Chinese technique | Micro adjustment | Improve your table tennis skills

Chinese technique | Micro adjustment | Improve your table tennis skills

hello welcome directly gaming channel today I want to show you the Chinese technique micro adjustment micro adjustment is very difficult to be observed however micro adjustment is very important that we will make you from a good table tennis player to a very good player so what is my quads adjustment in the view of the Chinese coach have you ever wonder why the top Chinese player Zhang Zi ku Malone fan Zhendong to see one how I so strong versus the rest of another national Chinese player the second team the team B fumble choose ujin and Liang Cheng kun Cheng kun Ming Gao yang and about 15 more very strong top Prevention’s player look at the team there are about 30 players in the clothes training however they are always a big level gap between the top four player and the rest so what makes the level gap these national players are trained from a very young age five to six years old they all have a very strong technique foundation they use the same equipment from the FS they are trained in the table tennis elect school under the same system so what is the main reason separate the top former player and the rest of the team the reason is tactics and micro adjustment first tactics each of the top four player and coach my the personal coach a good tactics provided by personal coach we give the top four player many advantage in the long term they quickly find a good tactic to avoid the opponent strength and set up his game the top player can lose the first set versus a tough opponent but quickly win another set as they find a way to shut down the opponent strength and force the opponent to place his game second micro-adjustment micro-adjustment is very hard to be observed and it is a small gesture the fueling at the moment the hit the ball micro-adjustment makes the backhand jams ecor1 how Marlowe a different why the forehead of Milan is so powerful unable to block why the forehand of Quon Li chin is so consistent while the backhand of challenging yourselves explosive why the backhand of fan Zhendong so fast it is all because of the micro adjustment [Music] micro-adjustment were first explained by coach lee shadow it is based on the players fueling at the moment of contact how to increase the speed the speed of the ball it comes from many years of training and under the eye of a good coach to discover it here I will show you the small example of Jean Zico micro-adjustment I hope that you can feel this micro adjustment and find yourself a good micro adjustment to improve your table tennis and lafitte gaming [Music] you can you see something no it is too fast to be observed don’t worry I will show you the micro adjustment now look at here before I can flick the ball Zhang Zi ku has relaxed his grip losing his Moscow very quickly before hit the ball it is the micro adjustment and very important as it is the way of Zhang Jie to prepare before doing an explosive backhand flick his best speciality without this step his backhand is less powerful so concentrate and look at here you just loosen his grip and prepare for the stroke so micro adjustment is the way you prepare to increase the fueling and the power of the stroke so it is the personal experience and it comes from many years of training [Music] you you as for forehand look junggigo just loosen his grip a little before hitting the ball but at the moment of hitting he holds the bat again and impact the power is micro adjustment for both backhand and forehand separate Zhang’s occur from the rest of the world micro adjustment can improve your table tennis from a good to a very good player very important [Music] after finishing the stroke Jean GQ of Moscow is relaxed right away look at history this myth is mg could recover very fast his Moscow is very flexible but quick response and explosive I just want to emphasize that the Moscow should be relaxed all the time and the Moscow is stands only at the moment of when you hit the ball many of our first amateur player after the stroke our Moscow continued to be two tens it is not good it prevent you to feel the ball the ball has less spin and you will be tired very fast in that state [Music] I have shown you a small example of micro-adjustment please remember table tennis is more fun if you play more relaxed you should use your Moscow only at the moment you hit the ball that is the sacred one the ball of the Chinese player is very speedy and very fast as they know how to use that month demo then the entire body effectively so I hope you I hope your table tennis will be more fun I will discuss about table tennis tactics letter to you and let forgive me [Music]

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  1. What about ma long forehand ? Why is so unstoppable what's is his micro adjustment. thanks for your video I'm getting better at table tennis

  2. very nice video , thank u for all your effort

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    Keep it up Sir

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  5. This was very interesting. Thank you.

  6. Changing the grip on my blade had increase by placing the ball on the table more than using the old grip thank you for you.

  7. Hey can you do a video on flips? My backhand flip is quite good but on the forehand I have some problems. Either I do not get enough power or it is too much and the ball goes over the table

  8. It's very good to have subtitles…thanks a lot

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  10. Excellent video , I hope you continue publishing many more . These small details of technique and tactics are critical and you explain it very well.

  11. is there any references on your opinions? might be not.

  12. Please do video on Xu Xin and Wang Hao penhold styles. With attention to reverse penhold backhand.

  13. Your videos are very good.

  14. Do you really mean that the rest of the Chinese players do NOT apply micro adjustment? Hard to imagine.

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  17. Thanks for every video 🙂 Helping a Swede to play better 🙂

  18. Lost in translation. It sounds pretty much like voodoo science.

  19. this video technique shown is a ripped from another youtuber who explain the technique in mandarin. If you ripped from other youtuber shouldnt you provide the source link and give credit to the other youtuber. Very unethical.. how to be a coach when you dont show ethic

  20. It is a very good , useful video .. I realy want to thank you….. thanx a lot ???

  21. How do you know if something is a micro adjustment and what more micro adjustments are there?

  22. i dont understand what do u mean about micro adjastment

  23. Thanks coach now i understand what a micro adjustment in table tennis means. More power to your videos. I am now becoming addicted to your videos. You are indeed a great coach!

  24. Really good video. Appreciate you taking the time to educate us all. Cheers.

  25. Lin Gaioyang has improved

  26. I always like your video. This is the first time I unlike your video. Even I a small club player, I always relax / loosen my muscles every time after and before I hit a ball. This is a very basic theory in any other sport. In boxing, in wingchun, in badminton, we relax our muscle before hitting, and tighten our muscle just something like half second before contact the target, i.e. The jaw of your opponent. ONLY THAT WAY, your punch becomes SPEEDy the EXPLOSIVE and most of the time we can utilize our wrist too to make a whipping energy. It's a very natural movement. I mean on the contrary, It's hard for human to not do that. I mean we can not tighten our muscles all the time during the 'fight', it's very tiresome, and it makes you slow. SO I really DON'T BELIEVE when you said that CHINA National team B, I repeat it, CHINA NATIONAL team B, don't understand about this micro adjusment, loosen & tighten your mucles. It's a simple thing. Liu guo liang or any other provincial coachs can tell them about it if it's so important. EVEN you can enlighten us via 7minutes videos in this long distance learning tutorial. SO WHY CAN'T THE COACH OF TEAM B do the same thing to their players? You make it sounds like this 'theory' is only known by the Liu Guo Liang and You. no offense.

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