Cheat Code – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 24

Cheat Code – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 24

[cartoon game soundtrack] Our first structure is almost done! Hard to believe we only started
playing SquareStack a week ago. -I guess we’re just naturally gifted.
-Yeah, we are! -Wait, why am I jumping?
-Hold on, let me check. According to Builder X’s
How To SquareStack, to harvest a bush,
you have to wave to the left. Oh! Got it! -Yay! We did it!
-Whoo! -Pathetic!
-Huh? I wouldn’t store Level 2
moldy wood shavings in there! -I’d like to see you do any better!
– You would? -OK!
-Huh? Behold my throne! [laughing] [laughing] Ginger, how did you– This isn’t my biggest enormous castle, but it’s the closest,
and it’s well defended. Uh… Defended from what? [chirping] That? Really? [giggling] -Aagh!
-[Ginger laughing] [laughing] ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ [laughing] Don’t beat yourselves up, guys.
Old people aren’t good at video games. We’re not old! Our brains are fine. [mimics old person] “I’m not old!
Where’s my quilt?” [laughs] That’s exactly what you sound like. Anyway, I have worlds to create! [laughing] -[door closes]
– Hey, Ben. -How do we make a big castle like that?
-Not easily! Builder X says you need 9,000 bricks
of Impossible-to-get-ium. Which is even harder to get
than Hard-to-get-ium! Maybe I should spend my free time
doing something more worthwhile -than video games.
-[door opens] Tom, I need your help applying to perform
at the Uncomfortable Rocks music festival. [dance music] [cheering, applause] I need the perfect song
if I want to get in. Tom! Don’t give up on our digital domain! The manual says if you have game
questions, you can contact Builder X. Builder X is the highest-ranking
Stacker in the Stack-iverse. -He’s not going to write you back.
-He doesn’t need to. I’ll use the data from his email address
to find his location, and we will just go meet him in person! Got it! Take that, privacy! -Angela, I’m sorry, but this is urgent.
-But I need a song! I believe in you. You are going to write
the greatest song of all time! Tom, come on, would you? No pressure. [spooky music] [door creaks] [gasps] There he is, Builder X. -We must treat him with respect.
-[clears throat] -Ronnie?
-Hey, Scoutmaster Tom! You’re Builder X? Yep! I do my homework fast,
so I have lots of time to Stack. What can X do for you? We want to be as good at the game
as Ginger is. -Just without having to play it for years.
-I see. Sorry, Tom. There are no shortcuts
in SquareStack. Well, so much for that. OK, if you help us, I’ll let you make the
first s’more on our next Scout Boy trip. The very first s’more? Mmm– Maybe there’s one shortcut
in SquareStack. -[angelic choir]
-Ooh! [Ronnie] This is my special cheat code. It doubles your resources!
But be careful. Any changes to the code
could have serious consequences. Come on! We won’t mess with it.
We’re not idiots. [chuckles] Oh! Hey, Rhonda. I have a question. If you had to write a perfect song,
what would it be about? Whoa. The perfect song
should be about love. -That’s perfect!
-That’s not right at all. The perfect song
should be about a party. The perfect song
would be about a breakup! Well, I only like songs
that are about outer space! -[all talking at once]
-Huh… Thank you, cheat code!
This giant mansion is perfect. -Good thing you have your own.
-Ha-ha! Yeah! Whoa! Matching friendship mansions?
Nice! Hank! Did you decide to join
the SquareStack revolution? I didn’t want to miss out
on all the “Stack-tion.” I’ve carved out my own little nook
in this world. -See?
-You mean that hill? -There’s nothing there.
-I know. I felt like anything I put there
would just mess it up. Pretty, huh? -[humming]
-[rumbling] What? [Ginger laughing] Nice mansions! Kind of! But you’re still living in my shadow. And you forgot defenses again! [Tom] Oh, no! How are you still better than us even though we’re che…erfully
learning this game? Come on, Tom. It’s time to mess with the code. [upbeat game soundtrack] I’m proud of you, Ben.
You made Ronnie’s cheat code way better! It wasn’t that hard to improve.
Ronnie’s a kid and we are adults. -So true.
-[Angela moans] Hey, Angela! Do you still need help with
the Uncomfortable Rocks thing, or, uh…? More than ever. I asked people what makes a perfect song, but everyone likes different things
and I don’t know who’s right! It’s whoever said
the best songs are about dancing. Nobody said that! Ugh! -Now I’m even more confused.
-Don’t give up. I know you’ll write a song
that will make everyone happy. How am I supposed to do that, genius?
Write a song about everything that’s good? A song about everything that’s good.
Ha! You’re a genius! -Thanks, Tom!
-Wow! -I am on a roll today.
-[door slams] I told you not to alter my code! How did you not understand? You’ve ruined everything!
Look at this hot mess! [screaming] How is this happening? All I did was change your code so we got
1,000 times more resources! You multiplied everything by 1,000,
including the Zappers! You always forget about the Zappers! We were just tired
of kids winning this game. Now nobody’s winning. Nowhere is safe! -[chirping]
-Oh, boy! [sniffing] Ah! Hey! Welcome to Hank’s Hill! I was just thinking of putting up
a little sign that said “Welcome.” Don’t build anything! Your weird way of playing this game is
the only thing keeping you safe right now! An army of Zappers is destroying
anything players make! This game has bad guys? I dumped hundreds of hours
into this game, and I got nothing! No. You have your building skills, and I’m sure those will help you
later on in your life. Huh. Hank’s right. I have a plan. Ben and I will use the power
of the cheat code to give you guys time to use your Stacking
skills to build the Zapper trap… [piercing whistle] Uh… Hello? Aaagh! Aaagh! -[Ginger] Oh, boy!
-I hope this works. Here they come. Retreat! To the top of the hill! Aaagh! Aagh! [screams] Got ’em! Hey, that was easy. Uh-oh. Maybe it wasn’t easy. This building’s not going
to hold them for long. It doesn’t need to. Get out of my game! A rocket hut that can launch itself
out of its own game. Ha! You really can
build anything in SquareStack. Yeah! Those bad guys are lost
in cyberspace now. You guys destroyed the game that I love! But then you saved the game that I love. -I guess it works out.
-[door opens] You guys! I did it!
I wrote a song everyone will like. -No matter what they like!
-[guitar intro] ♪ Yes, we like good things ♪ ♪ Things that are good ♪ ♪ And we like that they’re good ♪ ♪ Oh, so good! ♪ -♪ Good, good things… ♪
-Hey! Today had some ups and some downs, but
everything really worked out in the end! ♪ ..Good things, yeah… ♪ -[rumbling]
-Whoa! Huh? [beeping] [chirping]

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