold the DS sideways, like a book…which is always awesome. But the keyboard is really
small, and typing on this thing can be difficult. And two, your entries have a very short character
limit. I guess today’s kids have no thoughts longer than 140 characters. Evidently, Mark’s are even shorter. There are some wireless features, which is
cool, and the game is certainly age appropriate. But you can only have one diary at a time.
That is to say, there are no profiles. So in a household with multiple kids, a pen and
paper is probably a better alternative to My Secret Diary. Then again, that’s a probably better alternative

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  1. guys with a ds diary lol XD

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    If I wanted generic or att-wh*re reviews, I'd read Gamespot.

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    Male 13-17
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